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Unequal Rights #2

Black caucus, La Raza, Black Lives Matter, "no beer for racists", affirmative action, cultural appropriation, antifa violence, and dozens of more examples of unequal rights.

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We list dozens of examples how "racist" Whites do not have the same rights as Blacks, immigrants, or Muslims.

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Unequal Rights #2

Unequal Rights #3, Black and Leftist Privilege

Violence by Anti-Racists is justified

South African Blacks Rejoice in Deaths of White Children

The incident has shaken the entire country, not only because it seemed so preventable if there had been routine maintenance at the school, but also because it revealed anti-white hatred harbored by many blacks. Because Driehoek high school is an Afrikaans-language school, by far the majority of students would be white Afrikaners. That led to black social media posts “celebrating” the accident.

A Facebook user from Kwazulu-Natal province, Siyanda Dizzy Gumede, said of the three dead children: “Don’t have heart to feel pain for white kids. Minus 3 future problems.”

His Facebook post soon went viral, with whites understandably outraged. However, Lindsay Maasdorp, official spokesman of the Black First Land First party (BLF), supported Mr. Gumede’s statement:

Speaking to The Citizen newspaper in Johannesburg, he clarified his tweet by saying he was “not certain” the victims were white, but added he “would mourn them if they turned out to be black.”

He reiterated the message in a subsequent tweet, now deleted: “If our God has finally intervened and our ancestors have petitioned and seen that these white land thieves have now died then I definitely celebrate it. I celebrate the death of our enemies, their children, their cats and their dogs. That is our position.”

In 2016, Mr. Maasdorp had said on both Facebook and Twitter that “I have aspirations to kill white people, and this must be achieved!”

South Africa’s largest news site, News24.com, published a piece by a woman black journalist, Zenoyise John, explaining why blacks don’t care if white children die. It’s because of smoldering anger over “past deprivation:” [Continue at South African Blacks Rejoice in Deaths of White Children]

Black Rapper Who Threated Melania With Rape And Sex Slavery Not Banned From Twitter

Eugene Gant, VDare, March 21, 2017
In yet another example of how modern black entertainers edify American youngsters and supplement the treasury of American culture, a/;; fellow you never heard of named “Bow Wow,”( Bowwow30bday@gmail.com ) the nephew of a fellow you have heard of named Snoop Dogg, publicly remonstrated with President Donald Trump.
After Mr. Trump tweeted that Mr. Dogg’s video of someone shooting a Trump look-a-like in the head would have generated outrage had Mr. Dogg likewise depicted President Obama, Mr. Wow, undoubtedly calling upon the large vocabulary he received during his many years in school, warned Mr. Trump that he, Mr. Wow, had no intention of tolerating Mr. Trump’s effrontery:
Forgive the delay in reporting this. It’s a few days old, but again, it does show just how much rappers have to offer our vast storehouse of American cultural treasures.
Note that while the original Tweet has been deleted, Mr. Wow has not been banned from Twitter, unlike many Alt-Right figures. [Original Article]

Voter registration

I heard that the Federal Election commission does not tolerate voter registrations that happen mainly in white neighborhoods. &&&but could not find the links to prove it &&&

Efforts to specifically register Blacks or Hispanics are perfectly ok.(Voting groups laser focused on black, Latino voting registration: “African-Americans and Latinos are twice as likely as their white counterparts to be registered via a voter-registration drive,” she said. )

Black NBA Player Gets Token Fine

Any white player would have been severely punished.
Then there’s the case of Danny Ferry, the white former Atlanta Hawks general manager who was forced to take an indefinite leave of absence from his position after he read out loud (and “failed to edit”) a scouting report written by his boss, which described Sudanese-born player Luol Deng as having “a little African in him. He’s like a guy who would have a nice store out front and sell you counterfeit stuff out of the back.” Bruce Levenson, who wrote the passage Mr. Ferry “failed to edit” was forced to sell his majority ownership stake in the team.
Mr. Iguodala at least got some punishment. A black former Knicks player Charles Oakley attacked two white security guards and had to be subdued when he tried to confront white Knicks owner James Dolan over a disagreement. Mr. Iguodala’s teammate, Draymond Green, had this to say about the white owner’s attitude towards Mr. Oakley: “That’s a slave master mentality.” The NBA decided no action was necessary.
Plenty of black players make racial comments and get little or no punishment, but if a white NBA player or executive speaks in even remotely racial terms he can expect his career to disappear—even if was speaking in private or reading someone else’s statement out loud. The disparity is so great that even normies are going to start noticing.

 California School to Face Budget Cuts Because Student Body Is Too White [Amren]

Brandon Morse, The Blaze, March 27, 2017

According to KABC-TV Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood is facing layoffs and increased class sizes due to budget cuts. The reason for the budget cuts?
Too much of the student body is white.
The Los Angeles Unified School District provides increased funding for schools so long as that school has a white attendance of only 30 percent. According to a letter from the district to the parents, the school’s white population had been above that level for the past couple of years.

Snoop Dogg: Lowlife symptom of sick culture

Joking about killing white President Trump, no problem.

Simply wearing an Obama mask, or making photo of Obama with a banana, that is a problem.

Self-described gang member, pimp and Hillary Clinton supporter Snoop Dogg released a mock assassination video of President Donald Trump. The left’s response? A collective yawn.
I issued a statement calling for the arrest of Snoop Dogg for the “Lavender” video, which features Snoop spouting murderous threats and shooting a clown-faced Trump look-alike with a replica gun.
Any decent person would repudiate Snoop Dogg for his vile video. But when men are weak, evil flourishes. This is what has allowed predators like Snoop Dogg and others in the rap industry to get rich pushing sexually explicit and violent music to our kids.
President Trump had a great response on Twitter: “Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!”
The president is right! If a musician – especially a white one – made a mock assassination video of Obama, so-called black “leaders” and the Democratic Party leadership would be calling for the culprit to be locked up!
In fact, liberals were furious when a rodeo clown (ironically) dared to simply wear an Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair! Note the NPR headline: Rodeo clown in Obama mask sparks outrage, apologies. [Read more at wnd]

To Say, ‘Stop Raping Me!’ in English, Press ‘1’ Now

In multicultural America, sexually active college coeds are treated like naive 14-year-old girls, while naive 14-year-old girls are treated like hardened hussies — depending on who the accused rapist is. A “frat boy,” an athlete (black or white) or a white male: Always guilty, no due process allowed. Illegal aliens: She was asking for it.



Ann Coulter, American Renaissance, May 10, 2017
“Apparently, diversity — in addition to being a “strength” — requires us to jettison our statutory rape laws.”
(Please be advised that some of the language in this column may be offensive to readers.)
The same media that slavishly ignored the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl by two illegal immigrants in Rockville, Maryland, spent last week crowing about the prosecutor’s refusal to bring charges.
It turns out that illegal aliens gang-raping a 14-year-old girl in a bathroom stall is not a statutory rape because … the girl had previously sent one of her assailants prurient text messages.
Somebody better tell the college campuses.
Columbia University’s Mattress Girl, Emma Sulkowicz, became an international cause celebre after alleging rape against a fellow student to whom she’d sent dozens of desperate and salacious messages — including, most memorably, “f–k me in the butt,” and “I wuv you so much.”
She’d also had consensual sex with him several times, only one of which she deemed “rape.”
Sulkowicz’s “f–k me in the butt” texts were no impediment to her becoming the face of silenced rape victims on campus. She was sympathetically profiled everywhere; Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand invited her to Obama’s 2015 State of the Union address; and she dragged a mattress around campus with her as her senior thesis project …[...]

White supremacist Richard Spencer has gym membership revoked after woman confronts him

Would that happen to a BLM member, a black rioter, a black convicted felon?

At the time of this writing, Spencer retweeted one racist comment from a supporter in regards to the incident.
"Does this mean we can start kicking Jews and coloreds out of our business establishments?" the tweet read.

"If They [Muslims] Had Gotten Rid of the Punishment for Apostasy, Islam Would Not Exist Today"

The most influential Sunni leader in the Middle East has just admitted what many of us who grew up as Muslims in the Middle East have always known: that Islam could not exist today without the killing of apostates. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, head of the Muslim Brotherhood and one of the most respected leaders of the Sunni world, recently said on Egyptian television, "If they [Muslims] had gotten rid of the punishment [often death] for apostasy, Islam would not exist today." The most striking thing about his statement, however, was that it was not an apology; it was a logical, proud justification for preserving the death penalty as a punishment for apostasy. Al-Qaradawi sounded matter-of-fact, indicating no moral conflict, nor even hesitation, about this policy in Islam. On the contrary, he asserted the legitimacy of Islamic laws in relying on vigilante street justice through fear, intimidation, torture and murder against any person who might dare to leave Islam.
Many critics of Islam agree with Sheikh Qaradawi, that Islam could not have survived after the death of the prophet Mohammed if it were not for the killing, torturing, beheading and burning alive of thousands of people -- making examples of them to others who might wish to venture outside Islam. From its inception until today, Islam has never considered this policy inappropriate, let alone immoral. In a recent poll, 84% of Egyptians agree with the death penalty for apostates; and we see no moderate Muslim movement against this law. That 1.2 billion Muslims appear comfortable with such a command sheds light on the nature of Islam.

Sharia Councils and Sexual Abuse in Britain

  • As bad as this is, there is an even darker side to the story: Under sharia law, the second husband is under no obligation to give his wife a quick divorce – allowing him to keep her as his virtual sex slave for as long as he wishes.
  • If one asks how all of this jibes with British law, the answer is that it does not.  [...]
The most recent scandal surrounding the sexual exploitation of Muslim women by Islamic religious leaders in the UK is yet further proof of the way in which Britain is turning a blind eye to horrific practices going on right under its nose.
BBC investigation into "halala" -- a ritual enabling a divorced Muslim woman to remarry her husband by first wedding someone else, consummating the union, and then being divorced by him -- revealed that imams in Britain are not only encouraging this, but profiting financially from it. This depravity has led to many such women being held hostage, literally and figuratively, to men paid to become their second husbands. [...]
One Muslim woman, who changed her mind about going through with halala after looking into the process, told the BBC that she knew others who did undergo the process, and ended up being sexually abused for months by the second husbands paid to marry them. According to a report in The Guardian, the Sharia Council of Britain says it deals with hundreds of divorce cases annually.
This infamous council is indirectly responsible for what essentially has become a rape pandemic, since it does nothing to stop or refute halala. In fact, it declares that the practice is completely legal under sharia law. The only caveat, the council states, is that the imams presiding over it are not following the proper guidelines, according to which the second marriage and divorce should not be premeditated, but rather happen naturally.

A reader's comment

What is wrong with the UK Govt and leaders? How can such barbaric practices be allowed to happen for so long?
It amazes me that a white man can be cast out for a microaggression, but Muslims can pretty much do anything with impunity.

Apparently It's Now Racist To Expect People To Show Up On Time

The Daily Caller reports
One slide features a guy named Alejandro who plans a meeting between two groups. Each group contains foreign professors and students. One group shows up 15 minutes early. The second group shows up 10 minutes late.

A question-and-answer section then instructs Clemson’s professors that Alejandro would be insufficiently “inclusive” if he were to “politely ask the second group to apologize.” Alejandro would also be wrong to advise the straggling, late people who aren’t respecting everyone else’s time that “in our country, 9:00 a.m. means 9:00 a.m.”

The “inclusive” thing for Alejandro to do, the taxpayer-funded diversity materials instruct Clemson professors, is to “recognize cultural differences that may impact the meeting and adjust accordingly.” Alejandro must understand “that his cultural perspective regarding time is neither more nor less valid than any other.”

In other words, some foreigners are incapable of being on time and Americans need to shut up and accept it in the name of diversity, or something. Of course, such low expectations of those from other cultures is truly infantilizing stuff, but this is how the Left views any minority group. 

Segregation: Taboo for Whites, allowed for Blacks


See also A day on Campus without Black people

‘This Is Our Religion, This Is Our Pride’: Sikh Motorcyclists Now Exempt from Helmets in Alberta [Amren]

When Bhupinder Singh passed the test to get his Class 6 motorcycle licence at the start of the month, he was one of the first Sikhs in Alberta to qualify under a newly created helmet exemption.
Whether he was the first or not is of little consequence to the 42-year-old. More important is that his fellow Sikhs are now allowed to express their religion while riding motorcycles in Alberta.
On April 12 a ministerial order amending the Traffic Safety Act took effect, exempting bonafide members of the Sikh religion from wearing a helmet.

Obama Invites Rapper to White House, Despite Indictment for Violence  ...

 House for a “youth empowerment” program — including rapper Rick Ross, who ... The irony was highlighted when Ross's ankle monitor went off during ... In 2013 , Ross apologized for using rap lyrics that seemed to endorse ...

Obama invites (accused) (black)kidnapper  on bail to White house. 

Compare this to the treatment of James Watson [22, 23]for verbally stating "racist" truths.

Also compare to

Obama’s Guest’s Ankle Monitor Goes Off At The White House #Perf

If this is not iconic of the Obama White House, then I don’t know what is.
A kidnapper, no less. After viewing Obama’s visitors logs — jihadis, racists, demagogues — is anyone really surprised?
Oh how we, the mighty, have fallen


“Rapper’s Ankle Monitor Goes Off At The White House,”

How often does the White House invite white felons under parole?

By Kaitlan Collins, The Daily Caller, April 18, 2016:
Rick Ross’s ankle monitor went off while he was at the White House this weekend.
Rick Ross bracelet goes off at White House
The 40-year-old rapper — whose real name is William Leonard Roberts II — was in Washington, D.C. to support the administration’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, which aims to keep young black people out of jail.
Barack Obama had just finished speaking when Ross’s ankle monitor began beeping loudly, TMZ reported Monday.
Ross has worn an ankle monitor since he was released from jail after posting a $2 million bond in July 2015. He was arrested after he allegedly kidnapped and assaulted his groundskeeper.
“My Brother’s Keeper” has six milestones for its followers — getting a healthy start, reading at grade level by the third grade, graduating from high school ready for college or career, completing postsecondary training, entering the workforce and keeping young adults on track and giving them second chances.
“That’s what ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ is all about,” Obama said in 2014.
“Helping more of our young people stay on track. Providing the support they need to think more broadly about their future. Building on what works – when it works, in those critical life-changing moments.” [Source: Obama’s Guest’s Ankle Monitor Goes Off At The White House #Perf and  Daily Caller]

Two Charged With Attempted Murder in Stabbing of Bodyguard of Well-known Alt-Right Figure [Amren]

2 Whites attacked a Black man while making anti-black comments before and during the attack.  Prosecutors did not file a hate crime enhancement with the charges.

Of course, this cannot be true. We flipped Race to show inequality.  Prosecutors, of course, would file hate crime charges against White ciminal

Two men were charged with attempted murder Tuesday in the stabbing of a man who works as a bodyguard for a nationally known figure popular among the alt-right, prosecutors said.  {snip}
Prosecutors did not file a hate crime enhancement with the charges, Ardalani said. Lt. Saul Rodriguez, a Santa Monica Police Department spokesman, said the attack was spurred by an argument.  {snip}
 All three men exited their vehicles and a fistfight erupted, Rodriguez said. The suspects fled a short time later, and the victim realized he had been stabbed, according to Rodriguez.  {snip}
Gionet told The Times that Foreman was stabbed nine times by two suspects who made anti-white comments either prior to, or during, the attack.

Britain: Man to Spend 6 Months in Prison for “Assaulting” Raghead Subhumans with Bacon

Daily Mirror:

We apologize for this aggressive tone of the article.
From what we remember, the final punishment was one year with mysterious death in prison. &&find links&&

A thug who called a Muslim mum and daughter “ISIS scum” before smacking one in the face with a packet of bacon has been jailed.
Alex Chivers, 36, was thrown behind bars for six-and-a-half months for the shocking Islamophobic assault.

See Thug branded Muslim mum and daughter "ISIS scum" before ... www.mirror.co.uk Jun 30, 2017 ... Alex Chivers, who was seen smirking in his police mugshot, has been jailed for six-and-a-half months for the Islamophobic attack that was ...

He called the teenage victim and her mum “ISIL scum” and shouted “you deserve this”, before striking the girl in the face with an open packet of bacon.
The girl was “very distressed” by her ordeal on a street in Enfield, north London.
The poor little monkey was “distressed.” I wonder if she was as “distressed” as the tens of thousands of White girls in Britain who’ve been gang-raped and had their tongues nailed to tables by her fellow followers of the schizophrenic pedophile Mohamed.
The victim reported the offence later that day on June 8 and Chivers was tracked down and charged with racially aggravated common assault and causing racially or religiously aggravated alarm or distress.
He pleaded guilty and was jailed for 26 weeks for assault and 12 weeks for the public order offence to run concurrently, ordered to pay a £115 victim surcharge and will complete a 12-month supervision order upon release.

Black Skin Privilege: To Be Above the Law

It is true that black Americans are not treated equally by the nation's police forces -- far too often they are treated better than members of other races because police are quite properly terrified of being accused of race-based discrimination.
This preferential race-based treatment of African-Americans fuels violence and social media-driven reigns of terror. It encourages today's race-baiting lynch mobs that troll the Internet to satisfy their unquenchable desire to be offended and outraged. When the cranks and low-rent bigots of the so-called Black Lives Matter movement target an enemy, they get plenty of support from the media, and in many cases, from politicians. Black liberation theology and critical race theory no doubt helped the nation get to this unfortunate place.
America is now at the point where those with dark complexions enjoy what David Horowitz has dubbed "black skin privilege." As Horowitz explained to me recently:
I coined this term because it encapsulated the facts that are indispensable to understanding our national crisis over race and also politically incorrect to so much as mention:  racism -- race privileges and race preferences -- are now the “civil rights” cause of the progressive left. As soon as the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s outlawed racial categories in governmental regulations and laws, the civil rights left began to reverse this historic victory by reintroducing racial categories and privileges into every aspect of public life from job applications to college admissions, to presumptions of innocence and conclusions of guilt. The term “black skin privilege” -- which is an indubitable fact of our social life -- hoists the racial hypocrites on their own petard. You want to talk about racism? Let’s talk about the racist attitudes and policies of progressives and lynch mobs of color that they inspire.
(Horowitz and John Perazzo co-authored the David Horowitz Freedom Center pamphlet, "Black Skin Privilege and the American Dream." The PDF version of the pamphlet is available here.)


Miss Suda’s seven-year-old daughter reportedly asked her mother if they had to stop speaking Spanish in public. Of course, Miss Suda said no. Miss Navarro expressed outrage on CNN and had words of encouragement for the women: “Be proud of who you are, be proud of your roots, be proud of your heritage.”
It is not possible to imagine her saying the same words to an English-speaking white person. [Source]

Louis Farrakhan Issues Sunday Call for an End to White Men [Amren]

Virginia Kruta, Daily Caller, May 27, 2018
Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, called for an end to white men on Sunday morning, {snip}.
Why should there be an end to him (White man)? Because his nature is not in harmony with the nature of God. #Farrakhan #NOISundays
— The Final Call News (@TheFinalCall) May 27, 2018<
Farrakhan went on to claim that white men had squandered the time God gave them to rule, alleging that they had chosen not to rule with righteousness, truth, justice, or fairness.  {snip}
Farrakhan’s message included a list of traits that he believed were “in the white man’s nature” — namely murder and dishonesty — and he added that while white people were slaves to their natures, what black people do “is by learning from your master.”  {snip}  [Original Article]

Artikel 3 des Grundgesetzes ist ebenso einfach wie eindeutig: „Alle Menschen sind vor dem Gesetz gleich.“ Doch Deutschland behandelt diesen Grundsatz derzeit wie ein Buffet der Befindlichkeit, als sei Artikel 3 eine Pizza Mista, auf der sich einige ihre Individual-Oliven herauspicken dürfen, anderen aber die Peperoni von Übergriffen ertragen müssen.
In Kiel zum Beispiel sind einige gleicher als andere. Die dortige Führung der Polizeidirektion und hochrangige Vertreter der Staatsanwaltschaft haben sich ernsthaft darauf verständigt, Flüchtlinge ohne Ausweispapiere bei „einfachen/niedrigschwelligen Delikten“ wie Ladendiebstahl und Sachbeschädigung regelmäßig nicht strafrechtlich zu verfolgen. Heißt also: Deutsche werden bei Ladendiebstahl belangt, Migranten nicht. [Handelsblatt]


#59 jeanette   (02. Jul 2016 22:34)  

An Herrn Peter S.
Danke für Ihren Artikel.
Das Gleiche ist mir auch passiert vor einigen Wochen in der U-Bahn. Eine Kopftuchfamilie Vater, Mutter, Kind reiste ohne Fahrscheine, eilte schon zum Ausgang als sie die Kontrolleure erblickten. Dem Kontrolleur zeigte der Familienvater das Futter aus seiner leeren Hosentasche mit achselzuckenden Bewegungen und dieser winkte der Familie „unauffällig“ zu, aus der Bahn stillschweigend zu verschwinden. Am anderen Eingang wurde ein deutschsprachiger Migrant ohne Fahrschein zu einer Strafe „verdonnert“, der protestierte natürlich laut, da er mitbekommen hatte, wie der Kopftuchfamilie freies Geleit geschenkt wurde. Dies hatte wiederum zur Folge, dass die 4 Kontrolleure ihm eine Beleidigungsanzeige zusätzlich verpassen wollten! – Daraufhin mischte ich mich ein (so wie es unser Justizminister am Vortag angeordnet hatte, in den U-Bahnen „den Mund aufzumachen“). – Einer der Kontrolleure gab mir gegenüber offen zu, er müsse dies machen, um seine Arbeit nicht zu verlieren, ich solle mich ruhig beschweren. Die Bahn war halb voll. Alle Passagiere waren entsetzt. Das Tohuwabohu in der Bahn können sie sich nicht vorstellen!! Ich fragte den Kontrolleur, wenn sein Arbeitgeber sagt er solle von der Brücke springen, ob er das dann auch macht! Und fragte, ob die Herren denn keine Gewerkschaft haben, an die sie sich mit diesen ungesetzlichen Arbeitsanweisungen hinwenden können. Ich hatte sogar den Namen des Kontrolleurs, Uhrzeit etc. Ausführlich beschrieb ich das unglaubliche Szenario in einem Brief an das Oberbürgermeisteramt sowie an die örtliche Presse (FAZ). Beide sind mir bis heute noch eine Antwort schuldig! – Ein anderes Mal fuhren in der Bahn eine Kopftuchfrauentruppe um die 12 mit mehreren Kindern, als Kontrolleure einstiegen kontrollierten diese NUR DIE WEISSEN!! Anstatt die Kopftuchtruppe zu kontrollieren stiegen sie alle Mann schnell aus! – So läuft das hier! Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Erfolg. Machen Sie sich bitte keine großen Hoffnungen! Man wird hier jetzt offenbar nach Hautfarbe und Sprachkenntnissen eingeteilt. Wer Deutsch spricht und weiß ist, der bezahlt, wer schwarz und sprachunfähig ist für den gilt: Eintritt ist schon bezahlt für alle dunklen Gäste!



#63 ridgleylisp   (02. Jul 2016 22:44)  

Deutsche Behörden praktizieren ja schon seit Langem ANTIDEUTSCHEN RASSISMUS! In der Justiz nennt man das MIGANTENBONUS. Andere Behörden stellen bevorzugt Migranten ein und diskriminieren somit gegen Biodeutsche. Und nun die Deutsche Bahn! Das passt ja alles in den Rahmen der wahnsinnigen Selbsthasspsychologie die seit 70 Jahren im Land grassiert. Kein Volk der Welt geht so mit seinen eigenen Bürgern um, nur Deutschland!


Allegedly right wing boyfriend disqualifies for participation in Olympics

Rower named Drygalla cannot participate in the Olympics because her boyfriend is allegedly nazist;

... but members of known crime families can enter the German police force

On the other hand, a menbers of a known crime families must be accepted into police service because he cannot be blamed for what almost all his relatives are doing. And his past crime sheet can also be forgiven.[3]

http://www.pi-news.net/2012/08/politische-sippenhaft-ruderin-drygalla-wegen-npd-freund-gefeuert/  Politische Sippenhaft: Ruderin Drygalla wegen NPD-Freund gefeuert!