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Dangerous Police: Affirmative Action Kills

Affirmative action or "reverse discrimination" gives jobs to those who don't pass the normal admission standards but have the required skin color or nationality.

In order to get "underprivileged minorities" into the police force, normal admission requirements get waived, dangerously low test scores get accepted.

Admission tests were devised scientifically to find the most qualified people. Ignoring this science, admitting people with lesser intelligence, lesser self control or with criminal records causes trouble.

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[Black Lives Matter paradox ]

. The study uses data from the New York City Police Department on 291 officers involved in 106 officer-involved shootings adjudicated between 2004 and 2006. Black officers were 3.3 times and officers rapidly accumulating negative marks in their files were 3.1 times more likely to shoot than other officers.  [study]



 Black officers are >3x more likely to shoot versus Whites when both confronted as a team within the same situation [...]
To summarize, we have a tapestry of racial homicide information that demonstrates that within the U.S., Black lives are committing crimes at an awfully-high disproportionate rate (again we can isolate the Blacks-on-Blacks homicide numbers above).  Additionally, Black civilians account for a disproportionately higher number of all murders of police, who do care about Black lives and are trying to reduce violent crimes in Black neighborhoods.  And while police kill fewer Blacks than Whites, Black police are >3x likelier to shoot versus White police.  Whites tend to murder anyone at a lower late, and this is despite the glorification in the media of a small fraction of incidences the don't represent the righteous struggle for many. [Black Lives Matter paradox ]

Ford Hood shooter, ......



Colin Flaherty Video

@colinflaherty, I am sorry to say, you are in denial, deceit and delusion about the deadliness of quota women in police. It is very clear (minutes 2:20 to 2:40) , the two women holding on to the perp's arms were too weak. He managed to pull lose, one quota police woman got shot and they had to kill the suspect. 





Mandatory hiring of Blacks police with criminal background does not help. Add to that Gender Quotas and Racial quotas cause incompetence and injustice (FDNY fire fighters) [4, 5]




NYPD Chief Bratton Says Hiring Black Officers Is Difficult: ‘So Many Have Spent Time in Jail’

NYPD Chief Bratton Says Hiring Black Officers Is Difficult: ‘So Many Have Spent Time in Jail’

NYPD has already hired former gangbangers. Here's one:


Here's another diversity success story.


NYC goes out of its way to hire the criminally inclined, all due to diversity BS. You see it in the quality of politicians who get busted.


What all of this means is that we are heading to a culture like Latin America where the cops and govt are very corrupt and crime is rampant, kidnappings common.

Access to police database!!

Muslim crime families have family members in police, who have access to all the confidential police information!!


Je mehr Mohammedaner bei der Polizei im modernen, säkularen Westen arbeiten, desto mehr mörderische Scharia etablieren sie. Mal wieder Beispiel GB: Moslempolizisten erklären verdroschenen, bedrohten Moslemfrauen, die sie, die Polizei, zur Hilfe rufen, sie mögen sich doch bitte an ihr lokales Scharia-Gericht wenden.



Diese Berichte und Untersuchungen gibt es übrigens seit Jahren. Ebenso die von Moslems in der Polizei GBs, die den mohammedanischen Familien mitteilen, in welchem Frauenhaus die vom islamischen Familienmord bedrohte Frau untergeschlüpft ist, damit die „islamische Gerechtigkeit“ = Umbringen in Selbstjustiz ihren Weg nehmen kann.

Extremes Risiko für Deutschland: Migranten bei der Polizei   philosophia-perennis.com  



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