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East Asians: The Model Minority (IQ ~105)

(East) Asians (in the US) have higher income, better educational attainments, higher IQ (~105) and lower criminality than Whites. Thus Koreans, Japanese, Chinese don't fit the usual PC narrative. Here is a discriminated "model minority" race that fares better than the evil racist Whites.

Compare also Jewish Nobel prizes etc.



  • Non-Asian minorities (NAM) are the "underprivileged" lower IQ higher crime minorities Quotas and PC are all about
  • in Britain, "Asians" stands for Pakistani Muslims and similar that have lower IQ, higher criminality than whites.
    • We would not be surprised, if soon these two Asian groups get further conflated.  By mixing the two so their opposing statistical trends cancel each other out.

See also Asian Privilege: Japanese, Korean, Chinese surpass Whites

Why Are Asians Invisible?

The reason Asians are invisible is simple: They are successful. They are a silent refutation of the view that white wickedness causes the failures of blacks and Hispanics. That’s why the media and academy ignore them.
In the United States, on average:
Asians perform better than whites on tests that measure intelligence, including IQ tests, SAT, ACT, and the ASVAB.
Asians earn more money than whites.
Asians are better educated than whites.
Asians commit less crime than whites.
Of course, the opposite is true of blacks and Hispanics, and this is generally thought to prove that white racism is still a terrible force.
But if blacks and Hispanics earn less money than whites because of malevolent social forces, then wouldn’t it follow that similarly malevolent forces make whites less successful than Asians? If affirmative action for blacks is necessary because society conspires to keep their test scores low and keep them out of college, shouldn’t whites who lag behind Asians deserve a similar leg up?
Ta-Nehisi Coates has said that “there’s nothing wrong with black people that the complete and total elimination of white supremacy would not fix.” That means white supremacy causes high rates of black crime, poverty, and illegitimacy. Then what causes higher rates of white crime, poverty, and illegitimacy compared to Asians?
Critics of IQ and other tests claim they are “culturally biased” in favor of the people who created them–whites–which explains why blacks and Hispanics score poorly. How do Asians outscore whites?
Asians have done well without affirmative action or set-asides. Nor have they formed aggressive pressure groups like the NAACP to get where they are. They don’t need special after-school programs or “role models” in popular culture.
They’ve had plenty of obstacles as well. Anti-Asian sentiment was high for a long time, which led to violence on the West Coast and immigration restrictions that specifically excluded Asians, such as the “Chinese Exclusion Act,” and the “Gentlemen’s Agreement.” Needless to say, if blacks had been sent to relocation camps during the Second World War, they would never shut up about it, but that did not hold back Japanese Americans.
Asian accomplishment in the face of discrimination, and with minimal help from government, “anti-racist” organizations, and charities suggests that those groups that cannot do well for themselves–even with massive support–have something else standing in their way: genes.
The elites in academia, government, and media (what Sam Francis called the “managerial elite”) make a living analyzing and proposing solutions to problems. Black and Hispanic problems of crime, poverty, and education, are infinite fodder for egalitarian theorists, bureaucrats, and commentators. Asians provide nothing for these people. Even more important, the success of Asians also suggests that genes are a bigger factor in success than government programs or colleges that teach “white privilege.” That is a big problem for leftists.
All of the pundits who make a living blaming whites for the failures of non-whites would be out of a job if it were shown that genes were the problem. Human resources departments could be cut to the bone, and multicultural administrators and whole government agencies could be abolished.
The reason no one writes about Asians, therefore, is because to even mention their success implies that genes help explain the world around us, and our ruling elite can’t have that. That is why Asians are invisible. [

Read complete article at: Why Are Asians Invisible?


Discrimination against Asians

The Ivy League’s Admission Bias [Amren]

“The old paradigm of affirmative action being about white versus black has been completely upended,” says Edward Blum of Students for Fair Admissions, a group that opposes racial preferences.
In 2006 Jian Li filed a complaint with the Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights after he was denied admission to Princeton University. Mr. Li, who emigrated from China at age 4, had a perfect score on the SAT and graduated in the top 1% of his high school class. He alleged that Princeton violated civil-rights laws banning discrimination on the basis of race, color and national origin. The complaint was initially rejected, but Mr. Li appealed and the government reopened the investigation in 2008. Seven years later, in 2015, the Obama administration, which strongly supported the use of racial preferences in college admissions and obviously took its sweet time reviewing Mr. Li’s case, issued a report exonerating Princeton.

Opinion: Is the Ivy League’s Admission Bias a ‘Trade Secret’?

High School Student Has Been Accepted to All Eight Ivy League Schools  [Amren]

Black Student accepted to all Ivy League schools
Black Student accepted to all Ivy League schools
Compare the luck of the BLACK student, vs. the negative quotas against East-Asians.
He is now a straight A student, with an SAT score of 2270, at Elmont Memorial High School [Editor’s Note: The school is 78 percent black, 12 percent Hispanic, 8 percent Asian, and 2 percent white] in Long Island, New York, where he has served as editor-in-chief of his student newspaper and chief executive of the Model United Nations.

His success, he explains, is down to the submission essay, in which he described his family’s struggle to fit in after emigrating to America.

Struggle essays are one way to move "minority" students past the normal entrance requirement

A perfect ACT score couldn't get this student into Yale, Princeton, or Stanford, and he says it's because he's Asian-American

With a perfect ACT score and 13 Advanced Placement courses under his belt, Michael Wang applied to seven Ivy League universities and Stanford in 2013.
An Asian-American, Wang suspected his race might work against him. But he was still shocked when he was rejected by Stanford and every Ivy League school except for the University of Pennsylvania. […]
Wang said that after he was rejected from most of the Ivies, he filed a complaint with the US Department of Education alleging that Yale, Stanford, and Princeton discriminated against him because he was Asian-American.
Wang isn't alone in his belief that the Ivies discriminate against Asians. A coalition of Asian-American groups filed a lawsuit against Harvard last month alleging the college and other Ivy League institutions use racial quotas to admit students to the detriment of more qualified Asian-American applicants. The more than 60 Asian groups are coming together to fight what they say are unfair admission practices.
Wang's credentials are impressive. […]
He also stressed that he was not just academically driven, but also a well-rounded applicant who maximized his extracurricular activities. He competed in national speech and debate competitions and math competitions. He also plays the piano and performed in the choir that sang at President Barack Obama's 2008 inauguration. […]
In addition to last month's complaint filed against Harvard, a nonprofit group called Students for Fair Admissions filed lawsuits in November accusing Harvard and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill of discriminating against Asian-American students in their undergraduate admissions policies.
And a recent opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal called Asian-Americans "The New Jews of Harvard Admissions," referring to the university's well-documented policies to keep out Jewish students during the early 20th century.
For its part, Harvard is pushing back against the complaints, and it said in a formal comment on its website "within its holistic admissions process, and as part of its effort to build a diverse class, Harvard College has demonstrated a strong record of recruiting and admitting Asian-American students."
Moreover, Harvard said a previous investigation from the US Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights found the college's "approach to admissions was fully compliant with federal law."

Those Awkward Asians

Source: [Amren]

Although virtually no one is prepared to challenge the dogma of racial equality, there are many awkward facts that it must struggle to explain. One is the success of north Asians in the United States. If white racism is so virulent and powerful that it keeps blacks and Hispanics in misery, why does it have so little effect on Asians?
There have been plenty of obstacles set up in their path. In 1913, the state of California banned farm ownership by non-citizens, in a move to keep Asians off the land. The law was upheld in the Supreme Court and ten other western states passed similar laws. Although Africans have been allowed to become naturalized citizens since 1870, Asians were barred from naturalization until 1943. A decade after the end of the Civil War, Chinese coolies were still being bought and sold practically like slaves in Caribbean “man markets.”
Many western cities passed taxes that applied only to Asians. Everyone has heard about how Japanese on the west coast were stripped of their property and interned during the Second World War. If any group wanted to dine out on how badly it has been treated, Asians could. Instead, they kept quiet and worked hard. By 1965, Chinese and Japanese already had higher family incomes than native-born whites.
Some more recent Asian immigrants have been just as successful. Although most southern Asians, like Cambodians and Filipinos, have not made much of themselves, Koreans, Chinese, and Vietnamese have often outperformed whites. In some cases they are no longer counted as “minorities” for affirmative action hand-outs.
The results of standardized tests are something else that the dogma of equality must pass over in silence. The inevitable excuse for miserable black test scores is “cultural bias.” The tests are designed by and for whites, it is said, so blacks can’t be expected to do well on them.
It’s hardly considerate, then, for Asian immigrants, many of whom don’t even speak English as their native language, to score just as well as whites on “culturally biased” tests. Even Hispanics, who can hardly be said to have an inside track on the white man’s culture, invariably score better on standardized tests than blacks.
• • • Source: Amren • • •

NYT: Asians Aren't Diverse

Tiger Woods’s Success Promised to Diversify Golf. It Didn’t.
Woods has reclaimed golf’s spotlight heading into the P.G.A. Championship, but his stardom has not produced a diverse array of stars, which some had predicted.[...]
I would estimate that half the top golfers on the LPGA tour are East Asians.
My vague impression from a couple of hours of watching the ladies hit golf balls is that the white girls are the better athletes—they tend to look like daddy’s girls who take after their jock dads—while the East Asians are the more mechanical golfers. But training can beat talent and most of the top women golfers are now Asians. Here’s the top 11 at the moment:



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