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 Reappropriate "Racist": a Necessity

The Truth is Racist. Thus we have no choice but to be racist.

Our unconventional approach to reclaim "Racism" as a positive endearing term shocks many people. How could we reappropriate "Racist" to be proud racists?


We are SORRY, we MUST be racist

We cannot but state the racist truth that races are different, that Blacks have lower average IQ than Whites and East Asians, and commit crime at much higher rates, world wide.

This makes us racist. We "THINK" that races are different because it is scientifically proven. 

See The Emperor has no Clothes: Anti-Racism is obviously false

 Similarly Galileo Galiei thought that the earth is NOT the center of the Universe nor the center of the solar system.

See Galileo Galiei

Individuals, races, populations are geneticm ally different. Thus the truth is racist. We must face the racist truth to arrive at best policy decisions

See also The Truth is Racist

Alternatives to accepting the "Racist" label

"Racism" is a toxic, radioactive word, hopelessly beyond any rehabilitation. Instead, Human biodiversity is an apt term

So what are the other options

  1. I am not a Racist, but .........
  • "I am not a racist". I just ....
    •  "I am not a racist; I just want to tell the truth about black or Muslim crime".
    • I am not a racist. I want equal standards for all races and ethnicity.
    • I am not racist, I just don't want my children to be attacked (with impunity) by "minority" children

Sorry, all this is already defined as "racist". They will label you racist anyway.  Almost everything is racist. 

  1. Use different terms: Race Realism, Human Biodiversity,

Human biodiversity, Scientific Racism, all are "racist" by definition of the Left-Racists.

See also Racism definitions

Remember: The Truth is Racist. Thus we have no choice but to be racist.



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Racism Saves Lives, Freedom of Speech, Banks, the World Economy





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