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Hollywood Movies Manipulate

Movies invert Reality

  1. Computer nerds are black,
  2. street criminals are blonde whites , and
  3. women fight as good as the strongest men.
  4. Black heroes have blonde trophy partners,

Hollywood presents a distorted version of the world to fit the anti-racist politically correct narrative.

Hollywood movies present statistically unlikely scenarios and thus manipulatively distorts the viewers' world view.


  • Woman fighter in Pixar Disney Movie
  • Typical Computer Nerd Ving Rhames Mission Impossible 4

Prolonged brain washing has profound effects

This is not funny, but a sinister ploy to brainwash people into false beliefs. People who constantly see white criminals and Black heroes get distracted from the racist truth that Blacks commit crime at much higher rate than Whites.

See also Race differences in criminality

Crime statistics are racist

Press code & AP style books

School Books to offend no minority: "Language police" (Diane Ravitch)



Manipulate facts to fit the narrative

In order to reinforce the anti-racist narrative, movies distort historical facts.  The top of the top elite Navy Seal team that killed Osama Bin Laden was all white males.  It seems, when unimpeded by quotas and PC, white males are the very best soldiers the US can muster.  The Hollywood movie gets enriched with a Black and a hispanic soldier.

Migrant murdered by right wing citizen. In the real world, German citizens get murdered, by migrants,  by the dozenz.

While Hollywood brainwashes the public mind to unrealistic narratives, politicians create such reality by affirmative action:

In the Lazarus effect the computer hacker that defeats the surveillance system is … black. The typical computer nerd is Black … in Hollywood. In Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden Hollywood compulsively added  a non-existing Black hero to diversify the purely white seal team. 3 4 After Nasa, the navy, now the Navy Seals will have as their most important goal to provide diversity 9 10 11, not to defend the US, or to get a man person to the moon [7].
The PC (Politically correct) equality dogma states that all races and sexes genders are equal. Thus any disparity allegedly is due to discrimination, not to different talent, different mean or variance in iq.
These movies are meant to slowly, subtly brainwash people, over years, to believe that women are as strong or stronger than men, and Blacks are the more virtuous and intelligent than Whites. [Source: Disney's Cinderella: Black Hero Overcomes Corrupt White Duke]
  • [Obama Imposes Affirmative Action On Navy SEALs]: Navy Seals used to be the best of the best. Now they have to assign a few token quota minorities, Blacks, Hispanics, maybe even Women, instead of the most capable people, who just "happen" to be White.


Zootopia: predators' aggression caused by racism, not by genetics ...

No one is intrinsically aggressive or bad

In Disney’s movie Zootopia predators are not intrinsically, genetically aggressive.
Rather it is prejudice that makes foxes and tigers aggressive. Alleging that meat eating predators are genetically inclined to violence against rabbits and other herbivores?   That is RACISM! Apologies are needed!!
Spectators get the right message: Tigers are not genetically inclined to violence, so Blacks, North African refugees are not inclined to violence. Only prejudice is to blame for misbehavior.
Tiger violence has social causes? Black and immigrant violence is socially caused?
Today’s children, indoctrinated by political correctness, do not notice the irony in this insanity.
They will not get they wrong message, that both tiger aggression and black aggression could be inborn, genetic. (racism disclaimer)
Of course it is absurd to deny that meat eating animals have a genetic propensity to butcher animals. Duh. They need to eat meat and not carrots.
If meat eating foxes, lions, and tigers don’t kill, they die within a few days. And thus the species would have gone extinct long ago.
Human races differ in testosterone levels.
[Oxfordjournals], [Elsevier Science] [Researchgate].
Clearly demonstrated Race differences in IQ and race differences in criminality are probably just as genetic as foxes’ propensity to attack and eat rabbits. (disclaimer)
Cute female bunnies make excellent police officers

Of course, female quota bunnies are as capable of arresting foxes and elephants as any giant male animal. No mention how such ideology costs lives

See also Affirmative Action kills

And, by the way, one must not call a female bunny "cute". [Source: Zootopia: predators' aggression caused by racism, not by genetics ...]


 Steve Sailer Movie Reviews: hundreds of politically incorrect movie reviews. Don't miss!

Steve Sailer’s more recent Movie Reviews

End of summary

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You can search on your own on PIGS: Politically Incorrect Google Search [?]


See also:School Books to offend no minority

Criminals' race hidden by MSM


Hollywood Criminals are White

It is routine also to display almost all criminals — rapists, murderers, robbers — as whites, though the statistical truth, of course, is that violent crime in the United States is largely the work of non-whites. A few years ago, political scientist Robert Lichter[7] showed in a study that while during the last 30 years, whites were arrested for 40 percent of the murders committed in the United States, on television whites committed 90 percent of the murders. [Amren]
Non-whites are frequently shown as not only heroic but also dominant over whites. It is a staple feature of police movies to portray blacks as the administrative superiors of the white protagonists, Mel Gibson’s “Lethal Weapon” series being perhaps the best-known. The second installment in the series even depicted white South Africans — today’s Hollywood version of Nazis, no doubt — as masterminding drug smuggling into the United States.
While the explicit racial hatred of whites expressed in black-directed films is well known, an increasingly common theme in mainstream television and film is that of the dangers represented by hordes of violent and vicious white supremacists, skinheads, neo-Nazis, paleo-Nazis, and racist terrorists who seem to lurk in every city, behind every storefront, in every small town throughout the country, everywhere, all the time. Recently, in the ABC-TV production of the eight-hour film of Stephen King’s “The Stand,” a tale of the final struggle at the end of the world between supernatural forces of good and evil, the personification of goodness and of God was an elderly black woman, while the devil was portrayed as a blue-eyed, blond-haired white man, whose evil followers waved the Confederate flag. Even at the end of the world, it seems, Hollywood cannot rid us of white racism.[Amren]


Blond Bad Guys —Hollywood`s Other Obsession

But, as an old Chicagoan, I can assure you that one aspect of Batman Begins is standard-issue Hollywood hokum: the murderous mugger is blond.
Blond bad guys are a lot more common in movies and television than in real life.
For example, in Batman Begins, you can tell that Mr. Earle, the executive in charge of Wayne Enterprises, is up to no good because he is played by Rutger Hauer—the blond Dutchman who made his American debut in 1981`s Nighthawks as a terrorist chased by heroic NYPD cops Sylvester Stallone and Billy Dee Williams. Hauer was subsequently cast as Albert Speer in the TV movie Inside the Third Reich, and eventually received his best-known role as a homicidal android in Blade Runner.
No typecasting there!
And speaking of blond terrorists being chased by NYPD cops, who can forget Alan Rickman in Bruce Willis`s Die Hard? No wonder President Bush cracked down on ethnic profiling of Arabs by airport security in the months before 9/11: all the terrorists in movies are either Germans or English aristocrats!
Exactly why Hollywood hates blond men almost as much as it loves blond women is not clear. Some have suggested complicated combinations of resentment and longing in regard to WASPs and/or Nordics.
This prejudice against blond men would seem to be on a collision course with the tendency of movie moguls, such as Steven Spielberg, to marry blonde women, such as Kate Capshaw. This means the industry`s hereditary elite will tend to become blonder over the generations. No doubt it will cause no end of father-son conflicts, keeping Beverly Hills psychiatrists prosperous for the rest of the century.
A more general question is why in movies and television, murderers are far more likely to be white (whether blond or brunette) than African-American—even though, according to the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics: “Blacks were 7 times more likely than whites to commit homicide in 2002.”
One of my readers recently pointed out that with non-Hispanic whites accounting for only about ten percent of the violent crime in New York City, the three Law & Order television shows were likely to feature more fictional white New York murderers in 2005 than there will be actual white murderers in real life!
Another reader pointed out:
“In the first 24 episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent there`s only one black murderer, and she is a corrupt police officer.  Make of that what you will…”
Racial activist organizations like the NAACP constantly complain that minority actors have a hard time getting roles. For some reason, though, the NAACP never brings up the most obvious ways to increase the casting of blacks and Hispanics—by making the ethnic make-up of screen criminals more realistic.
There are unintended consequences to all these good intentions. Villains provide excellent roles that actors can sink their teeth into. But minorities seldom get those great Hannibal the Cannibal-type parts.
Unfortunately, African-American actors have long been held back by what`s known as Ben Stein`s Law. The mordant law professor, economist, screenwriter and game show host made an in-depth study in 1979 that revealed that in any Hollywood whodunit, the whitest, richest and most respectable character usually turns out to be the bad guy.
In Rush Hour 2, Chris Tucker updated Ben Stein`s Law with his “Law of Criminal Investigation: Always follow the rich white man.”
It appeared that the ice was breaking when Denzel Washington won the Oscar for playing the heavy in 2001`s Training Day, a role based on Rafael Perez, the affirmative action-hire rogue cop whose criminality set off the LAPD`s Rampart Scandal.
But little progress has been made since. Morgan Freeman, for example, first broke through to public notice playing a vicious pimp in 1987`s Street Smart. However, he continues to get cast as the embodiment of saintliness, what Richard Brookhiser calls the “Numinous Negro”—as in Freeman`s Oscar-winning but embarrassing role as the holy janitor in Million Dollar Baby.
In Batman Begins, Freeman portrays an inventor—another weird Hollywood racial cliché. Just as judges are so often played by black women, Hollywood has decided that technogeeks must be portrayed by black men, the more improbable the better, as in burly Ving Rhames being the computer nerd in the “Mission Impossible” movies.
Clearly, political correctness damages black actors` careers. Because it would be “racist” for movies to show blacks as killers, since that would support the “stereotype” that blacks commit more homicides than whites, they are denied the good roles as bad guys.
And to counter the “stereotype“ that black men aren`t as interested as other races in computers, they get force-fed into playing nerds.
From a career standpoint, that`s a disastrous trade-off for any actor.
And from a political and cultural standpoint, Hollywood`s blond-bashing isn`t that great either. [Source: Blond Bad Guys —Hollywood`s Other Obsession]

Godfather Part XVII: Ethnic Mobs On The Rise

In real life, too, ties of blood and marriage undergird most organized crime operations. It's also common for the perpetrators of disorganized crimes to be brothers or cousins—for example, the brothers Jonathan and Reginald Carr committed the four murders in 2000's "Wichita Massacre."
And that's why multiracial gangs are much rarer in real life than in bogus movies: because, by definition, racial groups are based on extended families.
Why do criminals prefer, where possible, to work with close kin, or at least co-ethnics? The answer to this question is presented in the new scholarly book Risky Transactions: Trust, Kinship, and Ethnicity, edited by Frank K. Salter, an Australian political scientist now with the Max Planck Institute in Andechs, Germany.

4) Systematic brainwashing by Media

&&&& REPEAT, ...


Anti-Racist Social Engineering by Hollywood & media subtly brainwashes entire populations in ways described by  Orwell's 1984.

Even animated Disney movies are not complete without a heroic woman fighter that is superior to almost all men, and, preferably, a black computer nerd [4] and a blonde villain.

  • Typical Computer Nerd Ving Rhames Mission Impossible 4



black computer nerd  [4]

Hollywood has decided that technogeeks must be portrayed by black men, the more improbable the better, as in burly Ving Rhames being the computer nerd in the “Mission Impossible” movies.
Clearly, political correctness damages black actors` careers. Because it would be “racist” for movies to show blacks as killers, since that would support the “stereotype” that blacks commit more homicides than whites, they are denied the good roles as bad guys.
And to counter the “stereotype“ that black men aren`t as interested as other races in computers, they get force-fed into playing nerds.


The March (1990)

Africans are not to blame for the poverty, dirt, crime, wars in their countries. Rather is is the fault of whites

A group of several thousand Africans migrate westward across northern Africa and sail across the Strait of Gibraltar to Europe. Their message is: "We are poor because you are rich."

Why Race Matters

It is routine also to display almost all criminals — rapists, murderers, robbers — as whites, though the statistical truth, of course, is that violent crime in the United States is largely the work of non-whites. A few years ago, political scientist Robert Lichter showed in a study that while during the last 30 years, whites were arrested for 40 percent of the murders committed in the United States, on television whites committed 90 percent of the murders.

Olympics for immigration (social Engineering)

In addition to the national teams, a "refugee team" was nominated, with people who did not need to pass olympic qualification times for Rio 2016.

15 out of 71 Austrian Athletes at the Rio Olympics were not born in Austria - war, love, and sports brought them into our country. [("Unter fremder Flagge", Kronenzeitung, Olympia Extra, 4. August 2016 p.8)].


German Crime Drama Features Ethnic Germans Raping Muslim Woman

Not only Hollywood engages in social engineering, brainwashing the populace with the unrealistically distorted anti-racist narrative.  German TV does the same.

Statistics clearly show that white men tend not rape Blacks or Muslims. [See below]


Ethnic Germans shown attempting to rape muslim woman in crime TV show

A popular crime drama on German state TV featured a storyline where a group of ethnic Germans molested a Muslim woman in the streets.

The show, named "Tatort," aired earlier this month on the taxpayer funded ARD network.

"Notice that this whole episode focuses on evil right-wingers and a bunch of happyfaced refugees," the YouTube uploader wrote in the description to the video.

"In fact they show this woman getting beaten up after having tried to apply at the German Police. Just wat."


German TV series Tatort inverts reality | German




WH Screens PBS Billie Jean King Doc that Makes No Mention 'Battle of the Sexes' May Have Been Rigged

On Friday, on the 40th anniversary of the “Battle of the Sexes” match that female Billie Jean King won over male Bobby Riggs, the White House screened a PBS documentary about King that made no mention that Riggs may have rigged the match



HIDDEN FIGURES Myth Dissolves–It Wasn’t Blacks Who Got America To The Moon, They Actually Wanted To Stop It...

Hidden Figures was made with the painfully-obvious agenda of delegitimizing the contributions of white scientists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians, project managers, aviation experts and rocket scientists. Instead, America’s greatest triumph evidently hinged on unknown black women manually calculating trajectories already confirmed by computers and a white man named Jack Crenshaw.
But even in 1969, NASA and the federal government would have been proud to show off any black contributions to the moon landing. By highlighting black contributions to the Apollo program, NASA could have kept blacks from singing songs like Gil Scott-Heron’s “Whitey on the Moon” (which bemoaned how a rat could bite the black singer’s sister while white people were on the moon).
But this didn’t happen.
Why didn’t someone from NASA bring up Katherine Johnson back then to counter this negative publicity?
Simple. Her contributions were so insignificant no one with NASA noticed them enough to highlight them.
Which is why Hidden Figures matters and must be lavished with awards and praise. It creates a new narrative, completely devoid of truth, about black participation in man’s greatest achievement even in the face of discrimination. And it’s a narrative that a certain audience—it should be noted women made up 64 percent of the opening weekend audience, with minorities representing 57 percent of those seeing the film—want to hear [Hidden Figures cast celebrates as film hits No. 1, by Joey Nolfi, Entertainment Weekly, January 9, 2017].
Yet surely audiences wanted to believe it in 1969 as well. Katherine Johnson, were her contributions so vital, could have been the much-needed minority public relations asset to parade around to the media back then.
But her value as a symbol was limited—because her contributions were trivial.
And she can only be brought up now because the real truth about black opposition to the space program has been hidden in plain sight. [Source: HIDDEN FIGURES Myth Dissolves–It Wasn’t Blacks Who Got America To The Moon, They Actually Wanted To Stop It...]





Hyped Figures: John Glenn And The PC Myth Of Katherine Johnson ... Dec 9, 2016 ... In the book on which the movie is based, Hidden Figures: The American ... But NASA's website now reports that Katherine Johnson, a blue-eyed, light-skinned black female, ... Eddie B. Johnson Pushes Resolution To Support Black Women In Science & Technology .... stop being afraid • 3 months ago. www.amren.com



Why Not A Movie About Jack Crenshaw?—The White Man Who ... Jan 10, 2017 ... The premise that a few black women got us to the moon is laughable. ... says he worked for NASA emailed me: “Research the name Dr. Jack Crenshaw. ... The study was later expanded to include a full 3-D, N-body simulation. www.vdare.com



Iron Rule In TV Commercials | Chateau Heartiste

Dec 6, 2010 ... More than one man – it's the white guy. ..... where all of the burglars depicted breaking into homes are white (stats would put nearly half as black men). ..... Check who does all these media clips, movies, videos, commercials.


Tim Burton Rips Political Correctness after Diversity Criticism

Sep 29, 2016 ... ... to criticism about the “lack of diversity” in his films, claiming that he is far more ... I didn't go like, 'Okay, there should be more white people in these movies. .... And how funny is it that all of the burglars, robbers, bad guys and ...




Study: Abortion Patients on TV Are Overwhelmingly Young, Wealthy ...

... ... were disproportionately white, young, wealthy, and not parenting. ... 36.1 one percent of American abortion patients are white in real life, ... Remember those commercials for home security systems with the all-white cast of burglars? ... " Red Light" is another movie where the bad guy on the plane is white.

NBC Preps ‘Zorro’ With Female Lead Who Fights for Social Justice

The film will be produced by Rodriguez and Modern Family star Sofia Vergara’s LatinWe production group in cooperation with Universal TV.
The new spin on Zorro joins a long list of shows to dump male leads for gender swapped female heroes. A recent example was the box office bomb Ghostbusters, which starred an all-female cast including Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones.
But there have been many others, including Ocean’s 8, an all-female Las Vegas heist film which is a remake of Ocean’s 11. There was a remake of the Michael Caine comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels which was re-titled The Hustler and starred Rebel Wilson. And then there was the Taraji P. Henson film, What Men Want, which is a remake of the Mel Gibson film, What Women Want.
There are also similar gender-swapping films in the planning stages, including a female Thor currently set to star Natalie Portman, who is finally coming back to the Marvel movie scene after refusing to reprise her Jane Foster role in the past few Thor films. Disney has also been looking to re-boot the 1991 film, The Rocketeer, but starring a black female lead instead of the white male of the original movie and the comic book upon which it was based. Also there are plans for a remake of 1984’s Splash, as well, but instead of a man meeting a mermaid, the film is to feature a woman meeting a merman.[Source: NBC Preps ‘Zorro’ With Female Lead Who Fights for Social Justice]

Google Gender Equality: The women missing from the silver screen and the technology used to find them

New research offers hard data on gender disparities in film. How might the characters we see on-screen affect the roles we play in society?

Or the screen reflects society.  Why does the screen have to induce women to become archers and computer scientists? Why not induce more men to become engineers and computer scientists?

Using technology to identify gender bias
Enter machine learning: an emerging technology that makes it possible to understand huge amounts of complex data.
With support from Google.org’s Global Impact Challenge, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media teamed up with Google machine learning engineer Hartwig Adam and USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering’s Dr. Shri Narayanan, the Niki & C. L. Max Nikias Chair in Engineering, and his SAIL Laboratory, to develop software that accurately measures how often we see and hear women on-screen. “Media arts are an amazing source of information that can provide insights into who we are as society,” says Dr. Narayanan. [...]
Men are seen and heard nearly twice as often as women [...[
Women are seen on-screen more than men only in one film genre: horror
Role models on-screen make a difference
Star Wars: The Force Awakens is not the only film emboldening girls to embark on new adventures. The sport of archery became suddenly popular with girls in 2012, coinciding with two movies starring female heroines as archers: The Hunger Games and Brave. In a study that examined this correlation, 7 out of 10 girls said that they’d taken up the sport because they were inspired by either Katniss or Merida.
The characters we see on-screen play a significant part in determining the roles we occupy off-screen. In a recent study, only 15% of K-12 students remember seeing women performing computer science tasks "most of the time" in film or TV. This is reflected in real life where women make up only 17% of computer science majors – a steady decline from a peak at 37% in 1984. There are many reasons for this decline, but stronger female representation in programming, coding, and engineering roles on the big screen can help everyone envision women filling those roles in real life. This is an issue Google's Computer Science in Media team has been focused on for years, working with creators and producers to improve the portrayal of these fields in TV and movies.






Study: Abortion Patients on TV Are Overwhelmingly Young, Wealthy and White [Amren]

The study was authored by the University of California-San Francisco’s Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health and published in the journal Contraception; we saw it via Media Matters. The authors looked at television characters seeking abortions between 2005 and 2014, and found about what you’d expect:
Comparing all abortion-considering characters to the subset of abortion-obtaining characters, the higher rates of abortion were found for characters who were white, of lower socioeconomic status, and not in committed relationships. Compared to statistics on real women, characters who obtained abortions were disproportionately white, young, wealthy, and not parenting. Compared to reports on real women’s reasons for abortion, immaturity or interference with future opportunities were overrepresented; financial hardship or pregnancy mistiming were underrepresented.
In other words, some of the most common reasons real people choose to abort, including financial hardship or needing to care for existing children, are sorely underrepresented. The racial demographics were incredibly skewed: while 36.1 one percent of American abortion patients are white in real life, on TV they accounted for a full 87 percent. Black and Latina women make up 3o percent and 25 percent, respectively, of real-life abortion patients; on TV, they were five percent and zero. [Original Article]


The End of White Celebrity

To be white and a celebrity is to be inherently controversial. Every several months, there is a predictable controversy about “whitewashing,” when a white actor plays a part that could plausibly go to a person of color. The resulting media frenzy has doomed films such as Gods of Egypt and Ghost in the Shell. Even historical dramas are not exempt from affirmative-action demands; Dunkirk was criticized for not having enough black people in it.
In contrast, transforming white characters into blacks is widely applauded. Examples include how Nick Fury suddenly became a black man in the wildly lucrative Avengersmovies, or the push to put more non-whites in productions of Shakespeare or other classic stage plays. Sometimes, this is taken to ludicrous extremes, with the popular show “Dr. Who” featuring the doctor and an African-American touring England in the 19th century and seeing the streets filled with blacks. “History is a whitewash,” explains the doctor.
Is this a parody, a subtle mockery of political correctness? If it is, the joke is clearly going over the heads of most people. Consider the nothing-less-than rapturous reception given to the upcoming film, Black Panther.
“Black Panther remains socially and culturally relevant because it imagines a world where black people continuously triumph over the influences of capitalism, Western imperialism, and white supremacy,” writes Clarkisha Kent in The Root. Mic grimly informs us that all Africa would be like the futuristic black ethnostate of Wakanda if it “was allowed to pursue its own march toward spectacular progress.” Rolling Stone calls the movie “revolutionary,” a declaration that “the future is here.”


Bruce Willis Whitewashes Black Crime [Amren]

Colin Flaherty, American Thinker, August 5, 2017
Judge Dlott became famous in the early 90’s when, as a Clinton appointee, she issued the first federal ruling outlawing racial profiling. She said white cops were picking on black people for no reason whatsoever. And that had to stop.
The case was cited in many future legal proceedings of the same ilk. The local paper said the “future of Cincinnati’s race relations was in her hands.”
That didn’t turn out too well. Not for the people of Cincinnati. Not for the judge and her husband.
The judge and her very rich and very liberal spouse were enjoying their Cincinnati mansion -- the largest in town -- when three black people burst in, demanding all kinds of money and other party favors.
While the fellas were preoccupied with beating the 79-year old husband and knocking him down the stairs, Judge Dlott escaped, running one mile through the woods to find a phone.
Today we are able to listen to her 911 call for help, where the first thing she said was that there were three black men in her house with guns. 
Then she repeated it.
So much for the ban on profiling.
Some end in the most unexpected places: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, most recently. Erin Garringer and her friend were watching TV when three black people with guns burst into their home, beat her into unconsciousness, and robbed them. 
And as I write this, police are searching the woods for four black people with guns on the run after a home invasion robbery in Hawthorne, outside of Jacksonville. Find both stories by clicking here.
Like Bruce, the local TV station in Cedar Rapids does not care enough about catching the criminals to tell us they are black. Or that black criminality is exploding in Iowa. Erin told us though, on her Facebook page.

No Black Criminals, White Burglars everywhere

Police wanted to publish realistic surveilance videos of burglaries, and store thefts, as teaching tools. Unfortunately, virtually all these true burglary videos depicted "minorities" stealing. So they finally had white police stage fake crimes in order to have politically correct burglary movies [&&& needs link&&&?]

Remember those commercials for home security systems with the all-white cast of burglars? 
guest2 JackKraka year ago
Of course, always.
If you do a Google images search for "robber" it comes up with stock photos and clip art, and they are ALL white.


No Black Burglars





Blacks / Sub-Sahara Africans – Page 2 – Occam's Razor Jul 15, 2013 ... And nevermind that Zimmerman isn't even white (but mestizo), ... Violent whites are overrepresented and violent blacks underrepresented in movies. ... working together (like, one burglar is white and his buddy is black).


Roots movie lie

Keep Hate Alive—It's An Election Year! The ROOTS Racket Rides ...
May 30, 2016 ... A blockbuster of this genre, which I've referred to as “Abolitionist Porn”, was the novel and TV movie Roots, back in the 1970s. The book, written ...



The Fulford File | Black History Month At Ole Miss, And The ROOTS ...
Feb 23, 2014 ... ... I read a column/article several years ago concerning the book Roots, and ... At Ole Miss, And The ROOTS Of The Anti-White Movie Industry. > ...



'Roots' on the History Channel: Remaking a Lie | Frontpage Mag

May 28, 2015 ... o-ROOTS-FILM-facebook In 1976, Alex Haley authored the nearly 1,000 page, Roots: The Saga of An American Family. The following year ...

The Little Mermaid Gets a Race Change

[...]These reactions fail to consider two important points. First, this appropriation of white culture by blacks is mostly not being done by blacks but by other whites. Second, the traffic never flows the other way. I can’t think of a single example of a remake in which a black role went to a white.
Most of the people behind the scenes of these white-into-black movies—the directors, the producers, the movie company executives—are white, and often Jewish. Their motives are probably financial, but ideological considerations may also creep in.[...]
There is a long history of this. Here are a few examples of movies in which formerly white roles were recast with black actors:
MAN ON FIRE (2004)
I AM LEGEND (2007)
This blackwashing also includes secondary characters, such as the Nordic god Heimdall in Thor(2011), Felix Leiter and Moneypenny in recent Bond movies and, most laughably, the medieval character of Morgan Freeman’s Azeem in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991). [...]
There is actually a long record of this. Some 500 all-black “race films” were made in the United States from 1915 and 1952—an astonishing 14 a year. They had titles such as Girl from Chicago, That Man of Mine, Temptation, Lying Lips, and Miracle in Harlem. Often, they explicitly advertised an “all-colored cast” or an “all-star negro cast.”
These were black movies made for black audiences, while Hollywood made white movies for white audiences. The tradition of “race films” has died—with a few exceptions, such as Spike Lee movies and the occasional black-oriented blockbuster such as Black Panther—but blacks now have explicitly black-oriented “Black Entertainment TV” and are taking over traditionally white roles in general entertainment.


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