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Anti-Racist Narrative

Anti-Racists have their "narrative" to bolster their theories. Most of the narrative is patently and proven wrong. But constant repetition and systematic brainwashing makes people believe in the narrative

See also Hollywood movies invert reality (social engineering)

Media codes that mandate to omit facts that don't fit the narrative help enforce belief in the narrative.

See also SINCERITY.net,

especially Sensational Violence, Human Dignity, Young Persons: True Speech Not Permissible


[ROK:]The narrative that is being peddled is that there are two divisions of humanity: white people and “People of Color (POC).” White people are responsible for all the bad things in the world: racism, slavery, colonialism, wars, the Crusades, transgender discrimination, and income inequality. People of Color have been the victims of white aggression. The only way to correct this unjust situation is for the white people to cede power to the POC and gradually cease to exist.
This narrative is ridiculous, but it does have currency in a world where people get degrees in gender studies and are willing to pay to go to a nightclub where Kim Kardashian is making an appearance. In reality, there is nothing that unites all People of Color. An educated Indian has more in common with an educated white person than he does with an uneducated illegal immigrant.
For that reason, we won’t see a stand-off between whites and POC even though the left would love to see that. Rather, the coming racial violence will likely break along the same lines that we are witnessing at the anti-Trump protests—groups of illegal immigrants with smaller numbers of leftist blacks and whites versus whites who are perceived to support Trump.
In some cases, law enforcement has already shown an unwillingness to deal with anti-Trump protestors out of concerns for political correctness. If the police are unwilling to protect law abiding citizens, those citizens will begin to take their self-defense into their own hands. That would kick off a spiral of violence that could easily develop into a race war. [ROK]


Slavery was practiced world wide.  Whites were enslaved, frequently by Arabs, even by US American Blacks [1, 2].    Slavery is still widely practiced today [8,9,10], largely in Africa  [20]. It was the high morality of Whites who outlawed slavery for themselves and forced other societies to end slavery.

more at Slavery Perpetrated by all, ended by whites

The presumption of innocence is not valid for white males  If a story fits the "narrative", if a white man is accused of killing or raping a Black person, he is assumed guilty. And it is proof all other white men are guilty.

More at Presumption of Innocence|Unequal Rights.


What If the Media's 'Narrative Journalism' Harms Their Own Causes? .
What if the mainstream media’s increasing devotion to “narrative journalism” – preconceived storylines that fit a particular agenda or political or ideological view, almost always progressive – as opposed to say, “factual journalism” — is actually harmful to the causes they seek to advance? We’ve seen the media’s “narrative journalism” insisting that Officer Darren Wilson’s fatal shooting of Michael Brown represented a vivid, awful example of racist police forces recklessly using deadly force against defenseless black men. The grand jury remained unconvinced. They saw too many pieces of evidence and witness testimonies that contracted that simple morality play.
The media’s “narrative journalism” contended that George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin represented a brutal crime, revealing a reckless, gun-toting vigilantism loose on the streets of America, preying upon innocent young black men. The jury looked at the available evidence and acquitted Zimmerman. All that one-sided “narrative journalism” left a portion of their audience completely unprepared for the jury’s decision, because it seemed so contrary to everything they had been told.

Read more at: .nationalreview

Columbia issues scathing report on 'Rolling Stone' rape story
The Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism issued a scathing report Sunday on the editorial breakdown at Rolling Stone magazine that allowed publication of a searing, now thoroughly discredited story about a woman who said she had been gang raped at the University of Virginia, ending a three-month review meant to shed a light on and calm the storm surrounding a saga that had triggered a police probe and institutional soul searching at the university.
Rolling Stone, which had backed off from its original story in December, also officially retracted the article, titled "A Rape on Campus," and said it will implement recommendations about journalistic practices that are listed in the report.
The 13,000-word report, authored by Sheila Coronel, Steve Coll and Derek Kravitz of the Columbia J-school, concluded that the magazine's editorial policies clearly have failed in catching the reportorial shortcomings by the story's author, Sabrina Rubin Erdely.

They still fail to mention that the story is about a black woman gang raped by black boys. ??????

Lies to support narrative #Lies4Narrative

The narrative has to be supported at all cost, no matter how much omission, distortion, and outright lies are necessary.

The sexes are equal, women are as capable as men in sports, in the military, for police and fire fighting - says the narrative.

The Tennis battle of the sexes,  where reigning world champion (?) Billy Jean King defeated an aging fat Bobby Riggs to show the supposed equality or superiority of women

  1. Bobby Rigged
  2. Tennis, Women, and Equality
  3. Evidence Suggesting 'Battle of Sexes' Fixed Uncomfortable for ... 
  4. Vox Popoli: "The Battle of the Sexes" was fixed

Follow the links in the following paragraph for details

Thus the Ruling Class’s Trayvon Martin, Ferguson and Baltimore frenzies came and went, shamelessly unaffected by repeated Narrative Collapses—inexplicable, unless you were aware of Left’s amoral imperative to incite its black clients against the white American majority. [Vdare]

It's instructive to take a glance at the recent pattern of these episodes. They have evolved from a traditional late-20th-century narrative of low-class whites being cruel to helpless, innocent blacks, through to a more comprehensive cultural revolution aimed at the deep foundations of the American nation: at its history, laws, and founding population. 
It was a mere five and a half years ago that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. That incident pioneered a new, more aggressive style of news mis-reporting. 
With encouragement and support from the Obama White House and the Eric Holder Justice Department, what Chinese bloggers refer to derisively as the baizuo(pronunciation here), the white left, who dominate our culture, established a narrative of rogue white racist Zimmerman stalking and murdering baby-faced teen Martin. 
That narrative collapsed when tested to courtroom evidentiary standards. Baby-faced Martin turned out to possess gold teeth grills, burglary tools, and a marijuana habit; he had violently assaulted Zimmerman, who had then killed Martin in justifiable self-defense. Zimmerman was not even white.   [Source: Derb’s August Diary: The White Left’s Rampage, What Comes After “Nazis”, Etc. ]

Only 1% Michelin starred restaurants have women chefs: discrimination? or women can’t cook?

Most woman in the world, but not many men, learn how to cook. So it can not be for lack of female practitioners. It is alleged, but in no way proven, that dearth of female practitioners is the cause of lack of female success in chesssnooker, darts. In tennis the reason is probably the lack of athletic prowess in women, which does not prevent women from earing more in Wimbledon tennis, and for getting promoted as firemen (ahem firefighters) with equal pay in spite of lowered standards in physical fitness which hampers woman’s capacity to lug victims out of harm’s way.

The March (1990)

Africans are not to blame for the poverty, dirt, crime, wars in their countries. Rather is the fault of whites

A group of several thousand Africans migrate westward across northern Africa and sail across the Strait of Gibraltar to Europe. Their message is: "We are poor because you are rich."

Narrative Examples

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