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Equality Dogma of Anti-Racism

All races are equal. The equality dogma is the center piece of Anti-Racism. The equality dogma is often called Universalism or Egalitarianism.



Equality BETWEEN Races

The laws of evolution may apply to human skin color, even to body shape but by dogmatic fiat, the human brain is unchangeable and exempt from evolutionary change.

See James Watson Racist Nobel Laureate

James Watson's Inquisition #2

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Scientific Method: Anti-Racism is Anti-Science

Regression towards mediocrity : mathematical proof for heredity of the black white IQ gap

summary of the latest data regarding the black-white IQ gap  Charles Murray’s article The Inequality Taboo, from 2005




Equality WITHIN Races

The denial of inborn Within Race differences, genetics denial and social determinism destroyed the school system and social science research.

* Swiss High Schools admit only brightest 20%. Average Students need not apply.

* Psychology research all wrong

* Within Race differences

* School Books to offend no minority: "Language police" (Diane Ravitch)

* School Bullying

* School Diversity Disaster


Liberal Struggle Against Reality [Amren]

Another part of reality that liberals and progressives find difficult to accept is the fact that equality among humans is the exception and inequality the norm. If one were to list the world’s top 30 violinists of the 20th century, at least 20 of them would be of Jewish ancestry. Jews constitute no more than 3 percent of the U.S. population but 35 percent of American Nobel Prize winners. One wonders what liberals would propose to promote equality in violin excellence and winning a Nobel Prize. By the way, liberals and progressives love to attend classical concerts, where there is a virtual absence of racial diversity.
Year after year, blacks of West African descent walk away with all of the prizes in the Olympic 100-meter run. The probability of such an outcome by chance is all but zero. It must be a reality—namely, genetic physiological and biomechanical characteristics—that causes blacks to excel in certain sports (e.g., basketball, football and track) and spells disaster for those who have aspirations to be Olympic-class swimmers.
Somehow liberals and progressives manage to cope with some realities but go ballistic with others. They cope well with black domination of basketball, football and track and with the near absence of black performers in classical concerts. They also accept the complete absence of women in the NFL and NBA. They even accept geographical disparities. For example, not a single player in the NHL’s history can boast of having been born and raised in Hawaii, Louisiana or Mississippi. The reality that they go ballistic on is the reality that we are not all equally intelligent. There are many more male geniuses than female, and median male IQ is higher. Liberals might argue bias in the testing. Men are taller on average than women. If liberals don’t like that, would they accuse the height-measuring device of being biased?   [Original Article]



Off topic:
Political Correctness (PC) expands this equality dogma further, especially to equality of genders (sexes) and equality individuals within the same race.

See Sports: sex differences


The Equality Dogma creates racial Hate. 

The less successful people, populations and races are being told that their misfortune is due to white exploitation, racism, micro-aggressions.  If whites are to Blame for Black crime, for Black poverty, that sure creates justified hate against the white oppressor

It is taboo even consider the hypothesis that Blacks are NOT equal to Whites. 100 years of IQ research with millions of IQ tests have clearly shown that Black IQ is much lower than white IQ. Black crime, world wide, is much higher than white crime, which is higher than East Asian crime.

Blacks are not told to be grateful for white medicine, white agriculture, white cell phone technology, white developing aid, affirmative action and other black privilege conceded by whites, whites forcing Muslim and Black nations to abolish slavery.


Blacks are not held responsible for their own academic failures and the high crime they create in their neighborhoods.

Pastor Manning, a Black man says what white men are prohibited to say.


The equality dogma - Thomas Sowell

Some readers objected to a statement in this column that black students usually do not perform as well in school as white students or Asian American students. These readers seemed to think that this was a personal opinion -- or even an immoral statement.
It never seemed to occur to them that this was a verifiable fact, shown by innumerable studies over the years by many scholars of various races. As John Adams said, more than two centuries ago: "Facts are stubborn things, and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."
More is involved than a confusion between facts and opinions. The reigning dogma of our time is equality -- and anything that seems to go against it creates an automatic response, much like the conditioned responses of Pavlov's dog.
When discussing equality, we must at least be clear in our own minds as to what we mean: Equality of what? Performance? Potential? Treatment? Humanity? Too often, fervor for the word serves as a substitute for clarity as to its meaning.
It is an undeniable fact that different groups have different performances across a whole spectrum of activities. Does anyone seriously believe that whites usually play basketball just as well as blacks? Is anyone surprised when Asian American youngsters walk off with science prizes, year after year?
This whole page could easily be filled with examples of particular groups that excel in particular activities. When it comes to performance, huge disparities are the rule rather than the exception. And performance is what pays off.
Those who are politically correct may try to claim that these are all "stereotypes" or "perceptions" but hard data show the best selling beers in America to be those created by people of German ancestry. It is the same story on the other side of the world, where China's famed Tsingtao beer was also created by Germans.
What upsets some people is the inference that performance differences reflect innate differences in potential. But there are huge differences in all the things that turn potential into performance.
Back in the early 19th century, a Russian official reported that even the poorest Jews there somehow managed to have books in their homes and "their entire population studies," while books were virtually unknown among most of the surrounding population.
When C-SPAN's Brian Lamb recently asked author Abigail Thernstrom why Jews scored so high on mental tests, she replied: "They have been preparing for them for a thousand years."
A recent study by the United Nations shows that publications per capita in Europe today are at least ten times as numerous as in the Arab countries or in Africa. How could equal potential lead to equal performance when there are such great disparities in the intervening factors
[Keep reading at the excellent The equality dogma - Thomas Sowell]


We are all the same, therefore all inequality results from exploitation (Molineux)

The Inequality Taboo

Even as the scientific evidence becomes increasingly inarguable, the subject of innate differences among groups remains as undiscussable as ever.…
Charles Murray / Sept. 1, 2005
When the late Richard Herrnstein and I published The Bell Curve eleven years ago, the furor over its discussion of ethnic differences in IQ was so intense that most people who have not read the book still think it was about race. Since then, I have deliberately not published anything about group differences in IQ, mostly to give the real topic of The Bell Curve—the role of intelligence in reshaping America's class structure—a chance to surface.
The Lawrence Summers affair last January made me rethink my silence. The president of Harvard University offered a few mild, speculative, off-the-record remarks about innate differences between men and women in their aptitude for high-level science and mathematics, and was treated by Harvard's faculty as if he were a crank. The typical news story portrayed the idea of innate sex differences as a renegade position that reputable scholars rejected.
It was depressingly familiar. In the autumn of 1994, I had watched with dismay as The Bell Curve's scientifically unremarkable statements about black IQ were successfully labeled as racist pseudoscience. At the opening of 2005, I watched as some scientifically unremarkable statements about male-female differences were successfully labeled as sexist pseudoscience.
The Orwellian disinformation about innate group differences is not wholly the media's fault. Many academics who are familiar with the state of knowledge are afraid to go on the record. Talking publicly can dry up research funding for senior professors and can cost assistant professors their jobs. But while the public's misconception is understandable, it is also getting in the way of clear thinking about American social policy.
[...] specific policies based on premises that conflict with scientific truths about human beings tend not to work. Often they do harm.
One such premise is that the distribution of innate abilities and propensities is the same across different groups. The statistical tests for uncovering job discrimination assume that men are not innately different from women, blacks from whites, older people from younger people, homosexuals from heterosexuals, Latinos from Anglos, in ways that can legitimately affect employment decisions. Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 assumes that women are no different from men in their attraction to sports. Affirmative action in all its forms assumes there are no innate differences between any of the groups it seeks to help and everyone else. The assumption of no innate differences among groups suffuses American social policy. That assumption is wrong.
When the outcomes that these policies are supposed to produce fail to occur, with one group falling short, the fault for the discrepancy has been assigned to society. It continues to be assumed that better programs, better regulations, or the right court decisions can make the differences go away. That assumption is also wrong.
Hence this essay. Most of the following discussion describes reasons for believing that some group differences are intractable. I shift from “innate” to “intractable” to acknowledge how complex is the interaction of genes, their expression in behavior, and the environment. “Intractable” means that, whatever the precise partitioning of causation may be (we seldom know), policy interventions can only tweak the difference at the margins.


The Big Lie

The bigger the lie, the more work you must do to sustain it, and the more costly the fallout when it’s exposed.

The big lie in the West is egalitarianism.

  • Women and men are equal
  • Heterosexuals and homosexuals are equal
  • All races are equal
  • The immigrant population is equal to the native-born population
  • Everyone is equal, and if one group doesn’t appear equal, it’s because they’re being oppressed by another group

Concealing the lie of egalitarianism requires artificial cosmetics in every facet of Western life. The media must not report on incidents that show sex or race differences. The government must construct laws and policy to help “equalize” the sexes, which means demoting heterosexual men as second-class citizens. Public schools and universities must spread propaganda to give an intellectual basis for the big lie that ends up being dismantled by the work of a few dozen dedicated bloggers.

The eyes and ears of the masses must be deliberately impaired to prevent them from seeing contradictions of the big lie in every day of their lives, and those who have shaken off the cataracts of their vision, who get close to exposing the lie after peeling the layers that conceal it, must be viciously attacked and marginalized. [Continue at The Big Lie]




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