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School Bullying Terror

Interracial school bullying [!!, 1, 2, 3],is covered up [1. 2, 3]. To us it is inconceivable that vulnerable children are obliged, by law, to return to schools where they are not protected against violence by "historically underprivileged" youth.

- When one of the boys said he did not want to play football because the immigrants cheat, two of them attacked him. It ended with this boy being completely covered in blood before some adults intervened. [2]

Anti-Racists cause and aggravate this criminal school violence by
  1. the taboo of disciplining black or other "minority" students for their violence, crime. Disparate impact theory demands Blacks cannot be punished more frequently than East Asians and Whites {Punish more Asian and White Students demands the Obama government}
  2. lack of criminal responsibility of minors for their crimes
  3. teachers themselves get abused, mistreated, [31]. No wonder teachers are powerless. Nowadays even police get beaten up because they cannot resort to deadly force against mob attacks.
  4. the taboo of mentioning differences in school performance or misbehavior by ethnicity or race
  5. blaming white racism for any black failure, thus creating hate in blacks and minority against the white "racist culprits" for black misfortune
  6. forced integration (of low IQ (dumb), incompetent, violent, undisciplined criminal students into mainstream classes)
  7. Of course we are aware that there is black on black violence, which also could be reduced by rigor and discipline (see Black Lives Matter to Racists)


See also Human Rights 4 Criminals

No Human Rights for non-criminals

Corporal Punishment Saves Lives and Schools



PC (political correctness) destroys schools

The foundation of all faulty reasoning is the anti-racist Equality dogma: all races are equal.

See also Universalism or Egalitarianism

So every person has the intelligence and discipline to become a nuclear engineer. And everyone is born a good person, a noble savage. If they don't realize this potential, it is the fault of society, of racism, sexism, or fault of the school. Therefore it is unjust to take people out of school because of low performance or criminal violence. 

School Bullying

School Diversity Disaster


Racism reduces school bullying

  • 1a) To avoid being called racist, and due to Black Privilege, white students, parents, or teachers must not complain about Black (Turkish, Somali, Guatemalan..) school bullying and violence.


  • 1b) Intra-racial school bullying, sexual assault and rape can be reduced or prevented.
     Inter-racial crimes by "disadvantaged" groups against "privileged" whites is being hidden and whitewashed.  Even the rape of thousands of white girls inRotherham and Telford, over decades was covered up and allowed to continue.

Racism reduces rape

Colin Flaherty: Blacks are victim of relentless white racism

Code of Silence


Anti-Racism aggravates school bullying


This policy is based on the Equality Dogma. All Races are Equal. All student races are supposed to be equal and disciplined in equal proportions.

Anti-Scientific Anti-Racism ignores all evidence that youths of different races have vastly different crime rates, as crime statistics already indicate.

See Black crime much worse than statistics

Black crime statistics very high, wildly out of proportion.

Anti-racist policy gravely aggravates the problem: Punish more Asian and White Students demands the Obama government.

See also Disparate Impact 


  • Inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic bullying increase with increasing levels of ethnic diversity [Original Article]



  • 2) All performance levels are mixed into one class:
    Based on the faulty assumption that all students are born with equal skills and attitudes all students get mixed into one class, and all are meant to graduate from college.
    This is a problem even in racially homogeneous European schools. Within a race, IQ and performance levels vary widely and are to a large extent genetic and unchangeable

    This mixing also violates the scientific truth that students have different intelligence and working attitudes.  Also it violates the engineering maxim "If it ain't broke don't fix it", by changing a tried and proven school system.

Swiss High Schools admit only brightest 20%. Average Students need not apply.

Within Race differences


Equality dogma: all races are equal.

Segregation by talent in sports and music


Note: YouTube systematically bans "right wing" videos, thus many of these probatory links might be dead now

  1. Colin Flaherty: School Discipline and Race
  2. Teacher Describes an American High School: "Chaos"
  3. White teacher Black School A day in the life of violence, chaos and ignorance
  4. Award winning teacher Kerstin Westcott's resignation speech in Green Bay School
  5. Teacher Kerstin Westcott's followup speech about violence in Green Bay school
  6. Teacher Quits Over Dangerous Students


Year in Nonwhite NYC School Cures Liberal

One year of teaching in a nonwhite New York school turned Ed Boland, a raving liberal in that city, into someone who “loathed and despised” the “students” he had set out to help—and convinced him that they are irredeemably at the bottom of the social heap.
The astonishing story of Boland’s exposure to the chaos that has become the US public school system, following the massive growth of America’s Third World population, is the subject of a book he has just published, titled The Battle for Room 314: My Year of Hope and Despair in a New York City High School.[...]
The NY Post article, titled “My year of terror and abuse teaching at a NYC high school,

Due to Press code & apa style books the media don't report white victimization by Blacks,  Turks, Muslims, immigrants and other "historically underprivileged" minorities. 

Code of Silence

Sincerity, good faith, honesty

If school statistics are hard to come by, police and court statistics about adolescent crime clearly shows which ethnicities and races are prone to violence.

Honest science and reporting can probably show the racist truth that Black/Hispanic schools have lots more violence than white schools.

Busing white children into violent high crime ghetto schools is probably child abuse.  Whites in white schools probably have a very low level of serious violence. It is likely that Whites in Black schools are victimized even more than Blacks.  &&data needed&& 

See also Hate: Anti-Racists incite riots and hate

It is bad enough that Black schools have an enormous amount of Black vs. Black violence.  That issue probably needs a racist solution:

 Black schools probably need other discipline than white schools.  Here, too, Human Rights 4 Criminals is unconcerned with the suffering of the well behaved or physically weaker students.  Severe punishment of misbehavior, and separation of well behaved and criminally misbehaving students is needed.  By normal civilized adult measures, violent beatings, threats are felonies.


Obama/Holder: balance punishment by race

Anti-racist policy gravely aggravates the problem: Punish more Asian and White Students demands the Obama government. 

This policy is based on the Equality Dogma. All Races are Equal. All student races are supposed to be equal and disciplined in equal proportions.

Anti-Scientific Anti-Racism ignores all proof to the contrary, that youths of different races have vastly different crime rates.


Black Congresswoman: School Discipline Is Racist

Many progressives want to undermine discipline in schools. California recently eliminated elementary and middle school suspensions for “willful defiance.” President Barack Obama’s administration pressured school districts to reduce the racial disparity in suspensions. If they didn’t, the feds could investigate them.
One district that followed the Obama administration’s orders was Florida’s Broward County. This district replaced many of its punitive measures with counselling and therapy. Violent crime rose. The new policies probably prevented officials from stopping the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter, Nikolas Cruz. He escaped arrest despite his violent record because of lenient policies. If he had had a criminal record, he couldn’t have bought a rifle.
The Anti-Defamation League suggested Mr. Cruz was “sympathetic to white supremacist ideology.” Therefore, in its yearly report, it blamed a killing arguably enabled by progressive policies on the “right wing.”
If Rep. Pressley gets her way, there will be more horrors. She and her “squad” can’t admit that blacks and browns are disciplined more than whites because they misbehave more often. If this bill is passed, Rep. Pressley’s faith-based crusade will sacrifice student safety on the altar of equality.

And in France

The increasing violence that afflicts our schools, an unheard-of phenomenon in most other countries of the Western world resulting entirely from the actions of young people of Afro-Arab origin, is also the harbinger of our society’s deep-seated splintering.
In 2017, a total of 442 violent incidents occurred on a daily basis in French schools or right outside their premises, with 30% of them involving physical violence and 3% the actual use of weapons. Those who perpetrated these acts were, in 95% of all cases, of Arab and African descent, a figure that one can verify by going through the press and checking the surnames of those responsible for these aggressions (provided that they are revealed, of course). Could this ever be chalked up to mere coincidence?
According to the French Ministry of the Interior, 27% of those that were accused of committing acts of sexual violence in 2017 were minors, which is a considerable percentage. When it comes to violent offences as a whole, underaged perpetrators represent as much as one third. And what is extremely worrying is that 10% were less than thirteen years old. There has also been an increase in the number of delinquent and violent girls. I suppose there is no need for me to specify their origins, is there?
These offenders are no longer afraid of the police and thus proceed to provoke and challenge them, knowing perfectly well, and in advance, that our justice system’s hands are bound by the ‘humanistic’ ideology and laws guaranteeing the impunity of minors and could never impose any real punishment upon them.
Faye, Guillaume. Ethnic Apocalypse (Kindle Locations 1144-1156). Arktos Media Ltd.. Kindle Edition.


The Post-Dispatch finally figured out who is responsible for the relentless violence and mayhem in black schools in Ferguson, MO: The white teachers.

One of the white teachers described the widespread violence against her and her colleagues: “One of the girls pulled out some dog repellent pepper spray,” said Dawn Baldesi, as she tried to break up a large scale brawl. “She sprayed me in the face, in my hair, on my arms. And I went into a major asthma attack.”
Teachers are afraid of two things, said Baldesi: One, the students. Two, the administration that will retaliate against them if they tell the truth about classroom violence.

Fear of Racism, the code of silence, the root of these problems.

Many of these same school officials say white people have no business in black classrooms.

How Left-Racist. Imagine Flipping Race to show inequality:

"black teachers have no business in white class rooms" would be inconceivably racist!

[...] Here is what white teachers in Baltimore do understand: They are the targets of frequent black-on-white crime during school hours —and their own union leaders often blame them and excuse the people committing the violence.
In Elgin, Illinois, the black school board voted in March 2014 to stop hiring white teachers and hire more black teachers: “It is important that students have teachers who look like them,” remarked Vilma Sept, chairwoman of the U46 African-American advisory council, to the Courier News. [...]
Many teacher beat-downs at the hands of black students are caught on video: Here’s one from Upper Darby from last October: More than 70 black students were fighting and when the black adminstrator tried to break it up, the students turned on him. They fractured his skull.
Milwaukee has the same problem. The headlines from 2014 tell the story: “Teachers assaulted by students.”
How about Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania? There a teacher breaking up a large fight earlier this year among black students was attacked and sent to the hospital. "We see more and more of this every day now in all of our schools,” a local police officer told the Pahoma Page.


Schools: Minority Violence


Blacks in the US, and many migrants in Europe have vastly higher criminality than Whites &&&



End of summary

Supporting texts and links follow below

You can search on your own on PIGS: Politically Incorrect Google Search [?]

Due to Press code & apa style books such truths must be hidden, in order not to incite prejudice.

It is thus to be expected that students show similar patterns.  Minorities are more violent and media and schools keep it a secret.

In Euskirchen in Germany, a 12 year old student was nearly killed by a 12 year old colleague of unknown national background. [1,2].  Rumors are the perpetrator has been violent before, and the school has a general violence problem. "Children" under 14 have no criminal responsibility.

In Germany, minors MUST go to school, they can not escape violence.


Bullying and violence by minority children in schools is even more a secret than adult crimes




No Thug Left Behind [Amren]

City Journal, Katherine Kersten, February 2017

In the Obama years, America’s public education system embarked on a vast social experiment that threatened to turn schools into educational free-fire zones. The campaign—carried out in the name of “racial equity”—sought to reduce dramatically the suspension rate of black students, who get referred for discipline at much higher rates than other students. From the top down, the U.S. Department of Education drove the effort; from the bottom up, local educational bureaucrats have supported and implemented it.
“Racial equity” has become the all-purpose justification for dubious educational policies. Equity proponents view “disparate impact”—when the same policies yield different outcomes among demographic groups—as conclusive proof of discrimination. On the education front, “equity” does not seek equal treatment for all students. Instead, it demands statistical equivalence in discipline referrals and suspensions for students of every racial group, regardless of those students’ actual conduct.
Equity advocates’ central premise is that teachers, not students, are to blame for the racial-equity discipline gap. They claim that teachers’ biases, cultural ignorance, or insensitivity are the gap’s primary causes. The key to eliminating disparities, they maintain, is to change not students’ but adults’ behavior. Equity supporters justify their agenda on grounds that the racial-equity discipline gap severely hampers black students’ chances of success in life. Kids who get suspended generally fail to graduate on time and are more likely to get caught up in the juvenile-justice system, they say. [...]
Demographically, the St. Paul schools are about 32 percent Asian, 30 percent black, 22 percent white, 14 percent Hispanic, and 2 percent Native American. In 2009–10, 15 percent of the district’s black students were suspended at least once—five times more than white students and about 15 times more than Asian students. In Silva’s view, equity required that the black student population be excluded from school at no more than twice the rate of Asian-Americans, the group with the lowest rate of suspensions.
Silva attacked the racial-equity discipline gap at its alleged root: “white privilege.” Teachers unfairly punish minority students for “largely subjective” behaviors, such as “defiance, disrespect and disruption,” she told the Minneapolis Star Tribune in 2012. To overcome their biases, teachers must learn “a true appreciation” of their students’ cultural “differences” and how these can “impact interactions in the classroom,” she said. [...]
In 2013, Silva made a final policy change. In the name of equity, she sent thousands of special-education students with “emotional and behavioral disorders”—disproportionately black—into mainstream classrooms. Teachers received no extra support to deal with this unprecedented challenge.
We have a segment of kids who consider themselves untouchable,” said one veteran teacher as the 2015–16 school year began. At the city’s high schools, teachers stood by helplessly as rowdy packs of kids—who came to school for free breakfast, lunch, and WiFi—rampaged through the hallways. “Classroom invasions” by students settling private quarrels or taking revenge for drug deals gone bad became routine. “Students who tire of lectures simply stand up and leave,” reported City Pages. “They hammer into rooms where they don’t belong, inflicting mischief and malice on their peers.” The first few months of the school year witnessed riots or brawls at Como Park, Central, Humboldt, and Harding High Schools—including six fights in three days at Como Park. Police had to use chemical irritants to disperse battling students.
“We are seeing more violence and more serious violence,” warned Steve Linders, a St. Paul police spokesman. “Fights at schools that might have been between two individuals are growing into fights between several individuals or even melees involving up to 50 people.” In September, a massive brawl erupted at Como Park High School. Police had to call for backup, as “the scene became very chaotic with many people fighting,” Linders said. “These are not . . . a couple of individuals squaring off with the intent of solving their private dispute,” teacher Roy Magnuson told the Pioneer Press. “These are kids trying to outnumber and attack.” In October 2015, 30 to 40 students clashed in a stairwell at Humboldt High School. Police tried to break up the brawl, as staff strained to hold a door closed to prevent dozens of students from forcing their way through to join the fight.


School Bullying anecdotal stories

There must be millions of bullying victims.


Who Is Bullying Whom in Ethnically Diverse Primary Schools? [Amren]

This study investigated associations between ethnicity, ethnic diversity, and bullying among 739 pupils enrolled in their last year of primary school. Hypotheses derived from social misfit and inter-ethnic relations theories were tested using the multilevel p2 model. Our key findings were: (1) inter- and intra-ethnic bullying are just as common in ethnically heterogeneous as in homogeneous classes; (2) pupils belonging to the Turkish and Moroccan minority groups bully significantly more than native Dutch (in particular according to victims); the chance to be victimized does not depend on the ethnic background of the pupil; (3) the prevalence of inter- and intra-ethnic bullying depends on the level of ethnic diversity in the class; inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic bullying increase with increasing levels of ethnic diversity.
► Inter-ethnic bullying is not more common than intra-ethnic bullying in ethnically diverse Dutch primary schools.

That is a polite way to say that Moroccans are just as violent among themselves as against whites.

► Pupils belonging to the Turkish and Moroccan minority groups bully significantly more than native Dutch.
► The chance to be victimized does not depend on the ethnic background of the pupil.
Inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic bullying increase with increasing levels of ethnic diversity [Original Article]


Chinese Girl in the Ghetto

It is a veey serious issue

Chinese Girl in the Ghetto
Posted on October 23, 2014 by jewamongyou
My friend at Diversity Chronicle just sent me a copy of Chinese Girl in the Ghetto by Ying Ma. I found it to be riveting – as evidenced by the fact that I finished it in one sitting.
One of the Amazon reviews states that the author highlights racial tension in the Bay Area’s lower-income neighborhoods between blacks and Asians. This might be accurate, if by “tension” we mean a one-sided onslaught of callousness, abuse and hatred by blacks and Hispanics against Asians.
Ma describes ongoing  black-on-Asian abuse in the introduction, where she writes (pg. xii):
Then the year 2010 arrived and brought forth multiple crimes that forced me to look at my book project in a wholly different light.

In April, two black teenagers punched a Chinese immigrant, 59-year-old Tian Sheng Yu, in the mouth in downtown Oakland. He fell on his head, spend the next few days in critical care, and subsequently died. The same two teenagers assaulted the victim’s 27-year-old son before and after they assaulted the father. Between late March and early April of the same year, five black teenagers assailed five older Asian women, including one who was 71 years old, on separate occasions in or near a public housing project on the Lower East Side of New York City. In late March, five black teenagers surrounded a 57-year-old Asian woman at a light rail bus stop in San Francisco; one of them grabbed her and threw her from the platform onto the rails before beating her. In January, black teenagers kicked and beat 83-year-old Huan Chen after he got off the same bus stop. He, too, died from his injuries.

Some of the perpetrators, like those who attacked Mr. Huan Chen, demanded money before they ran off laughing. Most, however, acted for no apparent reason aside from the satisfaction of perpetrating a beating.

After the attacks, an uncomfortable question stared everyone in the face: What role had racism played in motivating the attacks? In response, local officials and local media bent over backwards to deny or discount the issue of race…

Later (pgs.81,82), she describes her first experience with casual black theft, when other students stole her treasured, and sentimental, pen from her. She writes:
In the ghetto, however, I could not count on my classmates to know right from wrong, nor could I count on the adults to ferret out fault and dispense punishment. Standing in a church with less than a month under my belt in this new country, I clutched a stubby No. 2 pencil that I did not want, far away from my friends who would have never subjected me to the same display of shamelessness. Instead of my former classmates’ familiar faces, I now saw panhandlers who refused to take no for an answer, thieves who stole my belongings, and thugs who harassed my grandmother.
Others have already written about the problem of black on Asian crime. What this book brings to the table is, in my opinion, an excellent first-hand account of a young, naive, civilized person’s first encounter with savages. It also presents a thought-provoking comparison between two brutal, and failed, big-government approaches to social problems. I’ll quote another Amazon reviewer, M.J.R.:
But at a deeper level, it is a fascinating anecdotal account of the the unintended results of government planning in two very different societies
Indeed. Ma’s account of the heavy-handed way communist Chinese schools dealt with students (pgs. 35-40) should make American students treasure the freedoms they have, while her account of her aunt’s forced abortion (pg. 101) is a tearjerker. While tales of black racism, against Asians, are abundant, Ma does not delve into their root causes, other than to state (pg. 82):
I hated the three thieves. I hated their poverty, which had inspired them to covet my possession and conspired with them to take it from me. I hated their parents, who had failed to teach them that being poor was no excuse to steal.
But there can be little doubt that Ma is acutely aware of the fact that liberal government policies have taken normal black dysfunctions and magnified them considerably. [Continue at Chinese Girl in the Ghetto]

My first experiences with diversity

Posted on April 1, 2010 by jewamongyou
I was a small skinny boy of 11 when the powers that be decided to advance their political goals by busing white kids to black schools and black schools to white schools.  At the time, we lived in Inglewood, California and our part of Inglewood was still white.  The school bus would take me across Inglewood to a group of three schools, all right next to each other: an elementary school, a junior high school and a high school.
From the start, things were different for me – and not in a good sort of way.  I found myself bullied as never before and being chased around campus.  My memories of the first three years in those ghetto schools (they were over 90% black) are fuzzy but I’ll never forget the events of my last few months of Morningside Highschool.
Threats and taunts had become an almost daily occurrence but my experience in Latin class was especially noteworthy.  Our instructor was a holocaust survivor.  A Polish Catholic who probably had many tales to tell and who would have made our class a fascinating one – except for the fact that he was terrified of his own “students”.  Clearly, he had experienced abuse similar to what I had experienced.  It bothered me to contemplate an old man, who had already gone through so much suffering in his life, being tormented by the feral animals that passed for “students”.
[…].  When they started the next election, it was obvious that I, as the only non-black remaining, would be selected.  Indeed I was.  For the rest of class that day, I was subject to objects being thrown at me, getting gum stuck in my hair and incessant taunts.  All this was right in front of our teacher – who feared too much for his own safety to do anything about it.
The moment class was over, and I stepped outside, they were all waiting for me.  Nearly 30 blacks stood around me slapping me, throwing things at me, insulting me with racial slurs and threatening me.  More blacks joined in from other classes.  It was a true mob attack – but I showed no fear at all.  By then I’d learned that showing fear only makes matters worse so I kept steadily walking.  One of them said, “those Mexican sho is cool (back then “cool” meant fearless)!”  Over the course of a few minutes, the mob started to disperse and I was approaching my next class.  Just then, a stone whizzed past my head just missing me and hitting the wall in front of me with a loud thump.
Up to that point I had not told my parents about the abuse I was subject to at school.  This time I had no choice but to tell them; I could not return to that class.[...]
While not all the blacks in those ghetto schools were violent and hateful, enough were to make the experience one that I would not wish on any child.  This was my childhood experience with diversity – and it’s the story I recently told a large group of fellow employees at our mandatory “diversity training”.




Refugee children grope 11 year old girl, and are known to beat and spit at school mates.

Rapefugee-Kinder grapschen und schlägern

Among adults battery would be a felony. But children have to put up with such behavior and are legally mandated to return to such schools.

This is refugee privilege/black privilege.  Imagine white kids ganging up on Blacks school kids, beating and spitting. There would be serious repercution.

Equally, in a non-diverse white or German-only-school such behavior would not be tolerated.    

Violence against Teachers

Teachers Flee PA's Nonwhite Schools – The New Observer

newobserveronline.com/teachers-flee-violence-in-pa-capitals-97-nonwhite- schools/

Nov 21, 2017 ... Around 50 teachers have resigned in the last three months from ... PA, school district, after being forced to flee massed group violencefrom ...

Moroccan youth assaults teacher


Jan 27, 2005 ... Most do not finish their school education and there are many stories about violence against teachers. The teachers do not receive any support ...

What Public School Teachers Face | The American Conservative


Apr 28, 2014 ... The survey revealed that 60 percent of teachers say they have experienced an increase in violence or threats from students and 41 percent ...

Study: Foreign Background Children Responsible for Rise in ...

https://www.amren.com/.../study-foreign-background-children-responsible- for-rise-in-german-youth-violence/


Apr 5, 2018 ... Heinz-Peter Meidinger, President of the German Teachers' Association, has blamed mass migration for the rise in violence and anti-Semitism, ...


Ideologie trifft Wirklichkeit: Die staatlich verordnete „Willkommenskultur“ zerreißt unsere Schulen

6. Bald darauf wurde ein Brief des Kollegiums der Gemeinschaftsschule Bruchwiese in Saarbrücken bekannt. Die Saarbrücker Zeitung hat ihn am 13. Dezember 2017 zum Aufmacher gemacht und getitelt: „Dramatischer Hilferuf von Saarbrücker Lehrern“. Dort ist von folgenden Zuständen die Rede: physische und verbale Gewalt gegen Mitschüler und Lehrer, Messerattacken, schwere Körperverletzungen, Drogen, Alkohol seien Alltag. Wörtlich: „Viele Kolleginnen haben Angst, bestimmte Schüler zu unterrichten.“ Es kommt hinzu, dass sich die saarländische Schulpolitik der Ideologie der Totalinklusion verschrieb und damit Schüler mit extremem sonderpädagogischem Förderbedarf in Regelklassen gesteckt hat.
7. Den Autor dieses Beitrages erreichen zudem regelmäßig drastische Schilderungen. Zum Beispiel: „Migrantenkinder haben ein exorbitantes Selbstbewusstsein. Fast alle Schülerinnen sind der Überzeugung, dass sie kurz vor der Anstellung als Tierärztin oder Architektin stehen. Dabei reicht es nicht einmal für den Hauptschulabschluss. Zu diesem Selbstbewusstsein gesellt sich ein ausgeprägter Nehmermodus – unterstützt durch verständnisvolle Rechtsanwälte.“
8. Oder ein anderes Beispiel: „Es sind nicht nur die Eltern, die ihre Kinder vom Lernen abhalten, sondern die Imame in den Moscheen, die eine Lernbereitschaft als obsolet erscheinen lassen. Das deutsche Bildungsangebot ist für sie entbehrlich, weil es in absehbarer Zeit abgelöst werde von Instanzen des Koran. Wozu dann Anstrengungen für Minderwertiges?“
9. An der Paul-Simmel-Grundschule in Berlin-Tempelhof wurde eine jüdische Schülerin von muslimischen Mitschülern mit dem Tode bedroht, weil sie nicht an Allah glaube. „Keine Einzelfälle“, sagt sogar die bildungspolitische Sprecherin der SPD-Fraktion im Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus, Maja Lasic. Richtig: An der Ernst-Reuter-Schule in Berlin-Gesundbrunnen wurde ein 18-jähriger jüdischer Gymnasiast von einer muslimischen Mitschülerin mit der Aussage konfrontiert: „Hitler war gut! Denn er hat Juden umgebracht.“ Der Schüler konnte in der Folge aus Sicherheitsgründen nicht mehr auf den Pausenhof.
10. In einem neuen Buch („Lehrer am Limit. Warum die Integration scheitert“) beschreibt Ingrid Freimuth sehr anschaulich, wie sich muslimische Schüler allen Regeln überlegen fühlen. Zum Beispiel dass ein muslimischer Junge einer Lehrerin in den Lehrerkittel schnäuzte und – darauf angesprochen – seine Reaktion war: „Ich stech‘ dich ab.“ Siehe dazu auch das Interview in der „Welt“.


Theatervorführung in Berlin: Zwei Schüler mit Messer bedroht [tagesspiegel]

Gewalt im Admiralspalast Schüler mit Messer bedroht: Verdächtige sind nicht strafmündig
„school’s out, join the fun!“ So wirbt das Berliner „Theater Strahl“ auf seiner Internetseite für das Theaterstück „Klasse Tour
Die Sekundarschule liegt in einer der sozial schwierigsten Gegenden Berlins in Gesundbrunnen und kämpft seit langem um eine höhere Akzeptanz. Aufgrund der großen Probleme wurde sie in das „Turnaround-Programm“ der Bosch-Stiftung aufgenommen. Mehr als 87 Prozent der Schüler sind nichtdeutscher Herkunft.


Die tägliche Angst

MSM media reports: school violence in Germany is increasing hides the fact that ethnic Germans in schools get terrorized by groups of refugees and other foreigners.

This is similar, or worse, to US school violence by Blacks.

Compare also Prison Rape avoided by segregation

Es ist ein Fall, wie er an deutschen Schulen mittlerweile fast zum traurigen Alltag geworden ist. Zwei Schüler einer Neubrandenburger Gesamtschule werden außerhalb des Schulgebäudes von fünf syrischen Jugendlichen im Alter zwischen 14 und 18 angepöbelt und zusammengeschlagen. Mehr noch als die Verletzungen, wegen denen die beiden 15- und 16jährigen am Donnerstag behandelt werden mußten, zeigt der Fall eines: die Unsicherheit an deutschen Schulen für einheimische Kinder nimmt immer weiter zu.
Doch nur selten nennen die Polizeidienststellen so klar Roß und Reiter wie in diesem Fall. Opfer Deutsche, Täter Ausländer. Liest man entsprechende Berichte aus anderen Bundesländern, erschöpfen sich Angaben häufig in Sätzen wie „Gewalt an Schulen steigt“ oder „Immer mehr Jugendliche neigen zu Gewalt“. Man muß schon zwischen den Zeilen lesen, um sich dann dem Kern der Sache zu nähern.
AfD: Nase voll von Kuscheljustiz
Der asylpolitische Sprecher der AfD-Fraktion im Landtag von Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Enrico Komning, selbst aus Neubrandenburg, redet gegenüber der JUNGEN FREIHEIT zu dem Fall an der „Vier Tore“-Gesamtschule Klartext: „Es ist eine riesige Sauerei, daß unsere Kinder mitten am Tag von Ausländern drangsaliert, bepöbelt und geschlagen werden. Die Täter sind unverzüglich abzuschieben. Die Leute haben die Nase voll von Kuscheljustiz und den ständigen Verharmlosungen.“ Den Opfern wünsche er eine schnelle Genesung, den Tätern „einen schnellen Heimflug“.
Im Mai hatte der Fall einer Grundschule in Hannover deutschlandweit für Schlagzeilen gesorgt. Eltern haben dort Protokolle über die tägliche Gewalt geführt: Bandenkriege, Schläge, Beleidigungen. Auf die Eltern der tatverdächtigen Schüler brauchte dort niemand zu hoffen: „Ich stech dich ab“, soll ein Vater laut dem Bericht der Bild-Zeitung einer Lehrerin gedroht haben, die mit ihm über das Fehlverhalten seiner Kinder sprechen wollte. 90 Prozent der Schüler dort: Migranten.
In Forchheim war es im März eine Gruppe von rund 15 Personen gewesen, die am Rande eines Schulkonzerts Schüler der oberfränkischen Mittelschule verprügelten. Bisher gelang es der Polizei, nur einen Täter aus der Gruppe dingfest zu machen: einen 17jährigen Asylbewerber. Im schleswig-holsteinischen Schwarzenbek drangsalierte im vergangenen Jahr ebenfalls eine Gruppe von 15 Asylbewerberkindern ihre Mitschüler.

Die erlebten am vergangenen Freitag nach Ende des Konzerts die 2017er Neuauflage eines „Come Together“ der schmerzhaften Art, „als sich eine Gruppe von etwa 15 jungen Personen unter die Menschenmenge mischte, woraufhin es zu handfesten Auseinandersetzungen mit den bereits anwesenden Jugendlichen kam“, so der nichtssagende Bericht der Polizei.
„Übler Beigeschmack“
Von der möglichen Identität der Täter steht in der Pressemitteilung nichts. Erst auf Nachfrage der Nürnberger Nachrichten gibt das Polizeipräsidium Oberfranken an, daß es sich bei einem der Täter um einen 17jährigen Asylbewerber aus Forchheim handelte, der zur Tatzeit betrunken war. Über die Identität der anderen Personen schweigt sich die Polizei aus, will sich auch auf Nachfrage der JUNGEN FREIHEIT nicht dazu äußern. Fünf Jugendliche zwischen 16 und 18 Jahren erlitten Verletzungen. Die Situation war offenbar so eskaliert, daß die Forchheimer Polizei Verstärkung aus dem 18 Kilometer entfernten Erlangen anfordern mußte. [source]

Wiener Lehrerin bricht ihr Schweigen | Youtube

Vienna teacher talks about her experience with majority Muslim immigrant students

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„Mehr Straftaten an Schulen: Die Polizei im Saarland registrierte 2017 insgesamt 579 „Delikte im Zusammenhang mit Schulen“, wie das Landespolizeipräsidium in Saarbrücken auf Anfrage mitteilte. Dies waren 88 Fälle mehr als im Vorjahr und 218 mehr als 2015. Meistens ging es um „Rohheitsdelikte“ und Straftaten gegen die persönliche Freiheit, vor allem Körperverletzung.“






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