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The Truth is Racist, Races are Different #TheTruthIsRacist

Anti-racism is so detrimental because the truth is racist.  Anti-Racist theory is factually wrong, science debunked its tenets beyond reasonable doubt.

Therefore we must
Reappropriate Racist. Reclaim Racism

Scientific research, voting and political decisions depend on free speech and free discourse.  Our political decisions and Scientific Research are based on the untruth of politically correct quack science.

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Code of Silence

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Scientific Method, Anti-Racist Fraud


Crime Statistics are racist because they show very high black criminality. IQ test unequivocally show Race differences.  This is in stark violation of the Equality dogma (all races are equal).

This is so embarrassing that even the most illustrious Nobel Laureates like James Watson and William Shockley, inventor of transistor must be silenced as was Galileo Galiei by the Pope.

The Emperor has no Clothes: Anti-Racism is obviously false

Races are Different: The Truth is Racist

The Truth is Racist

Truth no defense in racism trials


Facts Are Racist – Site

Facts Are Racist dismantles some of the most common mis
conceptions people have with actual facts. And you don't have to take our word for it, we'll show you the data!


IQ is Unmentionable,: AR Commentary

IQ brings liberalism crashing down. That’s why we never hear about it.

In 1994, Herrnstein and coauthor Charles Murray briefly reawakened the controversy with The Bell Curve, an 845 page book of which a few pages were devoted to racial differences in IQ. Herrnstein and Murray were of course roundly denounced for their heresy; soon after the issue went back to sleep. (Come to think of it, you rarely hear the phrase “bell curve” these days, either.)
But after decades of affirmative action, Head Start, disparate impact lawsuits, countless movies and TV shows featuring wise blacks and foolish Anglos, and even a black President, all those racial differences stubbornly persist. The SATs, ACTs, LSATs, GMATs, MCATs, PISA scores, the various Regents exams, the Army’s ASVAB test, and the various other civil service exams, all show the same rank order of finish.
All of which combine to make clear that your IQ is as genetic as the features on your face.
So, IQ never gets mentioned anymore. Because once you take it into account, the whole edifice of liberal thought comes tumbling down. Once a realistic look at IQ enters the picture, all the talk of how our schools and teachers are failing us looks misguided. All the talk of racism as the explanation for the differences in accomplishment, all the talk of white privilege, all the talk of disparate impact, just look sort of….silly.
As silly as saying that the only reason the men’s weight-lifting records are better than the women’s is because of sexism.
As silly as suggesting that the only reason 64 out of the last 64 finalists in the men’s 100 meter dash at the Olympics have been black is because they had better coaching.
Ignore differences in natural ability, and you’re left with a lot of inexplicable patterns and correlations.
And the most striking thing about all this is how obvious it is — which is why you never hear IQ mentioned much anymore.


The truth is racist?


Swept Away – North Of The Border

  • In fact, of course, whether it`s working or not is debatable – although rarely in Canada`s intensely politically-correct media. And the same thing is happening in the United States. See “Swept Away” by Peter Brimelow and Ed Rubenstein, or their 1997 article, “Electing a New People,” detailing how immigration can destroy the Republican Party. The title of the 1997 article is from a poem Bertolt Brecht wrote after theEast German uprisings of 1953:





The Truth Cannot Be Racist

Another way to see things, a bit similar to our #TheTruthIsRacist is that The Truth Cannot Be Racist. But these people refer only to truth about grooming gangs not being racist, not about IQ research, general crime statistics, etc. Their solution is not a sweeping as our #TheTruthIsRapist.

In 2017, the English Defence League, which some disparage as racist -- to which the EDL responds, "The truth cannot be racist" -- published online a list of "Muslim grooming gangs and other rape jihad convictions". It provides a long, alphabetical list of "170 known completed trials with convictions for rape jihad offences at 68 main locations". The list may be of intrinsic interest, in that it provides links to news reports about these trials, but it is in reality, highly misleading.[1] First of all, there is no evidence that any of the men involved (most often one or two) had the least notion of conducting "rape jihad", a concept seemingly made up by the EDL. [...]
Although Javid's inquiry will focus on the question of why it is Pakistani men who organize and dominate these gangs, it is important that this not be interpreted as a racist endeavour, as some have claimed it to be -- for example, when Sarah Champion was accused of "industrial scale racism". No one is claiming that the racial characteristics of the rapists are remotely a factor in their crimes, and no one should criticize the inquiry on such grounds. [...]
The problem, then, seems to stem not from race but from culture. Many people, trapped by the inquiry's emphasis on multiculturalism, appear to deem it "racist"to comment negatively on any culture except for Western (including Israeli) culture. For some, it is even racist to borrow from another culture's dress, food, religion, architecture, art or music – which they term "cultural appropriation" or "cultural voyeurism" -- instead of what it might well be: admiration and respect.

Speaking on the BBC's leading political debate show, Newsnight, Muhbeen Hussain, the founder of British Muslim Youth went so far as to deny that the men convicted were real Muslims:

These grooming gangs were individuals that were using alcohol, using drugs and actually having 'sessions' exploiting these young girls. I don't know what's Islamic about drinking alcohol, drugs and exploiting young girls.
[Source: The Truth Cannot Be Racist]



Genetics Is Undercutting the Case for Racial Quotas

Michael Barone, Townhall, April 6, 2018
“I am worried,” writes Harvard geneticist David Reich in The New York Times, “that well-meaning people who deny the possibility of substantial biological differences among human populations are digging themselves into an indefensible position, one that will not survive the onslaught of science.”
Reich was responding to anticipated resistance to his forthcoming book, “Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past.” The “well-meaning people” Reich references are those who argue that race is a “social construct,” that there are no significant genetic differences among people of different racial ancestry. {snip}