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Interracial domestic violence!

Your racist daddy was right.

It is dangerous for Whites to date Blacks.

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This immensely racist taboo result can be clearly derived by analyzing the scientific papers below.  Of course, researchers do their best not to give such explicit dating advice and to hide the results as good as they can.

It is dangerous for a white person to date or marry a black partner. It is many times more safe to date a white partner.

This racist result can be derived from scientific papers cited below. It would be very racist to tell this scientific fact to white women, to tell it is safer to date a white man (or woman).

Note: Men also have a high risk to become a victim of domestic violence

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And even Feminists would not bother to warn their fellow women. Racism trumps sexism.

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Danger warnings are racist 1

Danger warnings are racist 2


Yet science says that some of the same problems we find within the community can also be found interracially: In fact, the rate of divorce and domestic violence is much higher within interracial relationships and the incidence of spousal homicide is 7.7 higher in interracial relationships than in monoracial relationships.  [Source: Madame Noir]

! Hearsay Disclaimer !

I could not verify this number. The authors carefully kept it out of the published abstract that follows below.  It is also extremely likely that the perpetrator of the violence is usually Black. But again, political correctness requires to hide such facts as good as possible.  


IPV [Intimate Partner Violence]- among Interracial Couples and Monoracial Couples (Research Paper)

Most studies on IPV have focused on monoracial couples. Among monoracial couples, rates of IPV are higher among black couples than white couples (Caetano, Ramisetty-Mikler, & Field, 2005; Caetano, Ramisetty-Mikler, & Harris, 2010). In their study of racial differences in unidirectional and bidirectional partner violence, Caetano et al. (2005) found that though rates of unidirectional violence were similar among the two groups, black couples were twice as likely as white couples to report bidirectional violence. Results also indicated that violence among black couples was more likely to be bidirectional than unidirectional. Fusco (2010) also found support for this finding that 56.3% of monoracial minority couples were involved in police-substantiated reports of IPV compared to 25.8% of White couples.
Little research exists on IPV in interracial relationships. In an examination of violence within monoracial and interracial couples, Fusco (2010) utilized police-substantiated reports of IPV to analyze event and household characteristics. She found that rates of bidirectional IPV were higher among interracial couples compared to both racial minority and White couples. Interracial couples represented as many as 17.9% of substantiated events, and these couples were 1.5 times more likely to mutually assault each other than ethnic minority couples, and twice as likely as White couples to experience a mutual assault. Interracial couples were also more likely than their monoracial counterparts to report an arrest, prior abuse, and a victim injury as a result of the current event. However, the study was based on police reports; the findings may underestimate overall IPV and only represent more serious IPV. Therefore, the first goal of this study is to examine the level of IPV among interracial couples as compared to monoracial black and white couples using a representative sample. Based on cultural ecological theory and Fusco’s study, we propose that interracial couples experience higher levels of IPV than monoracial couples.


Intimate Partner Violence in Interracial Couples:
A Comparison to White and Ethnic Minority Monoracial Couples

Rachel A. Fusco
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA,
The number of interracial couples in the U.S. is growing, but they often receive little support. Although previous studies have explored the relationship between low social support and decreased relationship satisfaction in interracial couples, there are few studies on intimate partner violence (IPV) in these couples. To better understand IPV in interracial couples compared to monoracial couples, all police-reported IPV events across a municipality were examined. Odds ratios showed differences between interracial and ethnic minority monoracial couples. Interracial couples were more likely to have a history of prior IPV (OR = 2.60), engage in mutual assault (OR = 2.36), and result in perpetrator arrest (OR = 1.71) than ethnic minority monoracial couples. Victims of IPV in interracial couples were also more likely to be injured (OR = 1.37). There were no significant differences between the couples in terms of substance use or children present during the IPV event. Differences between IPV in interracial and White couples also emerged. Interracial couples were more likely to have children present (OR = 1.84), to have a prior report (OR = 1.98), to result in victim injury (OR = 1.73), and to result in perpetrator arrest than White couples (OR = 2.18). Interracial couples were more likely to engage in mutual assault than White couples (OR = 2.94). However, interracial couples were about 50% less likely than White couples to use drugs or alcohol before or during the IPV event. Research is needed to better understand the unique challenges and needs faced by interracial couples to help them sustain healthy partnerships.

Across Racial/Ethnic Boundaries: Investigating Intimate Violence Within a National Sample J Interpers Violence January 1, 2013 28: 3-24    Abstract    Full Text (PDF)


Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Police-Reported Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration: A Mixed Methods Approach J Interpers Violence July 1, 2012 27: 2144-2162    Abstract   Full Text (PDF)


Intimate Partner Violence and Alcohol Problems in Interethnic and Intraethnic Couples J Interpers Violence June 1, 2012 27: 1780-1801   Abstract   Full Text (PDF)

Mounting evidence points to interethnic couples as a high-risk group for IPV. Interethnic couples may be at greater risk for IPV because of their younger age, binge drinking, and alcohol problems.

It must not be that certain ethnicities have higher crime rates in general and thus  are likely to perpetrate more domestic violence

Past-year prevalence rates for any occurrence of IPV and acts of severe IPV were higher for interethnic couples relative to intraethnic couples.

Mixed couple rate  [intra partner violence] IPV rates

are higher than

mono-racial Black couple IPV rates

that are much higher than

mono-racial White or Asian couple IPV rates.


A white or Asian person dating a Black person immensely increases her/his exposure to domestic violence, to even higher levels than the already high rates of mono-racial Black couples


It must also not be said that Whites dating interracially increase their IPV (inter partner violence) exposure immensely.


Why Domestic Violence Varies by Ethnicity

Black and Hispanic couples are two to three times more likely to report male-to-female and female-to-male partner violence than white couples, and alcohol plays a role in the increased risk of violence, especially among black couples.
It is probably not surprising that statistics concerning intimate partner violence vary widely from study to study and from year to year. Interpersonal violence is not a topic that either the victim nor the perpetrator is eager to reveal. It can be embarrassing for both to talk about outside the household.
Therefore, intimate partner violence is probably vastly under-reported, and the actual percentages reported in research surveys can and do vary widely from study to study.

We expect strong race differences in under-reporting, as explained in

This might be the reason why this article only found about 3 times higher intimate violence among blacks vs. whites, while others find a factor 8.

Domestic Violence More Prevalent Among Ethnic Groups
Although completely accurate numbers are probably not available, research generally agrees that among ethnic groups in the United States, blacks are the most likely to experience domestic violence—either male-to-female or female-to-male—followed by Hispanics and then whites. Asians are the least likely to experience intimate partner violence.
A five-year University of Texas-Houston School of Public Health study in 2000 of 1,025 couples—including 406 white, 232 black, and 387 Hispanic—found that black and Hispanic couples are two to three times more likely to report male-to-female and female-to-male intimate partner violence than white couples.
White couples reported rates of male-to-female and female-to-male partner violence at eight and 10 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, black couples reported rates of 20 percent and 22 percent, respectively; and Hispanic couples reported rates of 21 percent and 20 percent, respectively.



Honor Killings

In addition to racial issues, there are cultural and religious issues. Marrying outside one's familiar Western culture may be hazardous to your health

See Naive ignorance about race kills



Germany: Wave of Muslim Honor Killings

May 30, 2017 ... In March 2011, the Max Planck Institute published a landmark study on honor killings. The study analyzed all such crimes known to have occurred in Germany between 1996 and 2005. The report found that there were two honor killings in 1998 and 12 in 2004. By 2016, however, the number had jumped to ...


Honor Killing in Karachi: Eloping Pakistani Couple Murdered by ...

Nov 28, 2017 ... Pakistani police have discovered two bodies that they believe to be the victims of an “honor killing” case that has already led to 10 arrests. The dead duo are a husband and wife who were allegedly murdered by members of both their families after they eloped without consent.


U.S-Based Honor Killings: Victims of Growing 'Silent Epidemic ...

Mar 6, 2017 ... Honor violence, which ranges from physical to emotional abuse that can lead to honor killings, is a “silent epidemic” in the United States.


Islam, Honor Killing, & Immigration | The American Conservative

Apr 1, 2016 ... “Cases of honor killings and/or violence in the U.S. are often unreported because of the shame it can cause to the victim and the victim's family,” Farhana Qazi, a former U.S. government analyst and senior fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies on Terrorism, told FoxNews.com. “Also, because victims are ...


Honor Killing: Two Men In Pakistan Rip Sister's Eyes Out, Cut Her ...

www.breitbart.com/.../honor-killing-two-men-pakistan-rip-sisters-eyes-cut- feet-off/

Nov 4, 2016 ... 2 Pakistani men were accused of cutting their 40-yr-old sister's eyes out “with a sharp knife” and chopping off her feet in an honor killing.


Anti-Travel Ban Lawyer Leans on Argument that Honor Killings Are ...

www.breitbart.com/.../anti-trump-travel-ban-lawyer-admits-honor-killings- are-islamic-and-should-therefore-be-removed-from-exec-order/

May 15, 2017 ... The lawyer representing the State of Hawaii has argued that the travel ban is unconstitutional because it mentions honor killings.


'Honor' Killings: A New Kind of American Tragedy | Breitbart


Jun 30, 2014 ... Both the defendant, standing trial for conspiracy to commit murder abroad in Pakistan, and the main witness against him, his daughter Amina, wept when they first saw each other. Amina's extended family stared at her with hostility. As she testified, Amina paused, hesitated, and sobbed. She and her father ...


Trump's Executive Order Mandates Government Reports on Honor ...

www.breitbart.com/.../trumps-executive-order-mandates-government-reports- on-honor-killings-committed-by-migrants/

Mar 6, 2017 ... President Donald Trump's executive order halting the importation of refugees from six terror-exporting countries also includes a section requiring the government to publicly release information on crimes committed by foreign nationals, including honor killings of women. - honor killings | Big Government.


Honor Killing in Afghanistan: Armed Mob of 300 Kill Young Couple


Feb 15, 2017 ... A mob of up to 300 armed men in eastern Afghanistan's Nuristan province reportedly “lynched” a young couple for eloping.


honor killing


Killing a divorced woman honors the family. That's Islamic morality. Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide. The Palestinian Authority gives pardons or suspended sentences for honor murders. Iraqi women have asked for tougher sentences for Islamic honor murderers, who get off lightly now. Syria in 2009 ...




23-27 documented honor killings every year in the U.S., many more ...

https://www.jihadwatch.org/.../23-27-documented-honor-killings-every-year- in-the-u-s-many-more-go-unreported

Nov 10, 2015 ... “Even cases that appear to be honor killings, such as the Jan. 1, 2008 murder of two Irving, Texas, sisters that landed their father on the FBI's most wanted list, cannot always be conclusively linked to a religious motivation. Without hard evidence, critics say, ascribing a religious motivation to crimes ...


Honor Killing: Syrian Gang Rape Survivor Murdered in Germany

www.breitbart.com/.../honor-killing-syrian-gang-rape-survivor-murdered- germany/

Oct 7, 2015 ... The horrifying story of an "honor killing" in Germany spotlights the madness of importing millions of unvetted, unassimilated migrants.


Disturbing Honor Killing: "Would You Like Dinner Before I Kill You ...

https://www.infowars.com/disturbing-honor-killing-would-you-like-dinner- before-i-kill-you/

Dec 28, 2017 ... A pair of grisly honor killings have shocked even the most hardened in Pakistan, after a teenage couple in Karachi was tied down and repeatedly electrocuted for the crime of wanting to marry one other, The Guardian reported. Ghani Rehman, 17, repeatedly asked for permission to marry Bakhtaja, 15, but ...


Report: Hundreds of Islamic State Sex Slaves Face Honor Killings If ...

www.breitbart.com/.../report-hundreds-islamic-state-sex-slaves-face-honor- killings-escape/

Nov 24, 2017 ... The 640 young Turkmen girls who have become Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) sex slaves face honor killings if they return to their families.


London: Number of prosecutions of honor killings and forced ...

https://www.jihadwatch.org/.../london-number-of-prosecutions-of-honor- killings-and-forced-marriages-appallingly-low

Jan 27, 2018 ... Of course. The Metropolitan Police's foremost priority is not to enforce the law, or to bring justice to the victims of honor violence and forced marriage. It is to avoid appearing “Islamophobic,” and since Muslims are the primary perpetrators of both of these crimes, the number of prosecutions is going to remain ...


Honor Killing Index - WikiIslam


Jul 31, 2014 ... Honor Killings in Muslim Majority Nations | Honor Killings and Violence in Non- Muslim Nations Honor Related Violence or Danger to life in Muslim Majority Nations ...


Honor Killings in Europe


Feb 8, 2011 ... Honor-related violence can now be described as a European phenomenon. Countries there are now starting to face the sad truth about honor-related violence inside their borders, starting to look at mulitIculturalism in a different way , and starting to ask.


Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Honor Killing - WikiIslam


Oct 15, 2016 ... Honor killing has occured in many cultures, and is the murder by family members, usually of females, who are perceived to have brought shame on the family. The attitude is that the honor of the family in the community can be protected or restored in this way. Common triggers for honour killing occur when ...


Honor Killing in America | National Review


Aug 5, 2010 ... These are the Said sisters, Amina and Sarah — two pretty Texas teens who were brutally murdered on New Year's Day 2008. The main suspect: their father, Yaser . Their crime: dating non-Muslim boys. Their penalty: honor killings. Tomorrow ...


Phyllis Chesler Disinvited from Academic Conference on Middle ...

www.breitbart.com/.../phyllis-chesler-disinvited-from-academic-conference- on-middle-east-honor-killings/

Apr 26, 2017 ... Scholar Phyllis Chesler was disinvited from a speaking event on honor killings at the University of Arkansas due to writing for Breitbart News.


Frau in Schweden mit Axt geschlagen – in Österreich bekam er erneut Asyl

AUSLAND. Khadar Abdi (39), der im Vorjahr seine Ehefrau in Schweden mit einer Axt auf den Kopf geschlagen hatte, wurde von der Polizei in Wien verhaftet. Der Somalier lebte ungestört als "Flüchtling" unter falscher Identität in Österreich, wo er sich eine neue Freundin zulegte. Er war einer der meistgesuchtesten Schwerverbrecher Schwedens.



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