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Black Lives Matter .. to "Racists" #1

Anti-Racist policies increase Black death toll, because they are based on false PC quack science.

 "Black lives matter" and leftist ANTI-racist policies are actually damaging to the very Blacks they purport to protect. Good intention based on false quack science gets bad outcomes.

More in The Truth is Racist, races are different

See Scientific Honesty & integrity compromised by PC Antiracist dogma

Scientific Method, Anti-Racist Fraud

Nurture Assumption Judith Rich Harris

Code of Silence

See Psychology findings all wrong

Ferguson Effect's Black victims

Racist police work would save black lives #BlackLivesMatter2Racists

Baltimore, Ferguson, San Luis crime and murder rates hit record heights, after police were told not to be racist and to spare black rioters and criminals.



For the sake of an abstract principle of "anti-racism", crime soars and hundreds, thousands, mostly Blacks, die needlessly due to Anti-Racist police inaction. 

Cruel PC, , Callous Political Correctness

Blacks burning down their own neighborhood stores is tolerated, if not encouraged by anti-racists.

see Black Privilege

Racism saves lives

This reduces resale value of black owned houses, and quality of life without neighborhood stores.

Anti-Racist agitators somehow make sure that Blacks never burn down their own "liberal" rich neighborhood in Beverly Hills.

We propose to put a stop to anti-racist hate mongering, based on false narratives of white violence against Blacks and anti-scientific lies about racial equality.

Love: Racism is Love



BLM Political Correctness costs Black Lives

Scientific analysis showed clear crime reduction by "Stop and Frisk", zero tolerance, profiling.

See Profiling: necessary and useful

Profiling Is Wrong No Matter HOW Right It Is—As Ex Drug Dealer And Thug Jay-Z Explains


In the name of anti-racism and BLM, police work is hampered, murder rates skyrocket.

Tried and proven crime reduction methods are outlawed as "racist".

(Details at #RacismSavesLives)

Racism is Love

"Racists" would allow police to do their work the best way possible to reduce crime. And would allow criminologists, sociologists, psychologists and politicians find the best solution, based on correct science

See Love: Racism is Love

More in The Truth is Racist, races are different

See Scientific Honesty & integrity compromised by PC Antiracist dogma

Scientific Method, Anti-Racist Fraud


Leslie McSpadden, Mother of Michael Brown, with Hillary Clinton

See Black Thugs Matter: Glorification of Felons

Instead we propose life-saving "racist" policies

  • preach love, not left-racist hate.
  • tell the truth, not anti-scientific anti-racist PC lies

The Truth is Racist

The Emperor has no Clothes: Anti-Racism is obviously false

  • abolish leftist lies and censorship, encourage telling the truth

No more Code of Silence

  • use scientifically proven police tactics to reduce black murder
  • Have concern for law Abiding Citizen's Safety, not protect Human Rights for Criminals
  • Stop "liberal" preaching of hate and riots.
  • Don't encourage illegal riots, arson, and looting, rather repress illegal acts and protect good businesspeople and law abiding citizens

We Used to Shoot Looters #1 to protect Innocents

We Used to Shoot Looters #2: Now we give them “space.”

End of summary

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Anti-Racist immigration policy harms US Blacks

It’s curious to see black American leaders (particularly media elites like Al Sharpton) gripe about the nation’s most dedicated immigration enforcer, when a shutdown of the open border would benefit blacks probably more than any other group. Deporting the Mexican job thieves would open many blue collar occupations in construction and similar industries like home renovation. But black leaders care little for actual improvement in the lives of the people they claim to represent, judging from their policies.
As U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow has explained, “competition from immigration accounts for approximately 40 percent of the 18-percentage point decline in black employment in recent years… That’s nearly a million jobs lost by blacks to immigrants.” [Vdare]


The radical Left holds human life very cheap. The needless deaths of thousands of Black Americans probably seems like a small price to pay to gain the kind of power that BLM has amassed over the past couple of years. A compliant press, a supportive regime, and an apathetic public have made their success possible.  [comment]

As the New York Times reported on Chicago’s latest Memorial Day Weekend:
From Friday evening to the end of Monday, 64 people will have been shot in this city of 2.7 million, six of them fatally. In a population made up of nearly equal numbers of whites, blacks and Hispanics, 52 of the shooting victims are black, 11 Hispanic and one white.
Obviously, the problem in Chicago is “overpolicing” of black areas, causing blacks to be arrested (and shoot each other) so much.

Amazingly, the New York Times article bemoans the additional surveillance in non-white neighborhoods, where all the crimes happen! Ideology over black lives!

Back to Kate Crawford [NYT article]:
In the United States, this could result in more surveillance in traditionally poorer, nonwhite neighborhoods, while wealthy, whiter neighborhoods are scrutinized even less. Predictive programs are only as good as the data they are trained on, and that data has a complex history.
Histories of discrimination can live on in digital platforms, and if they go unquestioned, they become part of the logic of everyday algorithmic systems. Another scandal emerged recently when it was revealed that Amazon’s same-day delivery service was unavailable for ZIP codes in predominantly black neighborhoods.
It’s almost as if, when it’s working well, Artificial Intelligence comes up with the same conclusions as Natural Intelligence.
[Source: NYT: “Artificial Intelligence’s White Guy Problem”]

Same policies for all races: detrimental

Sexual liberties and permissiveness caused no problems in Sweden, but destroyed US African American families and created the deadly dangerous out of wedlock single mom ghetto gang youth culture.

See Anti-Racists are ethnocentric white supremacists




(Details at #RacismSavesLives)





Affirmative Action hurts Blacks

Affirmative action students get admitted to colleges they did not qualify for. They end up on the bottom of their classes, or fail altogether. It is RACIST to ask if these black affirmative action students are helped or harmed by this policy.

4Racism promotes #Racism4FreeSpeech, to allow unbiased research and policy analysis, to find what is best for Blacks. Racism helps Blacks and minorities: #Racism4Blacks

Affirmative action - reverse racism

Affirmative Action's Costs and Harm

Affirmative Action harms Blacks

Affirmative Action kills

Modern Political Correctness harms Blacks?  Racism's free speech can help Blacks (or other disadvantaged minorities)


How White Liberals Use Black Kids

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia ran headlong into the leftist meat grinder by questioning whether college admission of blacks with academic achievement levels significantly lower than the rest of the student body is beneficial to blacks. {snip}

Justice Scalia’s questions generated news headlines such as “Justice Scalia suggests blacks belong at ‘slower’ colleges,”

Typical left-racist antiracist demagoguery. Blacks belong into 'slower' colleges together with slower whites who have the same SAT test results.

 “Scalia questions place of some black students in elite colleges” and “Scalia and the misguided ‘mismatch’ theory.” Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said, “It is deeply disturbing to hear a Supreme Court justice endorse racist ideas from the bench of the nation’s highest court.”

This is why we 4Racism.org if FOR RACISM.  Concern about the well being of Blacks is racist. Considering race blind color blind policy is racist.


The issue for black parents is not whether their sons and daughters should be admitted to an elite college or one that is lower-ranked. The issue is whether their sons and daughters should be admitted to a college where they would not be admitted if they were white. The question for black parents and black people is: Which better serves our interests, a black student’s being admitted to an elite college and winding up in the bottom of his class or flunking out, or a black student’s being admitted to a less prestigious college and performing just as well as his white peers? I would opt for a black student’s doing well and graduating from a less prestigious college.


Think of it this way. Suppose you asked, “Williams, would you teach my son how to box?” I say yes, and after your son wins a few amateur matches, I set him up with a match against an elite boxer like Mike Tyson or Lennox Lewis. Your son may have the potential to be a world-class boxer, but he is going to get his brains beaten out and have his career ended before he learns how to bob and weave

There are beneficiaries from admitting black students with little chance of performing at the level of other students. They are college presidents, administrators and campus liberals.
Whether blacks graduate or have been steered into useless “Mickey Mouse” courses is irrelevant. Government race overseers are only counting colors. College administrators win kudos for achieving and celebrating “diversity,” not to mention the fact that they can keep government higher-education handouts.
Another group of beneficiaries is composed of black staff and faculty who are hired and create campus fiefdoms with big budgets based on the presence of black students. The number of black students enrolled is the key, not the number who graduate or wind up in useless “Mickey Mouse” courses or in the bottom of their classes. In fact, there is an element of perversity. The greater the number of blacks who are on academic probation or do not graduate the more justified are calls for greater budgets for academic support and student retention programs.
I have been asked: If elite colleges do not create lower admission standards, how are they going to have enough black students? My response is: That’s their problem. Black people cannot afford to have our youngsters turned into failures in order to support the agendas of diversity race hustlers and to lessen the guilt of white liberals.
Original Article

How White Liberals Use Black Kids (Amren, comments) * Original Full Article | WND



Most shootings with four deaths or injuries are invisible outside their communities. And most of the lives they scar are black |NYT]  [Amren]

F.B.I. statistics show that African-Americans, who constitute about 13 percent of the population, make up about half of both gun homicide victims and their known or suspected attackers.
“Every time we look at the numbers, we are pretty discouraged, I have to tell you,” said Gary LaFree, a professor of criminology at the University of Maryland.
Some researchers say the single strongest predictor of gun homicide rates is the proportion of an area’s population that is black.

This is the politically correct New York Times. Of course, a good scientist will look for evidence in peer reviewed papers or in government statistics.

But race, they say, is merely a proxy for poverty, joblessness and other socio-economic disadvantages that help breed violence.

Another statement that can be tested using the scientific method.

Mr. Nutter, now an urban policy professor at Columbia University, spoke out repeatedly about the disparity during his eight years as Philadelphia’s mayor — and was accused of casting African-Americans in a bad light. “Some people got upset,” he said. “I said, ‘I’ll stop talking about it when you stop killing each other.’ ”


Milwaukee Murder: Look Who’s Behind Black Killing Spree [Original Article ]

WND, August 22, 2016

Milwaukee was the latest center of the racial unrest spreading across the nation, with a vicious black riot breaking out after a black cop shot a black suspect who refused to put down a gun he had pointed at the officer. In a shocking orgy of violence, buildings were looted and then set on fire, while white pedestrians were targeted for attacks by the black rioters who chanted “black power.” {snip}
But the claim black people are being hunted and killed by police doesn’t pass scrutiny in light of the data provided by the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission, or MHRC, a government-funded organization that tracks the suspects and victims of all homicides and nonfatal shootings by race in the city.
Since 2005, the MHRC has published a yearly report that WND has independently analyzed, and the results completely contradict the idea that it isn’t black-on-black violence plaguing Milwaukee.
In the city of 597,867 people, Milwaukee itself is 40 percent black, 17 percent Latino and 37 percent white.
From 2005 to 2015, there were 1,070 homicides in the city, with blacks being the victims 78 percent of the time and suspects in 82 percent of the murders; Hispanics were the victims 11 percent of the time and suspects in 10 percent of the murders; and whites were victims 9 percent of the time and suspects in 6 percent of the murders.
Between the years 2006 and 2015, there were 5,122 nonfatal shootings in the city of Milwaukee, with blacks victims in 87 percent of the nonfatal shootings and also suspects in 87 percent of the cases. Hispanics were victims in 8 percent of the nonfatal shootings and suspects in 9 percent of the cases, and white people were victims in 5 percent of the nonfatal shootings and suspects in 2 percent of the cases.


One of the more shocking revelations of the WND analysis of the data is how homicides and nonfatal shootings increased substantially between 2014 and 2015 when the “Ferguson Effect” became most noticeable. Homicides increased 69 percent and nonfatal shootings increased 9 percent, with black people victims and suspects in more than 80 percent of the homicides and nearly 90 percent of nonfatal shootings. {snip}
Original Article


  • Frank DeScushin9 hours ago
    You can show white Liberals black murder statistics all day long, but that won't sway them to believe black murder is a problem. Instead, it will convince them that white racism and institutional economic inequality are even worse than to render such a crime difference among two groups the Liberal believes to be equal if racism were removed.
    Milwaukee is filled with such white Liberals. Some even in positions that affect policy. Here's a recent LA Times article on the Milwaukee riots:
    Amid Milwaukee unrest, a conservative black sheriff clashes with the city's liberal white police chief
    In racially charged Milwaukee, the two most prominent law enforcement officials — whose jurisdictions overlap — are proving that race is anything but simple. Clarke is black. Flynn is white.
    They have clashed with each other for years over the roots of mistrust between police and black residents and how to quell increasing violence in a city with some of the deepest racial inequalities in the country.
    Clarke, a conservative, argues that downtrodden blacks are largely to blame for their own plight and that “black-on-black violence” is a bigger problem than mistreatment of blacks by police. In turn, he has taken a get-tough, lock-em-up approach to policing, including the use of military equipment.
    He has blamed Flynn for increases in violent crime in Milwaukee, saying the city's police force should hire more officers to crack down harder on crime. Clarke has also encouraged citizens to arm themselves.
    Flynn, a liberal, sees the anger of the black residents as a product of poverty and decades of official neglect and believes the biggest gains will come from increased cooperation between officers and the community.




The same people who move heaven and earth to make sure their kids aren’t blocked out of the right colleges by affirmative action, who couldn’t care less about the astronomical unemployment rate and rampant crime in the inner cities, who think there’s a lovefest going on between African-Americans and the illegal aliens taking over their neighborhoods and jobs, are just showing off to other white people by calling Trump … “RACIST! [VDARE]


US Police Say Black Shootings, Protests Make Job Riskier and More Difficult, DW  But black and white officers have differing views.

Ninety-four percent of officers say they are concerned about their safety, but only 14 percent believe the public understands the risks they face. That contrasts with 83 percent of Americans who in another Pew poll said they understood the risks facing law enforcement.
Still, most police officers feel respected by the public and trust most people. “Rather than viewing the neighborhoods where they work as hostile territory, seven in ten officers say that some or most of the residents of the areas they patrol share their values,” Pew said.

[Source: AMREN]>>>
A committee of seven people at the Sydney Peace Foundation just spent three months choosing this year’s winners, so they must know a lot about Black Lives Matter.  \They apparently agree with founder and soon-to-be-recipient Alicia Garza that “black lives are systematically and intentionally targeted for demise,” and that “black poverty and genocide is state violence.” Presumably they agree that “Trayvon Martin was posthumously placed on trial for his own murder.” Like Miss Garza, they must believe it is wrong to say “all lives matter” because that would “perpetuate a level of white supremacist domination.”
No doubt the committee knows that another founder, Patrisse Cullors, says that if BLM demands are not met “we’re gonna shut shit down,” and that in 2014, Miss Garza did so: She and other BLMers chained themselves together so a San Francisco subway car could not move, and shut down the line for an hour and a half. It is hard to understand how this furthered “global peace,” any more than shutting down the 405 Freeway in Los AngelesInterstate 95 in VirginiaInterstate 35 in Minneapolis, and the Interstate 40 bridge in Memphis, where an ambulance with a desperately sick child was among the blocked vehicles.
And the committee must think Miss Cullors is right when she calls those who disagree with her “gun-toting white racists,” and when she urges followers to “rise the fuck up” and “burn everything down.” Perhaps she will repeat these contributions to global peace when she delivers her Syndey Peace Prize lecture.
It would be hard to think of any movement anywhere that has been both so wrong-headed and done so much to hurt blacks. Despite BLM’s crazed vision of racist police hunting blacks as if they were rabbits, blacks were only 266 of the 1,092 people killed by officers last year. A policeman is 14 times more likely to be killed by a black person than he is to kill an unarmed black. [Source: AMREN]
As police pulled back in the face of BLM-inspired scrutiny of effective tactics, the murder rate rose sharply after 20 years of decline. As Heather Mac Donald has pointed out, “homicides in the U.S. rose in 2015 by the largest one-year increase in nearly 50 years; the additional victims were overwhelmingly black.” She notes that 900 more black men were murdered in 2015 than in 2014, which brought the black homicide total up to 7,000, which was 2,000 more than all white and Hispanic victims put together. 2016 saw another jump in murders. If blacks lives matter, surely BLM would have more to say about those 7,000 than about the 266 killed by police—virtually every one of whom was a threat to an officer.
Miss Cullors must not care about the 7,000. When she learned she was getting the Sydney prize, she explained that, for blacks, the problem is the police: “Do we need police? . . . In our opinion, no, police are not going to give us safety. We’ve seen time and time again that actually what they do is provide death . . . .”
It would be mean spirited to hope Miss Cullors’s gets her wish, and that the police withdraw from all black neighborhoods. But if they did, it would probably take even Miss Cullors no more than half an hour realize that it is black people—not the police—who “provide death. [Source: AMREN]


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