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Free speech is already dead in Europe! 15 examples why Charlie Hebdo outrage is a farce

hands-up-dont-shoot-article-paris-nydailynews Europe, Canada, Australia are full of repressive censorship laws. Defending Charlie Hebdo as an example of universal freedom of press is a farce.

Reprinted with permission
from Human-Stupidity

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Censorship and minority crime coverup by authorities

Censorship by main stream media

Censorship laws & punishment


As the Rotherham scandal in the U.K. proved, PC officialdom can be quite ruthless in silencing victims. And Free Speech is long gone in Sweden


Even more so because

  1. three stalwarts of Charlie Hebdo (including Stephane ‘Charb’ Charbonnier) had campaigned in their magazine to collect more than 170,000 signatures for a petition calling for a ban on the French National Front party. [0]
  2. Charlie Hebdo was introduced in 1970 after another publication, Hara-Kiri, was banned for mocking the death of former French President Charles de Gaulle. 30
  3. Holocaust deniers get extradited to Germany to serve prison terms for speech on US web sites 1 2 3 4
  4. Speech in France is regulated by Section 24 of the Press Law of 1881. According to The Legal Project, Section 24 “criminalizes incitement to racial discrimination, hatred, or violence on the basis of one’s origin or membership (or non-membership) in an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group. A criminal code provision likewise makes it an offense to engage in similar conduct via private communication.” [8]
    1. There is also the Gayssot Law of 1990. Named after the Communist Party deputy that proposed it, the law makes Holocaust denial a criminal offense punishable by a year in prison and a fine of €45,000. A similar law was proposed for the Armenian genocide but was overturned by France’s Constitutional Council. [8]
    2. A French court upheld a ban on comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, a half Cameroonian comedian who has been accused of anti-Semitism. The comedian also owes a great deal of money to the government in fines for making “anti-Semitic comments.” The UK Telegraph reports, [7] [7b]
    3. Jean-Marie Le Pen has been repeatedly dragged into court and convicted for “inciting racial hatred.” To take just one example, he was fined the equivalent of over $12,000 in 2004 for inciting hatred against Muslims. What did he say? He told Le Monde, [8]
    4. Member of the European Parliament Bruno Gollnisch was fined a sizable €55,000 Euros just days after he formed a parliamentary bloc in 2007. His crime was that he “disputed a crime against humanity,” in this case the Holocaust. What did he say? [8]
    5. Publishing a cartoon of  the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost buggering each other or of the Pope as a homosexual is much safer than writing a doctoral dissertation at Harvard University that examines the economic impact of low-IQ immigrants. The staff of Charlie Hebdo died only because their satire extended to Muslims, a population empowered by multicultural double standards and let into Europe by a ruling elite that has no regard for the interests of indigenous Europeans.  [8]
    6. Legendary French actress Bridgett Bardot has repeatedly fallen afoul of these silly laws in her campaigns for animal rights. A parasitic group called the “Movement Against Racism, Antisemitism, and for Peace,” which reportedly receives government funding, filed a lawsuit against her and managed to win damages. [8] 
  5. Belatedly, after many terrorist attacks: French Rein In Speech Backing Acts of Terror 
  6. Vlaams Blok, a party that won over 25% of the flamish vote in Belgium, was simply declared racist and outlawed in 2004.  9 [9b] 9c.
    1. What happened in Brussels today is unique in the Western world: never has a so-called democratic regime outlawed the country's largest political party. 9d
  7. The BBC meddles into Japan's inner affairs demanding Japan to outlaw cartoon drawings [10[11].
    1. Thus Japanese cartoonists and cartoon onlookers would suffer the same fines and prison sentences as in Europe and Australia [12].
  8. Legal problems for photographing your baby in the bath [13] or photographing your wife nude [15] or yourself nude [16] 17 18 19 20 are common.
  9. Politicians get prison sentences for calling another politician a chimpanzee  20;
    1. athletes get banned from Olympics for a joke about mosquitoes 21 [21b],
    2. Google is obliged to censor 22,
    3. men must not compliment adolescent girl's beauty 23
  10. EU to ban anti-feminist, racist, homophobic speech 40 [41]
  11. UN demands Germany repress free Speech.
  12. Racial differences in intelligence: James Watson, Nobel Prize winning geneticist persecuted for scientific truth [51] Also persecuted: Rushton, and Jensen.
  13. UK: Police stop and search innocent white people to balance race figures, terror watchdog says
  14. In the US, IQ tests prohibited for job requirement, mandatory at death row.  Even criminal records must be ignored  60 [61]

This true case of "Hands Up Don't shoot" execution of an unarmed Paris policeman officer is usually blurred out by the Politically correct media.

Media censorship and fear hides behind a respect that does not want to hurt religious and racial feelings, only of "underprivileged" "minorities".

PC (politically correct) media self censorship is surpassed by criminal law censorship through world wide severe hate speech legislation.

During the slaughter the Kouachis shouted “Allahu akbar,” said they had “avenged the Prophet,” and spoke of ties to al-Qaida.

And the first response of President Francois Hollande?

These terrorists “have nothing to do with the Muslim religion.”

This is political correctness of a rare order. Perhaps terminal.

Linking arms with Hollande in solidarity and unity Sunday was Bibi Netanyahu who declared, “I wish to tell to all French and European Jews–Israel is your home.” Colleagues urged French Jews to flee to Israel.

Marching on the other side of Hollande was Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas who seeks to have Netanyahu’s Israel indicted in the International Criminal Court for war crimes in Gaza. Solidarity!

In chanting “Je Suis Charlie,” the marchers showed support for a magazine French Muslims rightly believe is racist and anti-Islamic.

Yet, Marine Le Pen, leading in the polls for the French presidency, was blacklisted from marching for remarks about Muslim immigration that are benign compared to what Charlie Hebdo regularly publishes.

All weekend long, journalists called it an imperative for us all to defend the lewd and lurid blasphemies of the satirical magazine.

But as journalist Christopher Dickey points out, Muslims in the banlieues wonder why insulting the Prophet is a protected freedom in France, while denying the Holocaust can get you a prison term.

Source: The CHARLIE HEBDO Attacks: A Triumph of Terrorism

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  5. Press Ignores the Vital Muslim Immigration Factor in Charlie Hebdo Jihad
  6. Newspaper in Hamburg Attacked By Arsonists for Publishing CHARLIE HEBDO Cartoons


Europe Paralyzed By PC In The Face Of Insurgent Islam

“Je Suis Charlie!” read the signs at the Paris demonstration for Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday night—”I am Charlie.”

One sees no such banners in the Islamic world. Regimes there may deplore terrorism in Paris, but no one weeps for Charlie Hebdo.

For across that region, Islamism is rising, churches are being burned, and the remaining Christians are fleeing into exile. In Afghanistan, at the peak of the U.S. presence, a Muslim convert to Christianity was threatened with death and had to leave his own country in fear of his life.

If there is one goal that unites Boko Haram in Nigeria, al-Shabab in Somalia, al-Qaida in the Maghreb and Arabian Peninsula, ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it is to cleanse their societies of non-believers and Westerners.

The journalistic freedom to trash Islam and the moral imperative to advance gay rights may be sacred causes in Europe. But one should probably put them on the back burner when crossing the Med.

The differences between a liberal secularized Europe and the Islamic world are irreconcilable. And it is their world, not ours, that is growing in numbers, militancy, converts, crusaders and confidence.

Yet, what was German Chancellor Angela Merkel bewailing in her New Year’s message? Islamophobia.

Demonstrations in Dresden against the 200,000 asylum seekers who entered Germany from an inflamed Middle East last year, and the difficulty of assimilating them and the four million Muslims already in Germany have ignited weekly protests.

Do not go to these rallies of Pegida—Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West—railed Merkel, for their organizers have “prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts.”

Immigration is a “gift for all of us,” said Merkel.

Merkel’s attack on rising anti-immigrant sentiment in Germany was echoed on New Year’s by President Francois Hollande who denounced the “dangerous” stances of the National Front of Marine Le Pen.

Media Cowards and the Cartoon Jihad

Paying obligatory lip service to the 10 cartoonists and staffers of the Paris satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo who were slaughtered for offending Islam, the Times intoned: “It is absurd to suggest that the way to avoid terrorist attacks is to let the terrorists dictate standards in a democracy.” […]

The NYT does not censor out of fear for Muslims. Sure! They only respect (Muslim) religious sensitivities but blatantly offend Christian religious sensitivities.

“Under Times standards,” a newspaper spokesman said in a statement this week, “we do not normally publish images or other material deliberately intended to offend religious sensibilities. After careful consideration, Times editors decided that describing the cartoons in question would give readers sufficient information to understand today’s story.”

So says the paper that blithely published a Catholic-bashing photo of the Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung and defended the taxpayer-funded “Piss Christ” exhibit thusly: “A museum is obliged to challenge the public as well as to placate it, or else the museum becomes a chamber of attractive ghosts, an institution completely disconnected from art in our time.”

While they feign free-speech fortitude, what Times editorialists really don’t want to see is their heads completely disconnected from their necks.  […]

The Associated Press wins the pusillanimity prize after invoking the sensitivity card to explain why it refrained from publishing “deliberately provocative” Mo toons—even though the media conglomerate had been selling deliberately provocative “Piss Christ” photos on its website. After the Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney pointed out the double standards, AP tried to cover its tracks by yanking the pic.




#KillAllWhiteMen? What about #KillAllMuslims?

The announcement that UK prosecutors have dropped the charges against a students’ union official accused of tweeting #KillAllWhiteMen has been hailed as a victory for free speech by supporters who led the protests over her arrest. Well, it’s a start. But there is little prospect of turning the tide in the free-speech wars unless and until such people also campaign against official and unofficial censorship of those with whom they disagree. And will even defend free speech for those they despise.
Yes, it is all well and good to defend Bahar Mustafa, the Goldsmiths student diversity officer arrested and charged under UK communications law. As the free-speech lobby English PEN claims, noting that the hashtag #KillAllWhiteMen ‘was clearly a joke’ rather than a real threat: ‘It was a political statement, however inadvisable it was for an elected students’ union official to post it.’
So, what about the #IStandWithBaharMustafa crowd defending freedom of expression for other objectionable jokes and political statements – such as the hashtag, which Mustafa claims she was responding to, #KillAllMuslims? Would the entire civil-liberties lobby be so outraged if some other idiot was arrested for tweeting #KillAllBlackWomen? Not quite, the record suggests



Not reporting race

An example of press lies is the Swedish newspaper The Local’s de-ethnified article: Swedish teens riot over Instagram sex rumours. Which conveniently hides the truth. 500 Muslim youths riot in Gothenburg, Sweden, to protect honour against sexual rumours.  (Watch the shocking videos here. Only a racist anti muslim site would tell you the truth). See more examples of not reporting race



I wouldn’t bet on it. Freedom of speech already effectively abolished in Britain by the Racial and Religious Hatred Act of 2006. Diversity is not strength. You can’t have deep differences of race and religion while maintaining the kind of liberties Englishmen traditionally enjoyed. [Vdare]



These are the explanations that are mentioned. There is no other. Suggesting that it has something to do with mass immigration of alien and aggressive cultures is quite literally banned by law. In March 2007 during a rally supported by SSU, the Social Democratic Youth League, a man carried a sign reading, “While Swedish girls are being gang raped by immigrant gangs the SSU is fighting racism.” He was promptly arrested and later sentenced to a fine because he “expressed disrespect for a group of people with reference to their national or ethnic background.” The local court rejected the man’s free speech argument because even free speech has its limits, and he had clearly acted in a too provocative manner.

Warnings: Sweden is Headed Toward "a Cliff"...


Malmö 'street artist' Dan Park jailed again for hate crimes

9 November 2018
The Malmö-based provocateur Dan Park has been sentenced to three months in jail for hate crimes, after tweets in which he used the term 'blattar' to describe immigrants, and claimed rape was normal in their cultures.[…]
Park shot to infamy in 2011 when he created and distributed posters with a picture of Momodou Jallow, then chair of the National Afro-Swedish Association and now a Left Party MP, superimposed on the image of a naked man in chains. "Our negro slave has run away," read the text on the posters.
Jallow claimed the posters were racist and offensive, while Park argued that the purpose of the posters was to highlight the issue of free speech. Park was sentenced to six months in jail for the case in 2014. 
READ ALSO: Swedish artist jailed for 'race hate' pictures
On Thursday, Park was found guilty of five of seven new charges of race hatred, and one case of defamation for three Twitter posts and four blog entries he made in 2015 and 2016, two of which were reposts of the cartoons for which he had previously been sentenced.  
As well as tweeting "that male blattar like rape is nothing new", he also tweeted that "rape culture is fundamental and OK among MENA [Middle East and North African] people", and tweeted a cartoon of a black man's head with a pipe in his mouth, along with a caption which contained the offensive N-word slur. […]
As well as the Twitter posts, Park was also found guilty of race hate for reposting the "negro slave" cartoon of Jallow as well as another Jallow poster with the word "Hang-on afrofobians", on his blog. […]
Park was also found guilty of one further case of race hate for a blog entry showing a new cartoon of eight African heads in a ship, with a caption which used a racist slur along with the words "the rape boat". [Read all at Source: Malmö 'street artist' Dan Park jailed again for hate crimes]



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