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Corporal Punishment Saves Lives and Schools

Old fashioned corporal punishment could save dysfunctional multicultural schools.

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Washington Post: White racists picking on black students for no reason WHATSOEVER.

Sending a white child into a majority Black school is child abuse (Colin Flaherty)

Many schools are out of control. Fights, riots, mobbing, theft, extorsions, sexual harassment, rapes, grave bodily harm and rapes happen in some schools.

See School Bullying

Note that School Bullying includes abuse and beatings of teachers, too.

It is Whites, East Asians and other well behaved non-violent groups are especially targeted by violent "minorities".

See also Black Privilege

(Disclaimer: sure, minority" students also get victimized)

Human rights for criminals, the human dignity of transgressors, supersede human rights for non-criminals, or police officers, who wish not to be exposed to criminal attacks.

See No Human Rights for non-criminals

Human Rights 4 Criminals

Our society tolerates large scale rioting and looting that can destroy cities and neighborhoods forever (Detroit riots). For example, black neighborhoods that remain without drug stores and grocery stores, and become "food deserts".

We Used to Shoot Looters #1

We Used to Shoot Looters #2



Human Rights 4 Criminals are compounded by the rights of the underaged: in many countries laws about the age of criminal responsibility let 12 year olds get away with murder, without legal consequences.


Our thesis is meant to be thought provoking, we are not wholeheartely supporting corporal punishment.

But good, well behaved students are already exposed to corporal punishment by bullying student thugs. School authorities and government are not fulfilling their duty to protect the innocent. Exposing young children to a violent environment is very wrong

See School Bullying

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  1. Colin Flaherty: School Discipline and Race
  2. Teacher Describes an American High School: "Chaos"
  3. White teacher Black School A day in the life of violence, chaos and ignorance
  4. Award winning teacher Kerstin Westcott's resignation speech in Green Bay School
  5. Teacher Kerstin Westcott's followup speech about violence in Green Bay school
  6. Teacher Quits Over Dangerous Students
  7. Mom's blog about white kids in black schools goes viral


Corporal Punishment

Prohibition of corporal punishment is another white European invention that has been forced upon other populations of the world.

See Anti-Racists are ethnocentric white supremacists

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Heftige Kritik: AfD in Sachsen-Anhalt verteilt "Gewalt durch ...

Schulen, Ämter, Kliniken – Explodierende Gewalt zerstört den ...

Kindheit in Afrika. Keimzelle von Instabilität und Gewalt? — der Freitag :
in Cameron 97% of female students suffered physical violence, [ World Report on Violence against Children, 2006, S. 117)  ]

Corporal punishment has been shunned and outlawed for all, children, students, and adults, in most modern Western countries [1]

Maybe such respect for human dignity of transgressors works for European Whites, or East Asiana and other high IQ low crime populations..

But why do these Europan Whites think that their laws and habits are universal and need to beforced upon Africans, Arabs and other populations?

See Anti-Racists are ethnocentric white supremacists

Corporal punishment has been common in schools, world wide, until recently. We don't believe that teachers and students were terrorized by criminal behavior of students, during these times.


New Study Finds Spanking Is Good for Kids

 [...] the finding of a study conducted by psychology professor Marjorie Gunnoe at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. FoxNews.com reports on the story, writing, “According to the research, children spanked up to the age of 6 were likely as teenagers to perform better at school and were more likely to carry out volunteer work and to want to go to college than their peers who had never been physically disciplined.”
This may come as a relief to parents who don’t wish to spare the rod, but have been accosted with numerous studies stating just the opposite. But how do we reconcile these contradictory findings? Well, perhaps the answer is that the previous scientific studies weren’t very scientific. Fox points out that, in the past, such research was lacking because it was difficult in more traditional times to find subjects who had never been spanked. In contrast, Professor Gunnoe included 2600 such individuals in her study.
[...] on television addressing a certain woman’s psychological problems. She had said that she derived sexual excitement from being humiliated and provided some quite salacious details. Well, Pinsky’s response was to ask if she had ever been struck as a child, to which she answered in the affirmative. He then in effect said, “Aha! You see, I knew it.” The problem was that this show aired at least 10 years ago and the woman was approximately 25 years old, so the days of her “trauma” were about 30 years back. Now, how many people growing up then never, ever — not even once — endured corporal punishment? You might as well have asked her if she had ever eaten carrots and then blamed her problems on beta carotene exposure.
We should bear this in mind when hearing claims used to justify anti-spanking laws, such as the prohibitions they have in Sweden and certain localities in the United States. Professor Gunnoe says that such claims are untenable and just don’t accord with the data. [continue at New Study Finds Spanking Is Good for Kids]


With corporal punishment, too, different approaches transmit different messages. I’m not the first to point out that it should never be administered in a spirit of anger, as this sends a message to the effect of: I have more power and authority than you, so I can take out my frustrations on you. If, however, the punishment is delivered in a cool, sober fashion, the message is quite different. After all, the child has to think (on some level), “Wow, my parents aren’t angry, so they must be doing this for some other reason.” The message then is simply: You’ve done something wrong, and this is the consequence. [Source]
I disagree, I think reasonable anger can be a motivation.

Introduction to spanking: (We recommend reading these essays first)


The Case for Corporal Punishment [archive]

We have been unable to locate any credible research material that recommends corporal punishment of children.

This is the problem of political correctness. Research counter to the official doctrine would be academic suicide.

The material that we have found indicates that it is ineffective and counter-productive. However, punishment is recommended in the Bible.
The phrase "spare the rod and spoil the child" is often incorrectly attributed to the Christian Bible. It was first written in a poem by Samuel Butler in 1664.
All of the Biblical quotations advocating corporal punishment of children are taken from the book of Proverbs in the King James Version of the Bible. They were written by King Solomon, and presumably described his parenting beliefs with respect to his son Rehoboam

Dr. Ralph Welsh, who has given psychological exams to over 2,000 delinquents has said:

"...it is now apparent that the recidivist male delinquent who was never struck with a belt, board, extension cord, fist, or an equivalent is virtually nonexistent. Even after 10 years, the full impact of this discovery is still difficult to comprehend."
"As the severity of corporal punishment in the delinquent's developmental history increases, so does the probability that he will engage in a violent act." 3
"I have yet to see a repeat male delinquent that wasn't raised on a belt, board, cord, or fist."
Correlation is not causation. The delinquent might have a genetically inherited propensity to violence, the same violence that caused parents to spank in exaggeration. The delinquent also might have behaved badly, which incited the desperate parents to resort to corporal punishment.

An alternative solution.

We are being provocative.

A less radical way would be tried and proven segregation of students by performance and disciplinary behavior

Well behaved high performing students stay in normal schools.

See Swiss High Schools

The under-performing and undisciplined students would be treated with boot camp rigor, get an old fashioned basic education.

These less intellectually inclined students probably would not be obliged to study for 18 years. In short, the old German/Swiss school system with several diversified tracks.


"Beat Your Kids" | Russell Peters - Outsourced

Stand-up comedy, but some truth in it


Punishment is effective?

Maybe the research attesting to the damages of spanking is shoddy, confuses correlation with causation (unruly crime prone children get spanked more often and also are more crime prone in adulthood)

It also would be a good project to search -for potential manipulation and falsification- the psychology literature that claims that reward works better than punishment.

Now Western countries become diverse and import populations that tend to be less law abiding and more criminal. Maybe our liberalism, human rights are no more befitting of a diverse society.

See also Human Rights 4 Criminals

No Human Rights for non-criminals

! Hearsay Disclaimer !


This is also an example of the anti-scientific attitude of anti-racists.

See Anti-Racism is Anti-Science

  1. Something that worked for centuries
    {(a) corporal punishment for students
    (b) segregation of students by talent, performance, and ddiscipline} is abolished, for a new experiment with uncertain results
  2. The new method kind of worked, maybe, but only in homogeneous societies.
  3. The new modern lenient no corporal punishment method obviously is NOT working in US black inner city schools, in German and Swedish Muslim majority schools.  They are a cesspool of crime intimidation, bullying, rape, terror, trauma, and inappropriate learning atmosphere. But nothing is done, and it would be a thought crime to consider workable solutions
    1. Evicting and separating students that don't behave, that don't obey rules and laws, or just don't perform well enough to pass tests according to tried and proven old standards, that would be racist (because of Disparate Impact). Keeping non-performing students in same class is so anti-science, so pure egalitarian ideology, even if only performed Within Race.  Compare this with Segregation by talent in sports and music
    2. Applying European discipline methods to European students, but tried and proven African and Arab school discipline and policing methods to African and Arab students, that would be so extremely racist, racial profiling etc.  
  4. No one protects victims, well behaved, hard working, ambitious, studious, law abiding students

Smacking Children 'Research'?

An insight into why it is that the research on 'smacking' is so utterly worthless.[...]
Will the further stresses that these parents might have to endure lead, statistically, to further violence, family breakdown or to a greater increased likelihood of 'abandonment' of the children - ranging from, "I can't be bothered any more," to "Let them watch the TV all evening," to "There is now such chaos in the apartment that the children will have to go into care."  [...]
2. The usual conclusions from the 'research' on smacking are completely invalid. They are worthless in that, at the very best, they only take into account the immediate effects on the child being smacked. They take no account of the long-term effects of denying parents the opportunity to smack as a sanction. They take no account of the parents themselves, of the other children in the family, of their personal situations, of the particular circumstances resulting in the smack, of the differences between children, or of the rest of society insofar as it might be seriously affected by having hordes of undisciplined children running around happily and wantonly growing up into relatively undisciplined adults. [...]
If, in three months time, Sally is angry that her mother won't allow her to go to the party and she telephones Child Line to report the earlier smacking incident, will the mother then be prosecuted? 

The Smacking Myths

Exposes some of the nonsense being promulgated by the child abuse industry when it comes to the issue of smacking.

Smacking Bottoms

An example of just how little the child professionals really care about children and their families.

NSPCC Shatters Its Own Child Abuse Myths

The NSPCC does some research and discovers that many of its own pronouncements were false.

The cost of humane punishment

Locking up people for years is an expensive endeavor.  Even the US can hardly afford to lock up a large percentage of its male Black youth.

Societies with low IQ high crime populations tend to be poorer. Thus they absolutely cannot afford that expensive penal system.

Syria cannot afford to dedicate 20 police officers to put a single likely terrorist under 24 hour surveilance, like Germany does. But even Germany could not prevent known "Gefährder"&&& Arnis Amri&& from executing his Berlin terror attack.

Furthermore, low IQ high impulsiveness people with low capacity for deferred gratification cannot easily be deterred by the prospects of a court conviction 2 years down to road. The immediate short term rewards of crime, of theft, robbery and rape are often more appealing. But the prospect of an instant sound police beating might scare them off. &&deserves more analysis&&&

It is worth discussing if a quick beating, like judicial caning in Singapore, is not a more humane punishment than taking away months and years of a person's life with a long prison term.

Some prisons are also intrinsically very inhumane

See also Prison Rape avoided by segregation

End of summary

Supporting texts and links follow below

You can search on your own on PIGS: Politically Incorrect Google Search [?]

Gedalia Braun’s Piece on Africans

A provocative hypothesis: Blacks thrive under tough law and order governments. They need such control to impose morality and control crime.

[...]Early American writings including I think Thomas Jefferson noted the same thing: they also said that Blacks were childlike.
The morality thing sort of makes sense. In situations where brute force enforces morality, Blacks do pretty well. I heard they do pretty well under Communism. Supposedly you could walk from one end to the other of Maputo in the middle of the night and no one would bother you. Maputo is the capital of Mozambique.

The above is opinion with lots of anecdotal evidence. Certainly such issues are amenable to empirical testing. But such research would be branded as racist.

That was under the Communist like government of Samora Machel, who is actually one of my heroes. Havana is the safest large city in the Americas and it is very Black. Blacks also do well under Islam. Reporters have gone to the parts of West Africa that are under Islam and they say that things are a lot smoother, less chaotic and far less crime ridden than in the non-Muslim countries like Sierra Leone and Liberia to the south.
I hear there are also many Blacks in Yemen, maybe up to 40%. They are light-skinned, but there is a lot of discrimination against them. Racially they look like Ethiopians, which is maybe what they are. They commit almost zero crime, even property crime.
Under both Islam and Communism, morality is for sure imposed from the outside in a pretty heavy handed way. It was similar in the typical African village or villages that was ruled by a king. I have heard that pre-1960, Nigeria was mostly a country of small rural villages. There was almost no crime in these villages.

Maybe it is true that most black crime and dysfunction can be solved by heavy handed tough law enforcement. 

Then, of course, black crime and mayhem is caused by leftist Whites, and Black Lives Matter for removing such control, already from early school onwards. It would also be an explanation why absence of a controlling father is so much more detrimental for Blacks than for Whites.

Not only was law enforcement pretty brutal, there was also a heavy shame factor involved similar to what we see with the Northeast Asians, who do not want to commit crimes or even do bad things in general because it will bring shame unto their families. Amazingly rural Africa was able to operate under the same shame-based morality as the Northeast Asians, yet the NE Asians are usually thought to be a “higher” race than Africans. So it looks like some of those things that make these “higher” races higher can actually be imported and be used by the “lower” races, which seems counterintuitive but is also hopeful.
[...] Under both Islam and Communism, morality is for sure imposed from the outside in a pretty heavy handed way. It was similar in the typical African village or villages that was ruled by a king. I have heard that pre-1960, Nigeria was mostly a country of small rural villages. There was almost no crime in these villages.
Not only was law enforcement pretty brutal, there was also a heavy shame factor involved similar to what we see with the Northeast Asians, who do not want to commit crimes or even do bad things in general because it will bring shame unto their families. Amazingly rural Africa was able to operate under the same shame-based morality as the Northeast Asians, yet the NE Asians are usually thought to be a “higher” race than Africans. So it looks like some of those things that make these “higher” races higher can actually be imported and be used by the “lower” races, which seems counterintuitive but is also hopeful.

There is a path to vastly improve Black dysfunctionality and crime. and Racism is the answer. Treat Blacks differently, treat Blacks according to Black cultural tradition, not according to white leftist ideology.

(provided the author is right, but unbiased science could test that).


See Correlation is not causation


In a 1996 study, the researchers reported that children who experience corporal punishment are more likely to become angry as adults, and also use spanking as a form of disciplining their own children. They have more tendency to strike their spouses, and experience marital discord. In another study, it was also similarly reported that children who receive corporal punishment may resort to more physical aggression, substance abuse, crime and violence later on in their lives. Read more: inquirer.net  

Consider another type of parenting effect — one that shows up in the news frequently — spanking. Not long ago, we examined the relationship between spanking and behavioral problems in children. Once we controlled for genetic transmission, there was no spanking effect in the way that most scholars think about spanking effects. Put another way, our evidence did not support the conclusion that spanking causes behavioral problems in the sense that most psychologists would argue. [Is crime genetic |Boston Globe]

Brazil's president Bolsonaro suggests military discipline in schools

Militarization of education: particularities and ...

Bolsonaro's proposal for education. During the 2018 presidential campaign, then candidate Jair Bolsonaro proposed the model of militarization of schools as the only way to solve the structural problems faced by the Brazilian educational system.

Bring Back the Lash

Why flogging is more humane than prison. [...]
Todays prison reformers and I wish them well tinker at the edges of a massive failed system. We need much more drastic action. To bring our incarceration back to a civilized level one we used to have, and one much more befitting a rich, modern nation we would have to reduce the number of prisoners by 85 percent. Without alternative punishments, this will not happen anytime soon. Even the most optimistically progressive opponent of prison has no plan to release two million prisoners. […]
As you sit in court on sentencing day, you begin to wonder what prison will be like. Are there drugs, gangs, and long times in solitary? Will you come out stronger or broken? Will you be raped? Will it be like the brutal TV show Oz? God, you hope not. But you don't know. And that's the rub. Prison is a mystery to all but the millions of people forced to live and work in this gigantic government-run system of containment. And as long as we don't look at what happens on the inside, as long as we refuse to consider alternatives, nothing will change.
Is flogging still too cruel to contemplate? If so, given the hypothetical choice between prison and flogging, why did you choose flogging? Perhaps its not as crazy as you thought. And even if you're adamant that flogging is a barbaric, inhumane form of punishment, how can offering criminals the choice of the lash in lieu of incarceration be so bad? If flogging were really worse than prison, nobody would choose it. Of course most people would choose to be caned over incarceration. And that's my point. Faced with the choice between hard time and the lash, the lash is better. What does that say about prison? […]
As ugly as it may seem, corporal punishment would be an effective and comparatively humane way to bring our prison population back in line with world standards. To those in prison (after the approval of some parole board designed to keep the truly dangerous behind bars) we could offer the lash in exchange for sentence years. I propose that each six months of incarceration be exchanged for one lash. As a result, our prison population would plummet. This would not only save money, it would also save prisons for those who truly deserve to be there. And if you think that flogging isn't punishment enough, that prisons are necessary precisely because they torture so cruelly and horribly then we've entered a truly bizarre world of unparalleled cruelty. Flogging may be too harsh or too lenient, but it cant be both.
Make no mistake: this is punishment, and punishment must by definition hurt. Even under controlled conditions, with doctors present and the convict choosing a lashing over a prison sentence, the details of flogging are enough to make most people queasy. Those receiving lashes have described the cane cutting through layers of flesh and tissue, leaving furrows that were bloody pulp. Even if these wounds were attended to immediately, a full recovery could take weeks or months. In some cases, the scars would remain as permanent reminders of the ordeal.
The lash, which metes out punishment without falsely promising betterment, is an unequivocal expression of societys condemnation. For better and for worse, flogging would air the dirty laundry of race and punishment in America in a way that prisonswhich, by their very design, are removed from societycan never do. To highlight an injustice is in no way to condone it. Quite the opposite.


Corporal Punishment: The Answer to Black Violence and Dysfunction?

Paladin Justice
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When I first saw the brief Mr. T pain video from Rocky, something clicked.
I realized in a flash that most blacks cannot be deterred from their criminal and other anti-social behavior by the usual punishments. Pain is the language they understand.
In school, blacks view a suspension as a vacation. As adults, too many of them are left unfased by a jail or prison sentence.
Corporal punishment, striking someone as punishment, generally involves a rattan cane, a leather strap, or a wooden paddle.
Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, a black man, had some legal and league troubles last year because he administered corporal punishment to his son. I wrote at least one post about his troubles. I’d have to look to be sure, but I think I defended him. It’s the wise black man who knows that black children respond to pain by acting decently.
The U.S. map below shows which states make corporal punishment in the schools legal. They are the red states. In the blue states, it’s alleged that corporal punishment is allowed in the home, but as Mr. Peterson’s case exemplifies, a parent can get into trouble with the law when others accuse the parent of child abuse.
This Wikipedia link offers a map of Europe that shows that corporal punishment in the schools is not allowed at all. In many countries in Europe, corporal punishment is not allowed in the home either. This system may work when the population is white, but as diversity brings nonwhites to Europe, the system is going to break down, with Europe engulfed in a crime wave. Unless corporal punishment is allowed in the home and in the schools.
This Wikipedia article on judicial corporal punishment states that sentences involving striking adults convicted of criminal acts are banned in the West, but sometimes used in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.
This article in Washington Monthly from 2011 argues that America should “bring back the lash.” I agree.
The argument in that article is not racial, but rather that criminals would prefer 10 lashes to 5 years in prison. It would be far less disruptive to their lives, cost the taxpayer little, and end the “education” that young criminals get from older ones in prison.
If corporal punishment did not reduce crime, it could be rolled back. The problem, like most of our problems, is liberals. I’m sure they would view corporal punishment as cruel. They prefer that violent scum receive counseling rather than any punishment at all. They want to empty out the prisons.
As usual, liberals are wrong. About everything.








Researchers: African-Americans Most Likely to Use Physical ...


Nov 14, 2011 ... {snip}. “The majority of parents across all ethnic groups spank at some point,” said Elizabeth Gershoff, a professor and researcher on corporal punishment at the University of Texas at Austin. But among the groups most likely to use it: African-Americans. In a study Gershoff co-authored that examined 20,000 ...


Blacks most supportive of corporal punishment


Mar 1, 2014 ... In light of the minor blowup about corporal punishment that GLPiggy and Steve Sailer, among others, recently commented on, it's worth recalling that the GSS shows blacks to be more supportive of its employment than any other racial or ethnic group in the US is, and their actual behavior evinces as much.


America's Mass Incarceration Problem -- How to Fix Our Criminal ...


Sep 16, 2015 ... She even implies that this system is just the latest manifestation of whites' ongoing racist conspiracy to subjugate blacks, pointing to the CIA's support of Nicaraguan contras who .... Two centuries ago, the shift from shaming and corporal punishments to imprisonment made punishment an enduring status.


Another Map of the American Nations: School Corporal Punishment ...

https://jaymans.wordpress.com/.../another-map-of-the-american-nations- school-corporal-punishment/

Oct 3, 2013 ... This is consistent with the notion that the Scotch-Irish and Cavaliers are violent with respect to other Whites, but considerably less violent than other groups, such as Blacks. Cochran suspects that corporal punishmentmight work; perhaps the reality is that it works best for the more aggressive (and hence ...

corporal punishment | saboteur365


Posted in Conspiracies, Crime, Food, Law, Mysteries, news, Political Correctness , Politics, Race, Uncategorized, usa, White Genocide | Tagged African-Americans , America, beating, black attack, black on white crime, black on white violence, blacks, corporal punishment, dindu nuffins, Florida, McDonald's, negros, niggers,  ...

judicial corporal punishment | saboteur365


LITTLE ROCK'S POWER ULTRA LOUNGE. As long as the blacks only kill blacks, who cares. Right? Partly right. Emboldened by their success as bullies, thugs, and murderers, they then venture into white areas of town and start pulling their shit there. Or some unfortunate lost white person will venture into their turf and suffer ...

Punishment or Child Abuse? - American Renaissance


Sep 18, 2014 ... While 70 percent of Americans approve of corporal punishment, black Americans have a distinct history with the subject. ... Adrian Peterson's brutal behavior toward his 4-year-old son is, in truth, the violent amplification of the belief of many blacks that beatings made them better people, a sad and bleak ...

Study: Whites Want Harsher Prison Terms When Informed Blacks ...

https://www.amren.com/.../study-whites-want-harsher-prison-terms-when- informed-blacks-disproportionately-in-prisons/

Aug 11, 2014 ... I am glad to learn this. The high cost of incarceration can be reduced by the frequent use of capital and corporal punishment, the thorough exploitation of prison labor, and an end to educational and recreational opportunities. Criminals are not victims of economic and social injustice. They have debts to pay ...

Texas School District Initiates PADDLING for Misbehaving Students ...

https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/.../texas-school-district-initiates-paddling- for-misbehaving-students/

Jul 22, 2017 ... ... or detentions when they misbehave. I've seen lot of videos where they simply punch out their teacher, resist the police (above), and just curse a lot. Pain is the only thing blacks understand. A heavily Mexican school district is initiating paddling of unruly students. Unfortunately, corporal punishment

'Willful Defiance' | The American Conservative


May 15, 2013 ... Nationwide, according to a recent study by the Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles, African-American students are three times more likely to be ... Or if they don't want to do an assignment, they will ask to be sent to the office, confident that there will be no punishment for them.


Blacks are more conservative than liberal whites | Lion of the ...

https://lionoftheblogosphere.wordpress.com/.../blacks-are-more-conservative- than-liberal-whites/

Aug 20, 2014 ... Every asian-american child I know received corporal punishment from their parents. Not a chance it is lower than white and hispanic people. uatu. August 20, 2014 at EST pm. Actually what this does demonstrate is that blacks are more conservative than people realize. You assume they are liberal because ...

Feral Dindu McNuffins Attacks White Teen in McDonald's Restroom ...

https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/.../feral-dindu-mcnuffins-attacks-white- teen-in-mcdonalds-restroom-video/

Jan 29, 2018 ... Since the only punishment that blacks understand is pain, the law should be changed to allow the families of victims of McNuffins to inflict three times the pain on the perp. If the family of the victim is liberal and won't go along with it, then the judge should order a professional with a horsewhip to do the job.

Young White Woman Employee Shot by Negros During Restaurant ...

https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/.../young-white-woman-employee-shot- by-negros-during-restaurant-robbery-dies/

Nov 21, 2017 ... The best thing we could do short-term to protect the public is to implement judicially administered corporal punishment. Blacks would be whipped when stepping out of line (as would everyone). Pain is the only language they understand. Prison is like a vacation to them. The death penalty (public hanging)  ...

Bring Back The Lash | National Review


Jun 16, 2011 ... Corporal punishment, said one early advocate of prisons, was a relic of “ barbarous” British imperialism ill-suited to “a new country, simple manners, and a popular form of government.” State by ... To oversimplify — just a bit — we pay poor, unemployed rural whites to guard poor, unemployed urban blacks.

It's the Height of Dishonesty - LewRockwell


Aug 10, 2016 ... I'd like to dispute that vision, at least as it pertains to black people. I graduated from ... Corporal punishment was banned. This was the time ... It is the height of dishonesty, as far as blacks are concerned, to blame our problems on slavery, how white people behave and racial discrimination. If those lies are ...

July | 2017 | saboteur365 | Page 19


Jul 22, 2017 ... Posted in Conspiracies, Crime, Education, Families, Good News, Law, news, Political Correctness, Politics, Race, Uncategorized, usa, War, White Genocide | Tagged blacks, board of education, corporal punishment, corpus christi, crime deterrence, Department of Education, discipline, education policy, ...

Department of Education | saboteur365


Pain is the only thing blacks understand. A heavily Mexican school district is initiating paddling of unruly students. Unfortunately, corporal punishment is outlawed in America's northern states, where high concentrations of out of control Negros live in big cities. Corpus Christi Caller. Three Rivers ISD administrators are going ...

3 Black UCLA Basketball-Americans Remain in China Under Arrest ...

https://saboteur365.wordpress.com/.../3-black-ucla-basketball-americans- remain-in-china-under-arrest-for-shoplifting-team-returns-home/

Nov 12, 2017 ... This entry was posted in Conspiracies, Crime, Education, Entertainment Industry, Law, Mysteries, news, Political Correctness, Politics, Race, Uncategorized, usa, War, White Genocide and tagged African-Americans, basketball, blacks, China, corporal punishment, deterrent, dindu nuffins, dindus, justice, ...

Corporal punishment is the only answer | Jewamongyou's Blog

https://jewamongyou.wordpress.com/.../corporal-punishment-is-the-only- answer/

Jan 2, 2011 ... Some comments recommended forms of corporal punishment, such as long and uncomfortable sea voyages, tattoos on their hands or even amputation. My own suggestion was that the first offense would have the culprit be flogged. Each time after that, the culprit would lose a finger. My comment was not ...

The Problem Is Not Racist Authority | The American Conservative

www.theamericanconservative.com/.../problem-racism-authority-schools-cop -ben-fields/

Nov 3, 2015 ... The deputy's dismissal came after department officials conducted an internal review that, according to the sheriff, found that Deputy Fields had used a maneuver that violated the agency's training and procedural standards. But Sheriff Lott also criticized the student, a sophomore, in harsh tones for “having ...


Why Race Matters - American Renaissance

https://www.amren.com/.../why-race-matters-michael-levin-iq-review-jared- taylor/

Dec 10, 2017 ... Although blacks may be less able than whites to control behavior it does not mean wrongdoing should go unpunished, but that different punishments may be appropriate for different races. For blacks it should perhaps be swifter and include corporal punishment, especially for men who treat a jail term as a ...

Escaped prisoner abducts, kills warden's teenage daughter, police say

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Jul 31, 2017 ... ... he had been a “young man, running around with the wrong crowd” at the time of his offenses. I can't even begin to express my outrage. It should be obvious to anyone that our experiment in integration has failed. It's time to separate. It's also time for judicially administered corporal punishment for blacks.

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Jul 1, 2017 ... ... White Genocide | Tagged African-Americans, America, arkansas, arkansas shooting, black nightclubs, crime prevention, doom on, hip hop, horsewhipping blacks, judicial corporal punishment, Little Rock, little rock shooting, negros, niggers, nightclub shooting, power ultra lounge, punishment, race war, ...

Corporal Punishment: The Answer to Black Violence and Dysfunction?

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Aug 15, 2015 ... When I first saw the brief Mr. T pain video from Rocky, something clicked. I realized in a flash that most blacks cannot be deterred from their criminal and other anti-social behavior by the usual punishments. Pain is the language they understand. In school, blacks view a suspension as a vacation. As adults ...

Black Riots, White Flight - American Renaissance


Apr 29, 2015 ... They don't have dependable electricity but they do have blacks in all the great jobs at the electric company. It's very quickly .... You had basic financial restitution to the offended parties and local government, but also corporal punishment, death, exilement, and slavery for more major or chronic offenses.



This is consistent with the notion that the Scotch-Irish and Cavaliers are violent with respect to other Whites, but considerably less violent than other groups, such as Blacks. Cochran suspects that corporal punishment might work; perhaps the reality is that it works best for the more aggressive (and hence more troublesome)  ...

Sanders: 'Guns in Vermont Are Not the Same Thing as Guns in ...

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Jul 7, 2015 ... This means that blacks would be subject to more criminal and civil prohibitions than whites. The punishments that blacks would receive would be harsher and probably include corporal punishment. Ultimately, the only way to deal with blacks is to enact the same policies that were enacted in the pre-civil ...

Watch! Scumbag African “Refugee” Brutally Attacks Italian Woman ...

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Jan 30, 2016 ... This video was published on youtube on January 12, 2016. There's no accompanying information. Nor have I seen the story reported in the press. The video appears authentic, however. And it verifies the worst stereotypes about the violent, parasitic African "refugee." Africans do not view incarceration as ...

The Walls Are Closing In On Equalist Leftoids | Chateau Heartiste

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Sep 19, 2014 ... It's largely an opinion piece against parental corporal punishment — especially for blacks — with a link to two associational studies that don't really tell us if spanking — especially for blacks — is itself a cause, rather than a symptomatic property, of the vibrant black behavioral profile. The smarter equalists ...

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Why parenting may not matter and why most social science is wrong

Dec 1, 2015 - written by Brian Boutwell .... What we found was that much of the association between the two variables (spanking and behavior) was attributable to genetic effects that they had in common. .... Wright, J. P., Barnes, J. C., Boutwell, B. B., Schwartz, J. A., Connolly, E. J., Nedelec, J. L., & Beaver, K. M. (2015).


Parkland Shooting: Did Obama-Era School Discipline Policies ...

Mar 2, 2018 ... A father and his two children outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School four days after the shooting in Parkland, Fla., February 18, 2018. (Jonathan Drake/Reuters) Broward County had adopted guidelines designed in part to limit law-enforcement involvement with students, even those who posed a ...


School Discipline: Federal Rules Not Helping | National Review

Nov 13, 2017 ... Racial rules left over from the Obama administration have increased schools' reluctance to suspend students, at an apparent cost to discipline.


Progressive School-Discipline “Reform” Is Hurting Students ...

Dec 15, 2017 ... Last week, a new analysis of Philadelphia public schools found that the district's move to reform school discipline by embracing “restorative justice” had led to a raft of unfortunate results. The decision to eliminate suspensions for classroom “ conduct” led to skyrocketing truancy, serious misbehavior, and ...


School-Discipline Racial Disparities: Seek Mentorship, Not Less ...

Sep 20, 2017 ... Racial disparities in school discipline can't be solved by reducing suspensions. Give at-risk students a better path.


Racial Quotas -- School Discipline | National Review

Apr 10, 2017 ... There are a number of pernicious “Dear Colleague” letters issued by the Obama administration that the Trump administration has the ability to rescind, and it should do so as quickly as possible. Among these is the Joint “Dear Colleague” Letter on the Nondiscriminatory Administration of School Discipline ...


Federal Meddling in School Discipline | [site:name] | National Review

Aug 24, 2015 ... The feds want to force every school district in the country to abide by their idea of what constitutes racially biased discipline policies.


Teacher Coalition Seeks to End Obama School Discipline Policy: 'A ...

Mar 2, 2018 ... The school discipline policy that may have allowed Nikolas Cruz to escape arrest by Broward County law enforcement and ultimately purchase the firearm he used to kill 17 people is in effect in over 50 school districts across the country.


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Urged to Scrap Obama-Era 'Black ...

Jan 2, 2018 ... Betsy DeVos is being urged to halt Obama's school discipline "guidance" that critics say is based on 'Black Lives Matter' ideology.


Broward County Likely 'Inspiration' for Obama School Discipline ...

Feb 26, 2018 ... The Broward County school district's adoption of a school discipline policy that was praised by the Obama administration for seeking to reduce the reported number of school suspensions, expulsions, and arrests may have played a role in the fact that Nikolas Cruz remained under the radar until his ...


Minnesota Teachers, School Discipline & "Racial Bigotry" | National ...

Feb 7, 2018 ... There's a recent MinnPost news story on an investigation that the Minnesota Department of Human Rights (MDHR) has under way, aimed at school districts and charters that have statistical racial disparities in their discipline rates. You know immediately that it's going to be a slanted article, asserting at the ...

Western Judicial Punishment too lenient

Our European law seems not respected by African and Arab people. They seem to behave much worse than in their own country where they would face severe beatings for spitting at police, resisting arrest. They would incur swift bloody revenge for their entire clan would they harrass a women or commit other crime or disrespect towards a member of another clan (or of their own clan). &&needs elaboration, links, proof&&

Projects to analyze

  • Compare crime in Singapore (judicial caning) vs. adjacent Malaysia.  Singapore has draconian caning laws,
Singapore's crime rate is so low that many shops don't even lock up
Jan 16, 2018 - In 2016, the island nation's police reported 135 total days without any crimes including snatch-theft, house break-ins and robbery. That low ...


  • Compare crime rates in dictatorships like Cuba,  Saddham Hussein's Iraq, Ghaddafi's Libya, Saudi Arabia, vs. "democracies".
  • Take race into consideration! High IQ low crime populations may be different, South Korea is extremely low on violent crime so North Korea's brutal dictatorship is not needed to depress crime
  • Compare crime in areas under strict control of mafia/mob criminal "Godfathers". 
  • Under certain circumstances, Brazilian shanty towns are said to be totally free of petty crime. The drug lords have their drug den where large scale drug dealings happen. The rest of the community respects the brutal law and order the drug gangs impose through beatings, mutilations, and executions. No thefts, no robberies, in the home communities under the kingpin's thumb. Known robbers may live in the community, but must do their robberies at a different part of town.



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