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Jewish Nobel Prize Overrepresentation

Jews are 100 times over-represented among Science Nobel Prize winners, richest people in America, politicians, lawyers, and more. This is probably due to the extremely high Ashkenazi (mean) IQ of 115.

Anti-Racists actively hide the academic and economic success of Jews and East Asians, non white minorities that don't suffer from white Racism. Rather they outperform Whites. This does not fit their narrative.

See East Asians, the model minority (IQ ~ 105)

Asian Privilege: Japanese, Korean, Chinese surpass Whites


Disclaimer: We are not anti-semites, on the contrary we admiringly point out the Jewish intellectual success that the Anti-Racist media hide.


Jews with an IQ 1 Standard Deviation (15 points) higher than Whites doing so much better. Then one might come to the obvious conclusion that Whites with 15 point higher IQ than US Blacks naturally perform much better than Blacks. No Racism involved, just IQ differences.

Of course, from the point of view of anti-racist quota obsession one could notice

  1. Jews are much more overrepresented in Jobs, University than non-Jewish Whites, and no one wants to correct this
  2. Jews snatch a large part of the quotas left for Whites, so that Whites end up under-represented &&find link&&

Jewish control of the Media

Jews are are a large percentage MSM (main stream media), newspaper owners, journalists, and film makers in Hollywood. (see below).

>>>>It seems that Jews have an agenda in promoting Diversity is strength propaganda.

See Hollywood movies social engineering

See also "Jewish Conspiracy" Theories


According to the Jewish Virtual Library, since the Nobel was first awarded in 1901 approximately 193 of the 855 honorees have been Jewish (22%). Jews make up less than 0.2% of the global population.
This year [2013] 6 of 12 laureates were Jewish. The 13th laureate, for the Nobel Peace Prize, was awarded to an organization and not an individual. [source]


The Nobel Prize is an annual, international prize first awarded in 1901 for achievements in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace. An associated prize in Economics has been awarded since 1969.[1] Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 850 individuals,[2] of whom at least 20% were Jews, although Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world's population[3] (or 1 in every 500 people). Overall, Jews have won a total of 41% of all the Nobel Prizes in economics, 28% of medicine, 26% of physics, 19% of chemistry, 13% of literature and 9% of all peace awards.[4] [Wikipedia: LIst of Jewish Nobel Laureates]

Nobel prizes in peace are purely political, and in literature they are also a bit political. In pure science Jews got even higher percentages.

Muslim vs Jewish Nobel Prizes:

From a pool of 1.4 BILLION Muslims which are 20% of the world's population (2 out of every 10 people)
From a pool of 12 million Jews which are 0.2% of the World's Population (2 out of every 1,000 people)
There are 165 Jews [Nobel Laureates] listed as opposed to 6 from the Arab side.

Arabs have only 2 science prizes, one literature price. The peace prizes have nothing to do with intelligence and are given even given to terrorists (Arafat)

If we look only at the non-peace Nobel prizes, the difference gets even starker.


Another List of Jewish Nobel Laureates on the srael Science and Technology Homepage



Hu's website is a veritable encyclopedia of ethnicity. Visiting it is an experience. He lists the percentage of Jews in 28 categories of achievement. It is apparent that the Jews represented in the data are mostly American, and consequently Ashkenazim. I brought the data for us to look at. It's in the form of a table.


% Jewish
% Jewish
CA Senators 1996
Nobel Physiology and Medicine
College age Jews in college
Time Most Important 25
Most influential intellectuals
(Alan Dershowitz)
MacArthur "Genius" Awards 1981-97
Yale Grad students
Time 20 20th Century Inventors
Top Hollywood positions
(60 min)
USA Today College Academic Team
Lawyers at best NY and DC law firms
Clinton Cabinet 1997
Westinghouse Science Prize
Nobel Physics Prize
Faculty at elite colleges
Pulitzer 1997
Supreme Court Law Clerks
US Senate
Ivy League Survey
US college faculty
US Law Professors
(Volokh UCLA)
Corporate Boards
ACM Turing Award
Forbes HiTech 100 1997
Wealthiest Americans
US Voters 1996
Top 100 wealthy Canadians
US Population
Boston Symphony Strings
World Population




How the Nobel Prize Has Favoured White Western Men for More ...


>>In typical anti-racist fashion the author whips up hate against the Whites but carefully avoids mentioning the blatant over-representation of Jews.

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