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"Racism" Saves Lives, Promotes Scientific Truth

0) "Racism": a Virtue to Reclaim?!

4Racism.org will argue the radical notion that "Racism" (as defined by Anti-Racists) is something positive & worth striving for, that "Racism" is Love #RacismIsLove #4Racism

Anti-Racists are the real "Racists", intolerant Bigots convinced of their own moral superiority over so called "racists" and bigots, who oppose race blindness, who  incite riots, hate and violence and even propose to exterminate Whites.

Thus we must own the insult "Racist". We must reclaim (=reappropriate) the terms "Racist" and "Racism".

 Reappropriate "Racist": a Necessity

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You fight for your country and they call you racist [...]  Let them call you racists, xenophobes or whatever else, wear these like a medal.” [Steve Bannon]

Anti-white-Racism: as practiced by the Anti-Racist race mongers is the true Racism, and is extremely harmful
  • The fear of being called racist (Racism-phobia) corrupts social science research, paralyzes media and police, hampers public safety, harms minorities, leads astray politicians and manipulates the voting public.

No more "I am not racist, but ......". Let us step out of the closet. We refuse to be silenced out of fear of being called "racist".


Race differences in IQ

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Anti-Scientific Anti-Racism: Cause of Policy Mistakes

  • People are sincerely unaware of these "racist" truths, because of systematic cover-ups by government and media, and intimidation ("don't even think anything "racist""). 
  • Brainwashing by Hollywood and the media make gullible young minds believe that computer nerds are usually black, and that women fighters are a match for men.
  • Stating such "racist" truths earns us the derogatory title "Racist #RacismIsLove #4Racism".  In order to continue speaking the truth, unfazed by such slanderous ad hominem attacks, 4Racism proposes to proudly accept, own and reclaim the title "Racist".

We dream of an enlightened, scientific, truth-loving #RacismIsLove #4Racism society that will create a better world than anti-racists' medieval dogmatism with its factually wrong world view.


Race Average IQ
African Americans~85
Sub-Saharan Africans~70
North East Asians
(Japanese, Koreans,
Ashkenazi Jews~115

More at Race differences in IQ, crime, ...

See also No racial bias in IQ tests - APA

 The Emperor has no Clothes: Anti-Racism is obviously false

The Truth is Racist


Race differences in IQ: scientific proof Part 1/2

Video Part 2


"Racism" is Love #RacismIsLove #4Racism

Anti-Racists causes immense damage in lives  and outright deaths, even to the minorities they purport to protect.

As enlightened people of the 21st century we believe that policy and voting decisions should be based on scientific truth, not on false Anti-Racist ideology.

We must drop patently false anti-racist beliefs and brainwashing,  halt Science Fraud, employ the generally recognized Scientific Method

  • Race differences in IQ
  • Height Differences by Sex, US Census
  • Sex differences in Height

 We well-meaning loving people can not but oppose Anti-Racism. Thus we automatically become labeled "RACIST". 

More details at "Racism" is Love #RacismIsLove #4Racism


Reclaim "Racist"

"Racism" (as defined by the anti-racists) is beneficial to Blacks, Minorities, to all. 

See also "Racism" saves lives

We have no option but to propose to reappropriate "Racist" and "Racism" as a positive, beneficial terms.

More at Reappropriate Racist. Reclaim "Racism"

4Racism.org is For "Racism"

MLKjr was a Racist.

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s central hope was that people would someday be judged by "the content of their character" rather than "the color of their skin". 

Today's affirmative action does the opposite,  mandates to consider skin color (race) as important criterion for job and college admissions.

But by today's Left-Racism, Martin Luther King's Color Blindness is the new "Racism"

Thus, by modern standards,, MLKjr (Martin Luther King jr) was a Racist.


See also Unequal treatment, unequal rights

Anti-racists are Bigots. Bigoted Anti-Bigots


Anti-Racists are Racist
Left-"Racism" is harmful

Left-"Racism", as we christen "racism" practiced by Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton is detrimental and should not be embraced. 


Leslie McSpadden, mother of strong arm robber and police attacker Michael Brown with Hillary Clintion at the Democratic National Convention

See also Left-"Racism": Anti-Racists are (inverse) Racists

Anti-Racists are the real "Racists"! Left-Racists

Anti-Racists are guilty of (almost) everything they blame Racists of (Freudian Projection).

  1. Anti-Racists treat people differently, based on the color of their skin or race  (Color Blindness, the new "Racism".)
  2. Anti-Racists oppose race blindness and favor Affirmative action quotas- "reverse racism"
  3. Anti-Racists are ethnocentric white supremacists: Anti-Racists believe that the social, political, legal, and educational system created by Whites in Europe and the US fits Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and sub-Saharan Africa
  4. Anti-racists are intolerant Bigots. Bigoted Anti-Bigots, convinced of their own moral superiority over so called "racist"s and bigots.
  5. Anti-Racist generalize
    All Whites
    are evil born with white guilt for slavery and colonialism.
    Muslims, callously, are generalized as virtuous victims, even if they kill Jews, homosexuals and rape and assault women and children. 
  6. Anti-Racists give privilege based on color of skin (Black Privilege),
  7. Anti-Racists institutionalized "racism". Entire institutions engage in quotas and how to make them less blatant to pass judicial muster.
  8. Anti-Racists are hate criminals.  Anti-Racists incite riots, hate and violence,
  9. Anti-Racists are prejudiced against prejudice. Research on Stereotype accuracy shows that   prejudice is mostly correct

  10. Anti-Racists exploit news, events, statistics, research for their political purpose

  11. .Anti-Racists do not tolerate diversity: In colleges and media reporting, only leftist anti-racist ideologues are tolerated. No diversity of political opinions is tolerated.

    The diversity of a dozen European nations with their own idiosyncrasies is not tolerated. Rather Anti-Racists want a homogenous brown blend of multi-racial multi-lingual mixed races in all European countries.


  12. Anti-Racists actively promote deadly naive ignorance about race.  Tourists get killed because GPS maps guide people right into dangerous ghettos and into no-go zones. Danger warnings would be "racist". Naive German school girls get gang raped because the media hides the enormous danger of geting drunk while visiting refugee homes

  13.  Anti-Racists repress concerned, loving, true speech calling it Hate Speech or fake news.




See MLK Racist? Color Blindness, the new "Racism".

More at Anti-Racists are guilty of almost everything they blame Racists of


  • "Racism" as defined by the Left is love and virtue
  • Left-"Racism" as practiced by the Left is harmful
/End of Part (0) of 4Racism.org


"Racism" Saves Lives, Freedom of Speech, Banks, the World Economy

1.1 "Racism" Saves Lives #1

In New York, the "Stop and Frisk" [1] police strategy had greatly reduced crime and murder rates.  "Stop and frisk" was outlawed, for being "racist", and murder rates increased again.

It is "racist" and verboten to mention crime statistics: Blacks commit many times the number of crimes than Whites. Thus it is correct to stop more Blacks, even without the need for racial profiling.

Race differences in criminality

Crime statistics are "racist"

Profiling: necessary and useful

Profiling Is Wrong No Matter HOW Right It Is—As Ex Drug Dealer And Thug Jay-Z Explains


In Baltimore, Ferguson, San Louis, crime and murder rates hit record heights (in 2015/2016), after police were told not to be racist and to spare black suspects, rioters and criminals.

Details at #RacismSavesLives


 Black Lives Matter .... to Racists

Anti-"Racism" prevents police from effectively patrolling and protecting high crime black neighborhoods.  

Thus Anti-Racist #BlackLivesMatter activists actually increased black murder rates by the thousands, as shown above:

Callous Anti-Racists put ideology above Black lives.

More at #BlackLivesMatter2Racists

Details at #RacismSavesLives

 #RacismIsLove #4Racism "Racism" is Love #RacismIsLove #4Racism saves Black Lives

1.3  Fear of "Racism" maintained Rotherham Mass Rapes

The rape of 1400 mostly white underage girls in Rotherham was allowed to proceed for over a decade because of "Racism"-phobia. Government, police, and school officials feared to be called "racist" if they prosecuted Pakistani Muslims for crimes against white girls.

More at "Racism" reduces rape

#RacismIsLove #4Racism "Racism" is Love #RacismIsLove #4Racism "racism" prevents rape 

1.4  Saving Christians "Sends Wrong Signals"

Christians that escaped genocide in Syria, now are threatened, beaten and abused in German refugee camps by the very people they tried to escape from, by refugees and even by security guards. [11]

Politicians and churches agree that Christians must not be segregated from their Muslim persecutors and torturers: segregation by race or religion would send wrong ("racist" and islamophobic) signals.

Do anti-racists not notice the human toll just for the sake of their abstract principles?

More at  Segregation Saves Lives
Segregation saves genocide victims #RacismIsLove #4Racism

Prison Rape avoided by segregation

Cruel PC, , Callous Political Correctness

Victim classes rank ordered

"Racism" is Love #RacismIsLove #4Racism,

1.5 Affirmative Housing Bankrupts Blacks, Banks, Nations

Anti-Racist affirmative housing rules forced banks to give mortgage loans to unqualified minorities [1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6].  US government forced banks to judge people by the color of their skin: Black and minority loan applicants did not need to fulfill the same loan prerequisites as whites.

Subprime loans, in violation of scientifically derived sound banking practices, unsurprisingly  caused foreclosure and grave financial losses for many upstanding Blacks.  Affirmative action subprime loans were the root cause for bank distress and the world subprime crisis. {1, 2, 3]

More at Subprime crisis


Races Are Different.
Scientific Truth is Racist


Anti-Racism and politically correct is based on a scientifically debunked theory of social determinism, the noble but false theory of equality of all people and populations.

False social theories cause false catastrophic policies.  Censorship and hate speech laws are required to hide the factual and scientific truth from the misled deceived population.


2.0) Summary

  1. Individuals differ from each other.
  2. Races, populations are different.
  3. IQ gaps could not be closed in 50 years of affirmative action. 
  4. 40% to 80% of IQ and other personality traits are due to heredity


2.1) Individual Differences within Races


2.2) Races, populations differ from each other.

More at Race differences in IQ, crime, ...



The Racist Truth

There are considerable differences between the races. Intelligence ( IQ) differences are extremely well researched and documented.


RaceAverage IQ
African Americans~85
Sub-Saharan Africans~70
North East Asians
(Japanese, Koreans,
Ashkenazi Jews~115

More at Race differences in IQ, crime, ...

See also No racial bias in IQ tests - APA

 The Emperor has no Clothes: Anti-"Racism" is obviously false

The Truth is Racist

Incontrovertible Scientific Proof:
Sample sizes of millions, entire age cohorts

Every year (!), for almost a century (!) millions (!) of Americans were tested with IQ tests or highly g loaded (IQ like tests) consistently showed clear race differences in IQ.

  • all US armed forces recruits and draftees (entire age cohorts of 18 year old males)
  • almost all college undergraduate and graduate applicants (SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT) and high school students (PISA)



Scientific proof for Race differences in IQ  Part 2/2 

See also Video Part 1

IQ is, by its definition and construction, a predictor of educational and professional success.

Thus, the racial differences in IQ can, parsimoniously explain many otherwise intractable riddles of our modern world

Racial IQ differences parsimoniously explain:

What is wrong with our Country


  • African Americans' (IQ ~85) lower academic and financial success, compared to Whites
  • Poverty in sub-Saharan Africa (IQ ~ 70)
  • Poverty and crime (almost) wherever Blacks congregate, be it Detroit, Haiti [7], or the Banlieues of Paris.

  • differences in economic success between Europe (IQ ~100), North East Asia (IQ ~105), sub-Saharan Africa (IQ~70). 

See National and Group IQ



Whites are racists (vs Blacks) and lazy (vs Jews)

Asian Privilege? Jewish Privilege?
  • Chinese, Japanese, Korean Americans, and Jewish Americans have more academic and financial success in comparison to their "racist" white repressors

East Asians, the model minority (IQ ~ 105)


Anti-Racists shamefully hide this embarrassing fact because Asian Superiority alone invalidates their entire theory about white "racism" and discrimination causing minority failures.

See more at Asian Privilege: Japanese, Korean, Chinese surpass Whites

Due to relentless anti-racist censorship by main stream media, Press code & AP style books, brainwashing, a politically correct code of silence,  the Public is totally misinformed about scientifically established facts.



As in IQ, there are huge race differences in criminality. US government statistics show that East Asians commit the least amount of violent crime, white Caucasians a bit more, and Blacks considerably more.  World wide, per country crime statistics show the same patterns of manifold higher crime rates in Black countries' and cities.

More details at Crime statistics: Race differences

Our ill informed anti-racist policy aggravates this further, to the detriments of Black lives.

  • Trying to Hide the Rise of Violent Crime, [...] the “Ferguson effect” is real.  [Wall Street Journal]


Race gaps not caused by income gap:
Controlling for income

Race differences are not explained by income differences

The racial gap is not a consequence of family income, as anti-racists claim. Controlling for family income still shows a large gap. [7]

See also Correlation is not causation


racial gap in SAT scores

More at IQ Race differences

See also Regression towards the mean


Black children from affluent families score lower than white students from low income families. 

Dirt poor Chinese provinces have average IQ between 101 an 108 [9].  It is more likely that low IQ causes poverty, but high IQ in bad political economic system does not create enough wealth.  IQ, as other talents for music and sports, are only a potential to be used and developed into success.




Sex differences in height& sports

There are uncontestable Sex differences in running speed, height, weight between men and women. Also, women commit much less violent crime than men (except in Domestic Violence). These differences are usually 1-2 Standard deviations, the same order of magnitude as the racial differences in IQ. And no one would argue that the racing clock or the height meter are gender biased.

See also Understanding Statistics and Bell Curves

Race differences in sports

Sports: Giftedness  ***

Segregation by talent in sports and music

Sports: sex differences


Hereditary differences

IQ and other personality traits are hightly heritable. Best estimates are that about 40 to 80% of variance is genetically explained.

See Twin studies: identical twins reared apart

Interracial Adoption - transracial adoption

Black adoption by naive white families



Anti-"Racism" is Anti-Science, Violates Scientific Method

Anti-"Racism" and PC are grounded in firm denial of hard science facts in biology, genetics, heredity. Instead it supports a dogmatic belief of social determinism, blank slate theory, and equality of races and groups

While anti-racists can not deny that animal and human physique are subject to evolutionary selection and development, anti-racists brazenly decreed that the human brain is exempt from all laws of biology and evolution and is equal in all races.

The different races have, undeniably, developed different noses, skulls, fast twitch muscles, skin color but by anti-racist fiat the brains have not changed and are exactly identical.


3.1) Both the Founders of Electronics and Genetics, were Racists.

Electronics, computers, and genetics were the scientific revolutions of the last half century. The Nobel Laureates that invented the transistor and discovered the structure of DNA were both "racists" (like MLKjr)

William Shockley

  • Physics Nobel laureate William Shockley, inventor of the transistor and (probably) the founder of Silicon Valley [10] was a "racist". Shockley pointed "out that to blame all the failures of black people on racism was a misdiagnosis of the problem" [12]. Shockley was reviled for suggesting various #RacismIsLove #4Racism well meant "racist" research projects#RacismIsLove #4Racism to the National Academy of Science [12]. 
  • Similarly reviled were the most prolific researchers on racial differences in IQ,  Arthur Jensen [14, 15] and J. Philippe Rushton [papers, 13].

More at William Shockley, inventor of transistor, was "racist"

James Watson

An incredible curriculum in science did not protect James Watson from instant punishment for daring to say he is

"inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa," since "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours — whereas testing says not really."

See also Proof of IQ Race differences
James Watson Racist

Such utterances by one of the most distinguished Nobel Laureates of all times are falsely interpreted as hate. 

See Hate is Love: Hate Speech, Hate Speech Laws

Out of #RacismIsLove #4RacismLove and deep concern for Africa #RacismIsLove #4Racism, convinced that anti-racist bogus science leads to our disastrously failed policies for Africa, Nobel laureate James Watson wrote in his book "Avoid Boring People":

‘‘A priori, there is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so [2, [2, p. 326] ’’ .

Evolution caused race differences in hair color, eye color, height, nose shape, running ability.  It is preposterous to claim that the brain is exempt from evolution and is  exactly the same for all populations and races

See Equality dogma: all races are equal.


"Racism" Saves Lives #2 (Anti-"Racism" kills)

Anti-Racists prevented Nobel Laureate James Watson from applying his genius mind to help solving pressing problems of humanity.

Had Watson not been fired from his own research institute (for the crime of telling "racist" truths), he might have helped devise a cancer cure and thus saved millions of lives.

But, protecting the unassailable Equality Dogma and the cult of Universalism is more important than saving human lives.

See also Cruel PC, , Callous Political Correctness

More at "Racism" saves lives

3.2 False Theory, Disastrous Policies

Our Africa policy, our race policy, affirmative action, are a disaster because anti-racists' unscientific and false theory leads to false policies.

50 years of aid and interference in Africa, oriented by Anti-Racists, evidently has not ended African crime, poverty, war and disease. 

Prejudiced fanatic Anti-Racists cannot fathom Watson's "racist" comments as #RacismIsLove #4RacismLove#RacismIsLove #4Racism: a well meaning, intelligent, useful analysis, meant to improve the fate of Africans.

Without PC and anti-"racism", the world's top scientists would not be gagged and silenced. Rather, genius scientists would improve the world

Nature does not obey ideology

The medieval church almost executed Galileo Galilei for this heresy and thus forced him to be quiet. Galileo's heliocentrism [1] is offensive to the believers in the Christian Bible. Just as the "racist" truth is offensive to anti-racist believers in the equality dogma (all races are equal).

But dogma does not change facts of nature and science.

"And yet it [the earth] moves" Galileo said on his death bed.

Anti-Racist wishful thinking can not change human nature and biology.

"And yet, people and races are born different"

See IQ Race differences


Efficient humane policies to help humanity

We need #RacismIsLove #4Racism loving "racism" #RacismIsLove #4Racism to find scientifically correct and thus effective solutions to societal and racial woes.

See more at Inequality is a Fact: Conclusions


To understand this better we will explain the scientific method.


3.3. The Scientific Method

All (?) natural scientists, mathematicians, and honest social scientists are in agreement on the methodological foundations of scientific inquiry.

This includes issues like

  • hypothesis testing, data collection and interpretation, sampling, understanding statistics, bell curves, Correlation is not causation, experimental design, correlations, quasi-experiments,


Scientific Method: Empirical testing of hypotheses

Scientists don't believe or think that races are different.

Scientists have tested the "null hypothesis", that races have the same IQ and same criminality and found very significant differences.  These findings have been replicated with sample sizes of millions every year.

The hypothesis that IQ tests are racially biased have been tested and found wrong. 

  1. "Tape measure bias" is not responsible for the gender gap in height,
  2. Nor is "stop watch bias" responsible for the gender running gap
  3. Nor is there racial bias in IQ tests - APA  


More at Heightism is sexist



Studies of identical twins reared apart and trans-racial adoption studies have further clarified that these differences are largely genetic and not subject to radical changes by education and social influence.



PC, Anti-Racists

  • seek scientific truth

See also Normative Sociology

  • must have freedom of research and speech
  • must be unbiased and actively counter-act their own biases and consider all competing theories.
  • need clear terminology and unambiguous definitions. 

See Color Blindness, the new "Racism".

Obfuscation: misleading language

Convoluted theories

  • to fix discredited disproven anti-racist doctrine.
  • See Microagressions

  • "race does not exist"

 to detract from simple truths:

See Jewish Nobel prizes

  • accept the established consensus of other scientific disciplines

More at Anti-"Racism" is Anti-Science

Scientific Method, Anti-Racist Fraud

Science Fraud (DV) by PC


Calling someone "Racist" is not a scientific argument

Calling someone "racist" is a potent weapon to end all scientific discourse. Thus media silenced eminent Nobel winner and founder of modern genetics (James Watson) for his "racist" speech

The medieval church persecuted Galileo Galilei. His findings in astronomy were condemned as "heresy", for contradicting biblical teachings. "Racism" is today's heresy. Egalitarianism and political correctness are today's biblical dogma.

To defuse the destructive power of the "racist" accusation,  the word "Racist" must be reclaimed as virtuous and thus lose its power to shut down scientific and political discourse.



Don't believe me, believe data.
Promote Scientific Inquiry.

All claims in this site are meant to be thought provoking suggestions, playing Devil's Advocate. We intend to show opinions and theories not mentioned by main stream media.


Don't believe anything I say.
Believe the evidence you verify

The veracity of these opinions hinges upon the links and proofs we provide. Lacking these links, we will never claim that our statements are the Truth. We are scientists, only scientific proof counts. You, as mature intelligent adult person can study the evidence and form your own opinion.

Continue at Disclaimer: Don't believe me, believe science data


Nor believe the media, nor trust anything you have learned

To find the truth, you will need to deprogram yourself from life long PC brainwashing.

Become aware of systematic brainwashing, of censorship by Main Stream Media, of press code & AP style books, the code of silence to hide minority misbehavior, of hoaxes and Anti-racist lies, of social engineering by Hollywood movies, and even blatant lies and Science Fraud (DV) by PC .


Promote unencumbered scientific inquiry

Maybe all we say is wrong. But we firmly believe that free science can find scientific truths. We demand free discourse and free research.

No more taboo thoughts, nor criminalized thought,  If our evidence is too weak, promote research to test it..


3.5) Anti-"Racism" kills #2

Anti-Racists fired  Nobel Laureate James Watson from his research institute. Thus they prevented him from applying his genius to both finding better policies to improve the life and health of Africans and continuing his research to find a cancer cure.

Anti-Racists successfully shut up one of the worlds most prominent researchers. Protecting the unassailable core dogma of Anti-Racism is more important than saving human lives.

50 years of aid and interference in Africa, oriented by Anti-Racists, evidently has not ended African crime, poverty, war and disease.  Prejudiced fanatic Anti-Racists cannot fathom Watson's "racist" comments as #RacismIsLove #4Racism useful loving #RacismIsLove #4Racism analysis, with sincere intent to improve the fate of Africans.

Watson had dared to contradict foundation of Anti-"Racism", the Equality Dogma, the cult of Universalism. But the truth is "racist".


3.6) Equality Dogma, Universalism

Equality Dogma: All Races are equal in mental capacity (IQ), emotions, crime

More at Equality Dogma

Racial equality has been decided by a priori fiat.  This equality dogma has long been debunked. It is preposterous to claim that the brain is exempt from the laws of evolution &&&

See The Emperor has no Clothes: Anti-"Racism" is obviously false

Universalism "insists on the universal nature of mankind. This leads to the belief that all racial-ethnic groups and cultures are equal, and even to a belief in the uniform human potential of all individuals.

Universalism has largely replaced Christianity as the religion of the West. Its adherents rival radical Muslims in zealotry and, indeed, punish dissenters. Universalism’s power corrupts public policy and even the sciences."

More at Universalism


3.7) Anti-"Racism": Love misguided!

Jehovah's witnesses' children die due to their parents' refusal of to allow treatment according to medical science (blood transfusions).

These parents are not evil. They just misguided by dangerous dogmatic beliefs. 

Anti-Racist Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are driven by a profound love and passion to transform society. 

Anti-Racist's dogmatic world view is scientifically false, thus they cause such grave damage. Their

More at Anti-Racists' good intentions


Anti-"Racism" fails because
"Anti-Racism is Anti-Science" and
"The Truth Is Racist"


Jehovah's witnesses' children die due to their parents' refusal of to allow treatment according to medical science (blood transfusions)

Blacks in US cities die due anti-racists' refusal to allow scientifically proven police strategies ("stop and frisk", "Zero tolerance", "anti-riot crowd control")  that are proven to reduce homicides and crime .

The Left's love and good intentions cause grave damage because they are ill informed and contradict science and nature.

See Anti-Racistm is Love?' good intentions, misguided.


Only White People can be racist )





Systematic brainwashing by Media

Anti-Racist Social Engineering by Hollywood & media subtly brainwashes entire populations in ways described by  Orwell's 1984.

Such voter manipulation changes elections and policies that change countries and continents.

Brainwashing successfully creates naive ignorance and misinformation, that can only be cured by years of "deprogramming" with politically incorrect literature.

Deprogram Yourself from PC Brainwashing

4.1) Press Code

 Style Books, Media's Press Codex mandate use of deceptive language to hide and whitewash minority crime in order not to fan prejudice.

See also Prejudice is correct, mostly.

 Style Books, Media's Press Codex

A similar Code of Silence compels police, refugee home workers, pharmacies, government officials etc. to hide refugee misbehavior.

Scientists like James Watson are silencedHate speech laws outlaw scientific research and voicing personal opinions on facebook.

See also Hate speech is love

Truth no defense in racism trials

The Truth is Racist

Facebook censor is pro Jihad, anti-factual-information


Anti-Racist Press code & AP style books prescribe gag rules  about crime committed by Minorities (means non-White)). Scientists, police, politicians, physicians, all submit to thee Code of Silence in order to avoid persecution (repression of scientists). Crimes by Whites against Blacks and other "minorities" get amplified, regurgitated even it they are hoaxes or self defense and justified homicide.

See Black Lies Matter - Blacks Lives Matter is a lie


4.2) Hollywood movies: social engineering

Anti-Racist Social Engineering by Hollywood & media subtly brainwashes entire populations in ways aptly described by George Orwell's 1984.

Movies and media, even schools and colleges inculcate young gullible minds with unlikely stories that fit the anti-racist narrative.

Even animated Disney movies are not complete without a heroic woman fighter that is superior to men, a black computer nerd, and charming law abiding black heroes hunting sleazy white criminals  [4]

Compare Race differences in criminality

Crime statistics are "racist"

Sports: sex differences





  • Typical Computer Nerd Ving Rhames Mission Impossible 4



Hollywood has decided that techno geeks must be portrayed by black men, the more improbable the better, as in burly Ving Rhames [5] being the computer nerd in the “Mission Impossible” movies. [4]

See also SAT race differences

 Clearly, political correctness damages black actors` careers. Because it would be “racist” for movies to show blacks as killers, since that would support the “stereotype” that blacks commit more homicides than whites, they are denied the good roles as bad guys.

See also Race differences in criminality

Crime statistics are "racist"

Criminals' race hidden by MSM

Prejudice is correct, mostly.


And to counter the “stereotype“[7] that black men aren`t as interested [8] as other races in computers, they get force-fed into playing nerds.  [4]

Continue at Hollywood movies social engineering

4.3) Deprogramming naive ignorance

Brainwashing and and code of silence successfully create naive ignorance and misinformation that leads that can only be cured by years of "deprogramming" perusing politically incorrect literature.

See Naive ignorance about race kills


5) New policies

Once we accept the "racist" truth, all our social sciences, racial policies, school policies need to be re-analized.

See more at Inequality is a Fact: Conclusions



PC's other victim groups

Anti-"Racism" is only one aspect of political correctness (PC).

See Minority means non-White

Other protected victim groups are women, Muslims, gays, transsexuals. 

Feminism is based on false discredited theories, supported by censorship, in analogy to anti-"racism".

More at Feminism is anti-scientific

Victims victimize

All these "historically disadvantaged" victim groups get minority privilege.  According to the PC narrative, all of these groups are repressed by the privileged repressors, White, heterosexual, cis-gender Christian men.

These historically disadvantaged groups must be repressed victims, and cannot be victimizers, cannot be "racist", sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, by PC creed.

If Muslims harass and kill gays, Jews, if Muslims grope, harass and rape women, that is an embarrassment for PC.

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Islam trumps women's and gay rights





Victim's rank orders

Interestingly, there is a clear and embarrassing ranking between victim groups . Feminsts will NOT oppose Muslim rape and sex assaults.

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Rapefugees: sexual assaults and rape by refugees

Sweden, rape, immigration

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