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Politically Incorrect Google Search(pig)!

A Google Search that yields the juicy interesting search results instead of boring Main Stream Media lies! Try it to believe it!

Look for your home town to see minority crime and other issues the main stream media don't tell you. Look for topics lie race and IQ, black crime,

Please turn off your popup blocker,  in case you don't see the search result.  Or go here to search → without popups. Englisch →



PIG Search

Politisch Inkorrekte Google Suche (pigs) in German →

The German PIGS search has instructions how you can MIRROR the PIGS search [Politically incorrect google search (pig) site list →]. This might be important in case the original pigs search gets blocked by google.


[Direct google link

PIG SearchComparisons of PIG (politically incorrect Google search) vs. regular Google search follow below



pig (politically incorrect google) search results

Above the politically incorrect google search,
below the normal google search results

Normal Google Search (NOT pig, not politically incorrect search)

Politically incorrect google search (pig) site list →

Please check the site list and help proposing larger lists of relevant politically incorrect sites. You may use the disqus list below

((This list is incomplete, we will post a more complete list soon)