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Flipping Race #1 to show inequality

Flipping-the-race in a news story is a powerful method to see the blatant unequal treatment, the unequal rights that the Races have in today's anti-racist PC world. 

Imagine "White Lives Matter", "White congressional Caucus", "Whites demand safe spaces at Universities"

Press code & apa style books demand that "minority" criminals have their race hidden. On the other hand, minority victims of white perpetrators (or mere self defense) become world news.

Feminists and Anti-feminists alike used such gender-switching to show gender inequality: "He was drunk, so his consent to sex was invalid. Thus the woman raped him". &&& link

See also Flipping race #2 to notice left-racist unequal treatment



See also Black Lies Matter - Blacks Lives Matter is a lie

Black Lives Matter Lies

Black Lives Matter

Black Privilege

Black Thugs Matter: Glorification of Felons

Whites riot and loot in response to Black killing of a White man
You immediately know this is not true. Blacks kill whites all the time, with obvious criminal intent, with almost zero repercussion. Main stream media and government conspires to hide evidence of Black crime, while desperately seeking for the great white defendantto focus on [Source: HS]

Flipping gender in PC fashion



White Pride, Black Pride



White Lives Matter

Flipping race for "Black Lives Matter" clearly shows the unequal rights.

"Black Lives Matter" is not only ok, it is great. "All lives matter" is racist. "Blue (police) lives matter" is racist. "White lives matter" would be unimaginable!


German Hooligan invades Mosque in Saudi Arabia, breaks furniture and glass

He did it because he is a Christian, he stated. The Imam decided not to press charges. Police decides it is not a religious hate crime.

Of course you know this is not true.

Afghan man breaks furniture in Christian Church in Germany



Justified violence

In a talk show, a black guy offended a racist Aryan Youth. The nazi got up, closed in on Blacks and threatened to punch and kick them. Applause by the spectators.  Then he choked an unarmed non-violent non-threatening Black.

Shocking? No, justified violence.

I flipped the races. The Black guy choked the Nazi for calling the Black guy an "Uncle Tom".

See Violence by Anti-Racists is justified

Nach brutaler Überfallserie: Polizei warnt – »Lassen Sie keine Ausländer bei sich arbeiten«

Men are taller than women. This is a very sexist statement. It creates prejudice and hate against women. Height also is socially constructed.


German Judoka refuses to shake Israeli figher's hand[Welt]

This would be a world wide scandal. Immediate expulsion and a likely jail term in Germany. Headlines in most of the word's newspapers. Chancellor Merkel would personally apologize.

German Judoka refuses to shake Black Muslim figher's hand

But the headline is only

Egyptian Judoka refuses to shake Israeli figher's hand[Welt]

This is a littel shocking, but not much

Egyptian Judoka refuses to shake German figher's hand[Welt] would be a non-issue.



"Journal of Whites in Higher Education"?

 Unthinkable. Racist. But

"Journal of Blacks in Higher Education" [1] is ok.


Call This Disgusting Attack Exactly What It Is: A Trump-Hating Race Crime, Daily Mail 0 Comments Piers Morgan points out the disgraceful double standards.

Imagine for a moment that a young black man with special needs had been kidnapped, abused and tortured by a gang of smirking white youths?
Imagine watching a video of this black man’s horrific ordeal streamed live on Facebook?
Imagine seeing and hearing the white assailants systematically torment their black victim, physically and mentally?
Imagine watching them kicking him, punching him, scalping him and flicking burning cigarette ash on the wounds they inflicted with their vicious, sustained assault?
Imagine hearing one of them shouting ‘F**k Barack Obama! F**k black people!’ as they did so?
Then imagine the video of all this emerging and hitting TV screens and news websites across America.
All hell would rightly have broken loose.


But it was Blacks assailing a white diabled person. So it is not clear if it was a hate crime.




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